Benghazi Revisited

With the Whistle-Blowers coming forward and people telling the truth it sets the stage for understanding that the present government cannot be trusted.


We all probably know the “official” story of Sept. 11, 2012.  A spontaneous demonstration erupted, became violent, and eventually the US mission in Benghazi, Libya was overrun, the ambassador tortured and killed, and three members of his staff were killed as well; two of them, former Navy SEALS, were killed while providing a defense and attempting to call in military aid that never materialized.  The official government response was to claim that it wasn’t terrorism; only an out of control mob that was purportedly incensed over a YouTube video that according to some sources had only been seen by a tiny number of people. 


Shortly after the attack UN Ambassador Susan Rice was tapped to go in front of the press and reinforce the official position.  In so doing she directly contradicted the Libyan president, who said specifically that it was a terrorist attack and caused a rift with his pro-western government.  But the administration could not admit that it was an attack.  After all, with the death of Osama Bin Laden terrorism was supposed to be dead and gone.  Besides which, a seriously dangerous attack couldn’t possibly take place because the world, including all potential terrorists, has a positive view of the current administration.  Obama makes apologies, does all the politically correct (as he sees it) things, so why would anyone want to cause him trouble.  Of course, this ignores the possibility that the motivations of the terrorists might be different from the leadership of the Democrat Party.  


Meanwhile, the administration concluded its supposed investigation and confirmed its own analysis.  It did not interview any of the surviving embassy staff, and even, purportedly, threatened them with job losses for speaking out about what they know.  But eventually they made their way to testify before Congress, and blew the lid off the handling of the Benghazi attack.   


But lets go back a few years to the Watergate affair.  For those who don’t remember, it involved political operatives of the Richard Nixon re-election campaign who broke into the Democrat campaign offices and stole information.  President Nixon attempted to cover up the incident, and when he was found out, was forced to resign.  The moral lesson behind this was that Presidents of the United States are not immune from the temptation to abuse power.  His was only one high profile incident that happened to make serious headlines.  Other, less well-publicized incidents have been relegated to the history books, as they were never considered serious enough to require major action.  Still, people have resigned or have been forced to do so, and there have been cases where officials who have been prosecuted.  What we need to remember is that government officials are no better than the average person.  In fact they may be worse because they are in a position that allows them to prove Lord Acton’s maxim; that power corrupts. 


Returning to Benghazi, the truth of the affair, as far as what happened in Washington, DC is concerned, the whole matter was political.  Barack Obama realized that his future might hinge on being able to cover up the matter and make himself look like a victim of circumstance who did his best, given the situation.  Hillary Clinton also had a vested interest in a cover-up.  She still harbors visions of being elected President in 2016.  Clinton knew that if she looked incompetent or foolish her future could be buried right then and there along with his.  Other officials knew that their futures might be tied to the coattails of Obama and Clinton, or another Democrat operative, and if the Democrats lost the White House in 2016 it could be a disaster for their careers.  Thus, they cooperated in hiding the truth.  The press helped out, as it always does, and the story was temporarily buried. 


But the truth will out, at least some times. 


According to Michele Bachmann, on the Sean Hannity Show, 5/8/13, witnesses lied to the Congressional committee in prior testimony.  Rep. Bachmann refused to identify who the liars were, but it is likely that Secretary Clinton was one of them.  Members of the State Dept. staff are other likely culprits.  Lying to Congress is a criminal offense.  That was what put Scooter Libby in prison, lest we forget.  The other telling statement by Rep. Bachmann was that there was no evidence introduced to excuse the conduct of either Clinton or Obama, who still has some 7 hours missing from his known whereabouts during the attack. 


What Clinton and Obama were, quite obviously, trying to do was avoid responsibility for the disaster that happened on their watch.  Clinton certainly was responsible for the lack of security at the consulate, and Obama, almost certainly vanished because he didn’t want his fingerprints on the outcome, but someone gave the order to Lt. Col. Gibson and his special forces team, about to go in for a rescue, to stand down.  It could not have originated with Gibson.  The person most likely to have originated that order was Obama.  There are also unconfirmed reports that General Carter Hamm had given the order for the troops to take off, when he was suddenly relieved of command and then decided to retire.  Obama was the only person who could have caused that and issued the stand down order.  It would have been the ultimate case of throwing someone under the bus to prevent election campaign damage.  A naval flag officer may also have been relieved of command for issuing orders to send in a rescue force. 


At the May 8th hearing Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings said “death is a part of life”, which was a brush-off statement similar to Secretary of State Clinton’s “what difference does it make?”  Both may as well have said “death happens; get over it.”  But deaths do matter; particularly to the families of the deceased, and in this case, the deaths should matter to the entire population of the United States.  The Benghazi attack doesn’t matter to members of the current administration and its cronies because it can’t be used for their personal political benefit.  If the terrorists were using AR-15 rifles purchased at a gun show without a background check, and then started killing elementary school kids you can be sure they would be all over it.  But because the 4 deaths at Benghazi were caused by muslim terrorists the incident had to be covered up.  After all, the conventional wisdom dictates that muslim militants don’t exist, or the few that do are on the run.  And, the rest of the muslims are all pacifists, or at least that is what they want us to believe. 


At the bottom line, the entire incident could have been prevented and if so, there would be no reason for anyone to avoid responsibility.  But such prevention would have required leadership; an item very rare inside the DC beltway nowadays.  And leadership requires a realistic understanding of the world and how it works.  True leaders cannot live in a fool’s paradise.  Today’s Liberals generally believe their own propaganda.  Obama believes he can change the course of world events with a speech, and that his presidency protects US assets from terrorism.  He’s totally wrong, but his approach to world affairs is “don’t confuse me with facts.  To him terrorism cannot exist because it would embarrass him, call his influence into question, and interfere with his agenda.  Thus, the Benghazi attack must have been a demonstration gone wrong.  And Obama has made a career out of blaming others instead of accepting personal responsibility.  If he had a heraldic crest his family motto would be “lie, then blame the other guy”


Obama was supposed to be smart and capable.  It was an image crafted by his cronies and a media that didn’t care a wit about the damage that his incompetence could do.  Now, he is smack in the middle of a disaster a thousand times worse than Watergate; a disaster created by himself and his colleagues.  No one died from Nixon’s cover-up, nor did Watergate involve a foreign attack on an American delegation.  Nixon was forced out of office for lying.  The lies here are exponentially greater, and motivated by political considerations, which was also true in the Watergate affair.  Obama should be forced out in the same manner as Nixon was.  It will likely never happen, but it would be only just.


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