“Black Lives Matter” isn’t helping

“Furthering” the Black Lives Matter meme is a constant barrage of sit-in participants, watching people eat in upscale neighborhoods, attacking innocent folks who do not have the ability to defend themselves from a rampaging mob, taking over political meetings and even going so far as knocking out 80 year old retired veterans. Of course this not covered by the mainstream media and is barely investigated by law enforcement. Once again, members of law enforcement are being kept at bay by accusations of racism. There are few who will take a stand given the lack of support on the part of superiors.
Just last night, on the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, there were shots fired at police. When officers returned fire, they were blamed for the death of a black man-once a good friend of Michael Brown-who was doing the shooting. Police who shot the man were working undercover, not in uniform and without body cameras. As the “activists” causing problems in Ferguson are never without a camera, perhaps police should wear them at all times, if only for the purpose of self-defense.
There are people like Shaka Shakur, showing up in camo and wearing the Black Power flag that they want to replace the Stars and Stripes. They are on a rant about how those killed in a Charleston church were actually murdered by a government plant and that Dylan Roof is part of a bigger conspiracy to kill black people. Shakur is a follower of New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz who has called for the continuance of the 1882 slave revolt led by Denmark Vesey, one of the champions of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Vesey’s plan was to kill as many white people as possible. And because Shakur believes that Dylan Roof was trained by the federal government, it provides the excuse necessary to attack and murder any white at any time.
Louis Farrakhan has begun a rant about how majority black neighborhoods have no control over who owns area stores. White owners do not care about the neighborhoods or the people. Of course that imagined situation can be corrected with a few small steps: One, allow black students to finish high school and college without being called Uncle Toms and getting beaten up; and when something does go wrong, as it sometimes will, don’t burn the store down. In Ferguson, the CVS Pharmacy and other stores were owned by minorities, yet they were burned to the ground. It’s often a safe bet that businessmen will refuse to rebuild in a battle ground.
I remember the riots after the Rodney King trial. That was the weekend I retired out of the Navy and had to drive through the area to get home from LAX. I remember the burning buildings, the chaos and the neighborhoods with the look of a third world country. I drove through that area just six months ago and nothing has changed. There are still boarded up buildings and young men standing on street corners doing nothing.
Here is something to think about. A great deal of energy has been used in the“Black Lives Matter” campaign. Demands that government and police back off to let crime continue as it did in Baltimore does no one any good. Blaming Whites for the limitations you put on yourself, for the breakup of families and demands for handouts is not the way to go. I heard a black lady say she has been fighting for equality for 60 years. How long do you fight before you realize that the way you are fighting is not productive?
To go one step further and call for the death of all whites is obviously nonsense. All it will cause is the shedding of innocent blood on both sides and at some point, a civil war of staggering proportions. Do what they may,Blacks will not intimidate Whites who will become increasingly angrier. Blacks say they don’t want the police in their neighborhoods. That’s fine, but it will be up to you to police yourselves. It will be up to you to chase the drug dealers away, it will up to you and other outstanding citizens in those areas to finally place worthwhile values ahead of fear. There are those who will help, but blanket statements about all whites being racist will not heal the rifts that have grown under this administration. Just a short question: If a white had declared all blacks racist, demanding they all be killed like Shaka Shakur; if a white had begun the creation of a 10,000 man army like Louis Farrakhan, would the Department of Justice of Barak Obama-the black President that claimed he would heal the racial divide-have remained silent? How many blacks have been killed by other blacks? How many whites have been killed by blacks? None of this is ever emphasized, but should be. The killing has got to stop. It is up to all of us, black and white, to move beyond the racial scars of the past

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