Bill O’Reilly: Can Something be Too Pithy?

Bill O’Reilly thinks global warming is real. That just can’t be so. But O’Reilly surrounds himself with a lot of liberals. Once the liberals changed it to “climate change”, then you know global warming was bogus. 

O’Reilly and his new book Keep it Pithy leaves a little bit to be desired. I like O’Reilly and watch him every night but he can be a little bit too pithy. Let’s simplify the word and define it as simply “concise” and to the point. The opposite which would be O’Reilly’s other favorite word  “bloviating”.


But that is why O’Reilly is so successful. His show is very pithy and the folks have about a minute to get their point across. And in most cases, the audience is left hanging. Which may be a good thing. You can always look up the story yourself and draw your own conclusion. So loons on the left and right hate O’Reilly because he isn’t liberal enough to love abortions and he is not conservative enough to believe the earth is not warming and there is no clue that anything “warming” is being caused by mankind or womankind.


After reading thrillers from the “killing” series this is quite a let down. But let’s look for the pearls. I like the line “To move forward you have to look backwards.” That is profound. We are working on the 2nd generation that lacks indulgence in History. If you don’t know history, you really can’t move forward partner. And with all the liberal crap the kids are being taught, I betcha they would believe the world was still flat if they tried to indoctrinate them as such.


O’Reilly probably is perceived as a liberal and when he makes comments like leveling the playing field, it scares me. How do you level the playing field? They have been trying to do that for over 50 years. You can’t level a playing field if the folks are not trying to play. Me and my family didn’t live here when the black folks were slaves. My family and I didn’t live here when the Indians were forced to live on reservations. And that is true for most Americans. So tell me again why we owe these folks anything and again how can you level the playing field by taking away from the folks that want to play.


By page 27 O’Reilly is writing about the ghetto creed. My guess is O’Reilly never lived in the ghetto and never will! And we have heard this rhetoric for over 50 years. Drugs are bad. People should be married. No child abuse. Schools protected by police.


This hasn’t worked. What you need to do is put up fences. Have more stop and frisk and lock up the people with illegal guns and drugs. You need to protect the people within. As it stands now we have community organizers like Obama and we don’t have the power to set the people free. You don’t need to level the playing field. You need to protect the people within. You are throwing good money after bad by throwing money into the inner cities with no desire to protect the innocent women, children and the damn innocent men.


The moral shield that O’Reilly refers to is important. I don’t know how a child or a young adult finds his moral compass without a God or some kind of commandments. So the S-P may think they are on to something but as the level of secularism seems to go up, the amount of lunacy in the United States goes up proportionately. You need some kind of moral core to tell you what is  right and wrong. If not you can always be a politician like Weiner or Clinton! Great way to build trust in your government!


O’Reilly threw out a comparison of the Koran to Mein Kampf. Which he quickly rejects. But there is something to his comparison. Hitler wanted to get rid of communists and Jews. And Jihadists in the name of the Koran want to get rid of all the non-Muslims. Or at least turn them into slaves. The goals may have been a bit different. But the end result was to rid the world of people they did not like. Not a real good objective if the infidels know how to fight back


The ten commandments for parents were amusing. He has 2 kids about 10 and 15. And I hope they turn out well. But the most important commandment which was in absentia should have been love thy children. And treat them like you would want to be treated when you were a child. Don’t get me wrong all his commandments sound great but would be difficult to enforce. His children are still young, better to lead by example and with love. And there are better ways to reach the objectives without claiming them as commandments.


Pg 89 brings you the ten commandments of secularism. And I think O’Reilly finally puts lumber on the ball. You might want to print that one out and think about it every time you hear folks like Obama, Hillary or Pelosi speak. And do you really think the results will make a better life for you and your family?


Pg 107 brings us the O’Reilly Spin Zone. Billy thinks Global warming is real. That just can’t be so. But O’Reilly surrounds himself with a lot of liberals. Once the liberals changed it to “climate change”, then you know global warming was bogus. It has been the coolest spring in ages. How do we call it global warming!


One of the problems with a wish list like this is that O’Reilly doesn’t tell us how to accomplish this list. All can be lost by being pithy. And he probably has no clue how to even begin to do it. Bill knows how to give to charities but he really does not have a clue how to accomplish these objectives. First off most of these objectives can not be accomplished because the people who make these decisions are for the most part corrupt. We have been trying to get rid of illegal drugs for decades. My guess is:  It has become worse to some degree. Legalizing Marijuana is just a weaseling type of move. Drugs were once legal. The drugs are not the problem it is the people using them and selling them. They are the problem that needs to be solved.


To think that he wants a federal sales tax instead of payroll taxes is pretty dumb. One of the beauties about social security and Medicare is that the worker has paid for the entitlement or the benefit.  And the tax is attributed to how much you work. What a way to level the playing field. I agree there should be a federal sales tax, but it should be used to eliminate all taxes, federal, state and local and all those damn hidden costs on utility bills, liquor, smokes and just about everything.


So O’Reilly’s argument about the sales tax is purely liberal and useless. The poorest will never have more cash in their pockets. If they did they wouldn’t be poor. You always need the poor. There will be poor always. O’Reilly should worry about making the rich richer and it will all turn out well.


He also blamed President Bush for having a rich man’s attitude. It was President Bush that won the Iraq war and where do you think the chemical weapons that Syria uses come from?



Pithy is a very quick read. And there are a few good points to think about. I think Bill opens up a lot of thought windows. I just don’t agree with many of his conclusions. So use the opportunity to identify the windows that O’Reilly opens. And see if you can come up with some suggestions on ways to improve the status of those concerns. And find enough people willing to pay the price to fix the problem! Don’t be pithy in your effort!

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