Bill Maher and the Next War

blmhr2I love to see Bill Maher on TV. Now that Leno is gone he is showing up on Kimmel’s great show. Maher still doesn’t take credit for keeping Algore out of the Whitehouse. Now he wants to start a war! A war Obama should have continued 6 years ago. He is still one of those idiots that thinks we shouldn’t have gone to war with Iraq and that there were no weapons of mass destruction there.

First off there were weapons of mass destruction there. They are still finding the weapons but your fine politicians don’t want you to know about it. Where did Syria get their weapons of mass destruction. Ask any of the military who have been there. They were told not to talk about the chemical weapons. I wonder why? Allegedly people came back with chemical burns. Maybe it was from nicotine. Why would Saddam bury his WMD’s?

After the terrorist attack in France, Bill Maher was shocked and told the audience that we have to do something about it. And there are 100’s of millions of Muslims that applaud these attacks. The liberals are worried because this invades their precious space of Free Speech. But only 12 people were killed in Paris. Gosh these people are killing hundreds and thousands of people around the world on a monthly basis. Just because it was a newspaper office we should take note. Christians are being killed, nobody takes notice. People raped and murdered around the world and nobody takes notice.

Remember Benghazi, a war should have broken out but Hillary told them to stand down and we will blame it on a freedom of speech movie trailer. What difference does it make?

Instead of knocking President Bush and getting in his way, the liberals should have kept their big months shut and let him kill the nut jobs. Now the liberals are beginning to be scared. What if Bill Maher says something that upsets a jihaddist, and the jihadists take it out on Maher. Will anyone take notice?

Obama campaigned by claiming that Al Qaeda are on the run. That’s liberal speak for which way are they running.

Meanwhile the UN and Obama let these people into this country on a daily basis. They live right here. Maybe right in your neighborhood. They seem to like areas that are big on gun control. And those places that swear waterboarding is torture.

But there is an easy solution to the problem. It involves the family of the terrorists. But the liberals will not allow that. And at the same time liberals are for bodyguards and secret service, but they are against personal security via gun control.

It is always funny to see the knee jerk reaction emphasis on the right of freedom of speech. There have always been liberals who see abortion rights as a right only protected by liberals. So all the liberals and the media try to protect the liberal whims like global warming, universal expensive healthcare, and balanced budgets only when there are Republican presidents.

But now we have a liberal newspaper being shot-up because of some silly cartoons. Silly to the liberals but not so silly to the jihadists. Don’t the Jihadists have a liberal’s right to defend their beliefs when they see offensive behavior! They do, but maybe not in a Christian country like France. Do you really think shooting a few terrorists will make things safe?

The Great President Bush had the right idea, go into the worse nations and clean house. Bin laden never thought the Americanos would ever go to war over a silly thing like 911.

Now Bin swims with the fishes at least that is what we have been told by Obama.

Keep in mind France has allowed over 2 million Muslims into their Christian nation. If 1% of those characters are bad actors then just over 20,000 potential terrorists live in France at any one time. Oui, Oui!

It always amazes me with the internet, cell phones and satellite surveillance we seem to lack the capability to protect our borders. And we don’t seem to know much about these bad actors until it is too late.

And most of these bad actors like the Boston Bombers really don’t mind becoming martyrs. And God forbid we torture them to find out what they are thinking.

Most of these Muslims should be sent back to where they came from or the place of their choosing.   And if they do plan to stay in your country, the least they can do is swear on the Koran that they are not jihadists. I will if they will!

But there is a more important weapon that is available. Deportation or being exiled. Right now the United States is the land of Santa Claus. If you can get across the border you can get free healthcare, disability, government jobs, free housing and free food. And if you go to jail you get free HBO besides.

So America is still the land of opportunity. And most of the folks come with the family. If you think about the London subway bombings, there were 4 bombers. And the family was surprised that the bombers committed suicide. They must have been duped! That struck me as being pretty odd. You can see your son blowing up a train for religious reasons but not suicide?????

Blair came real close to deporting at least the family of the terrorists. But the liberals of England would not allow it. By the way Great Britain has about 3 million Muslims. God save the Queen!

These Muslims are free to go to mosques and there is very little supervision. We have folks around the world putting homeschoolers under a microscope but not the potential jihadists. We must give them all the rights. They even have the right to be offended by the sight of Christian rituals like Santa Claus and Christmas.

Again Maher says it is only about 20% of the Muslim population that applaud terrorist acts against Christians. But it only takes one to blow up a train, or fly a plane into a building, or to shoot innocent military personnel.

Muslims appear to value family. One of the biggest threats is that they will gang rape your mother and sister and so on. This is such a threat that Muslims allegedly   become suicide bombers and join the jihadists because they want no harm to come to their family! 

So the solution is simple. If someone in your family is caught committing a terrorist act as a jihaddist,   your entire blood family must leave the country. Never to return. If you return, for any reason you will be executed humanely, not by beheading.

The liberals like Maher will say that is wrong. The blood family has no responsibility over their radical child. What the liberals must understand is that the rules of engagement need to change to protect innocent people from terrorists like the Boston Bombers.

If the family sees Ackmoud hanging with the wrong crowd… They need to take notice. If they see Ackmoud doing more drugs and have an angry mood, they need to take notice. If the family sees Ackmoud buying guns and bullets and fertilizer, they need to take notice.

And when they connect the dots, they must decide if they want to risk everything and leave the land of good and plenty and let their child become a murderer. If they fail to tell the authorities that Ackmoud had changed and may becoming a jihaddist then they understand that if Ackmoud commits a terrorist act, the entire blood family will lose any rights to stay in this country and will never be allowed to return.

And you will find that homegrown terrorism will end quite abruptly. Today a terrorist becomes famous and is honored by lavish accommodations and the best legal representation if they survive. Nothing happens to the family. If Ackmoud knows that the family will suffer for his radicalism, it will be like raping his mother… He will instead go to another country where he is free to kill and his family will survive on the good will of the American middle class taxpayer.

Keep voting those liberals in as politicians and judges and the world will never get better!

Bill Maher voted for Ralph Nader. Thank you Bill.

Just today a Jihaddist was arrested in Ohio. And the family knew nothing about this change in their blood relative? My bet is that they knew the son had changed. And he was angry and he wanted to avenge something. Where did he get the money to carry out his Holy War! Put the onus where it belongs on the family, not crooked politicians!

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