Black Baker’s Racist Oreo Cake?

Black baker of "Mr. President" Oreo cupcake a racist?

Black baker of “Mr. President” Oreo cupcake, a racist?

I thought it was an honorary name. … I’d be honored if someone named a cupcake after me.” – Oregon baker Anjelica Hayes

Apparently political correctness is now spoiling our desserts.

Anjelica Hayes, 26, owner of Portland’s Fat Cupcake bakery, has been shamed into renaming one of her signature treats. Based upon her innocent understanding that the Oreo cookie is Mr. Obama’s favorite, she had called her black and white confection “The President.” After a Yelp reviewer denounced the cup cake’s name as a racial slur, the negative local press compelled Ms. Hayes to change its name to “The Professional;” a title never confused with this failed president.

Was Ms. Hayes making an unconscious political statement? Did she infer that Barack Obama is “black on the outside, but white on the inside”? Is Anjelica Hayes, who incidentally is black, a secret racist?

This absurdist “controversy” epitomizes what’s wrong with progressivism. Numerous, deep-seeded problems which plague our society are utterly ignored (read: black-on-black homicide and Chicago’s yearly record death toll) while non-issues (like this one) are fixated upon as spurious evidence of “racist” bogeymen. Consequently, innocents as she are wrongly demonized.

The triviality of identity politics is a cancer on our democracy. This dynamic is the same insanity which threatens to elect a candidate president based solely upon the superficiality of her gender. Objective facts like a track record of lies and abject failure—not to mention the travesty of lawbreaking corruption (read: Hillary’s Server-gate)—are completely disregarded. This truth is as black and white as Ms. Hayes’s renamed Oreo cupcakes.

Perhaps the baker Hayes will name a delicious pound cake after Donald Trump. Maybe serve slices with some heavily whipped cream. After his triumphant 2nd debate performance, that sounds like just desserts to me.   

David L. Hunter is an Associate Editor at Capitol Hill Outsider.”  He’s on Twitter and blogs at  He is published in The Washington PostThe Washington Times, “FrontPage Mag,” and extensively in Patriot Post,” Canada Free Press” and American Thinker.”

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