Benghazi Starts to Unravel

On the night of 9/11/2012 our Special Mission in Benghazi was attacked. Lost were four men who served the country proudly and at great risk. It never been fully explained what happened that night, and very probably may never be. But there are some aspects of the entire encounter that is Troubling to the American people.
Reports started coming in about 5 pm Washington time that they were under attack. Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense and General Martin Dempsey, The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff met with the President and briefed him. The President then went to dine in his living quarters. After dinner, the President had a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel which lasted two hours. Valeria Jarrett was at that call. After the call Jarrett then went to the White House Situation Room where the attack of Benghazi was monitored. Also there were Dempsey and Panetta. No one can say for sure why she was there.
In order to initiate a rescue mission a “Cross Border Authority” would need to ordered, which is the sole responsibility and can only be made by the Commander-in-Chief. It was denied.
An Army Special Forces team was in Tripoli with a AC-130U Spectre gunship, an asset that could have played a deciding factor in how the confrontation at the Special Mission turned out. These planes are equipped with weapons capable of following laser designators it could have “Painted” the mortar positions before they were able to do any damage. Also a team of Green Berets in the area could have arrived within time to affect the outcome but were never given the military order to initiate military action. Sources have indicated that the action to not initiate military action, saving the men in Benghazi was given by Valerie Jarrett, the Presidents advisor, and not the President himself as required by law. This has not been verified, but Valerie Jarrett is known to have called three attempts to kill or capture Osama bin Laden. This is the same Valeria Jarrett who cancelled kill missions against Osama bin Laden in January of 2011, in February 2011, and again in March. It has been said that she was concerned with Obamas political future if the operation failed. The political future of our President was once again put at the forefront of decision making to the detriment of the country.

The question of where Obama was for eight hours also has never been answered. There was never any followup with Panetta or Dempsey or anyone else during those eight hours by the President, and none before he flew off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas the next morning. After 5 pm. Obama never talked to anyone who could have given him any information of the status of our people in Benghazi. Did Obama leave Benghazi for Jarrett to handle, even though the American people never elected her, and she did not have the authority to make decisions? And did the Joints Chiefs, the Secretary of Defense, and the CIA all defer to her decisions?

Judicial Watch has done incredible work on Benghazi, and ferreted out facts that the American people need to know. It has shown that Hillary Clinton and the State Department had the response to these killings determined by Ben Rhodes, then White House Deputy communications advisor and Bernadette Meehan of the National Security Council.
At 6:21 pm on Sept 11, an e mail sent by Victoria Nuland to Meehan, Clintons personal aide Jacob Sullivan and Undersecretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy deferred to the White Housefor the official response to the attack.
Meehan responded at 6:24pm “Ben is good with these and is on with Jake (Jacob Sullivan) too. It is believed when this was the first time, in these memos that an Internet video was mentioned.
Rhodes sent an e mail at 9:48 pm to senior White House Officials and State Officials stating they the State Department be the comment of the night.
At 10:15 Meehan sent an email to Rhodes, Nuland, Sullivan, Kennedy, an0other Clinton aide Philippe Reines confirming the approval of the Clinton talking points. This is the e mail that instructed that the story line to be pushed was about the Internet video causing the confrontation that killed four Americans. At 11:45 an email sent by Rhodes to Meehan, Sulllivan and Reines that said FYI- we are considering releasing this tonight and including a readout of the call from the President to secretary of State Clinton is totally redacted.
On September 11, 2012 an email from Clinton to Nuland with the Subject line “Chris Smith” was confirming his death and asked if we should make a statement tonight. The dead American was Sean Smith not Chris Smith.
This e mail would shed a great deal of light on just what was discussed between Clinton and Obama, and how the story about the video came about. The video was only mentioned once on the night of September 11, 2012 . It was mentioned by Hillary after her discussion with Obama.
That the subject of the Hillary-Obama talk that night may have been the discussion falsely tying the video to the attack we will never know without the release of the “Readout of Presidents Call to Hillary Clinton, which has been withheld from all investigations.

It was in 2014 when Judicial Watch, through the freedom of Information Act initially obtained documents that showed the video was all public relations that portrayed a video as the reason for the attack.
Susan Rice, who was the face of Benghazi for many Americans went on five Sunday talk shows and blamed the death of four Americans on the video. Before his appearances, on September14, an email to Susan Rice from Ben Rhodes entitled Prep Call Saturday at 4pm. It is assumed she was given talking points about blaming the video and diverting questions about security failures by this administration. A key talking point was to be linking the protests to the video and not a failure of policy.
The Defense Department document from September 12, 2012 informed that the BOCAR terrorist group had planned a n organized attack of the compound with the goal being to kill as many American as possible. This document was sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the National Security Council, This report made clear that this attack was planned by followers of Omar Abdul Rahman, and was planned at least ten days in advance. It was to be retribution for the killing on Al Aliby in Pakistan and to mark the 10 year anniversary of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.
It was the Cheryl Mills task force, and specifically State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland who objected to the original Benghazi talking points proffered by the CIA because they contained a reference to Ansar al Sharia and contained a reference to CIA security concerns about Benghazi. It was this same “ Benghazi Group”, with Mills at the lead who instructed State Department employees to Obstruct the 2013 Congressional investigation.
Mills is now a member of the Clinton Foundation Board of Directors, a position offered when she left State, and perhaps as payment for helping to protect the Clintons from the scandals that surround them.
The cause of all this could be very simple. As NATO was trying to dethrone Moammar Qadaffi, the administration wanted to play a low key role, and opted to partner with Qatar and arm rebel groups. Marc Turi, an arms dealer was supplying arms to Qatar of Russian and French make. He was initially turned down for permission to ship American made arms to Qatar, but after an e mail communication with J. Christopher Stevens, the US Special Envoy to the Libyan Special Alliance , was given permission after Stevens had talked to his superior. That superior was none other than Chris Stevens, later the Libyan Ambassador, and killed in the attack of the US Special Mission in Libya.
The weapons that were recovered from the forces supporting Qaddafi were sent through Turkey to arms Syrian rebels many of whom turned out to be Al Qaeda. Some of those who were being disarmed were the very Al Qaeda rebels we armed through Qatar. This angered the rebels and the Al Qaeda rebel group Ansar al Sharia who then attacked our Special Mission.

Internationally, Obama brought his Muslim friends into the picture. On September 12, just one day after the attack, Rashad Hussain, the Obama Adminstratin envoy to the Organization of Islamic Copertion sent an e mail to Ambassador Ufuk Gokcen, the OIC ambassador to the UN, and Cenk Uraz, an official of the OIC claiming the video was the start of the confrontation and subsequent killing of the four Americans. This then spread to the 57 nations of the OIC, and was spread throughout the Muslim world as being caused by hate speech and called for a diminution of free speech in the United States. On September 13, the State Department disclosed a document that showed the outreach to domestic and foreign Muslim grousp blaming the video, which the Muslim community took up as the cause. So what we have is this administration working with Muslim organizations to curtail free speech in this country.

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