Blacklisted by Higher Education

Professor Mary Grabar has put together a chilling book revelation of how much more liberal and groupthink our universities have become even since the 1980s and 1990s, when political correctness first started seeping into academic life and poisoning young impressionable minds seeking knowledge; instead they are daily subjected to an incessant brainwashing of leftist ideology and the rewriting of history.

Bias against conservative professors in academia is getting worse, not better. Mary Grabar, a conservative professor of English, has put together a series of essays by conservative and moderate professors who have found themselves shunned and frozen out of academia due to not espousing liberal political views. Each professor – all white males, due to the trend in academia in favor of women and minorities at the expense of men – explains the horrific experiences they have undergone simply trying to make a living in this field. Most of them have been shut out of well-paying full-time work at 4-year institutions, instead relegated to “perpetual adjunct status, teaching twice as many classes as the average course load, for wages that work out to be less than minimum wage.” They are willing to speak up in her book because they have “nothing to lose except such poorly paying temporary employment.”

It should be alarming that this is not just happening to conservative professors, but also to moderates. Grabar explains how the course curricula has become so far left, it’s almost impossible for anyone but a radical to teach the ridiculous topics. The literary classics have all but disappeared, only to be used to scan for evidence of Western Civilization’s racism, sexism or homophobia.

Authoring academic scholarship critical of communism or Islam generally takes academics out of consideration for employment. Grabar notes how some of these scholars have even been relegated to teaching at high school, forever blacklisted by higher education.

Professor M.D. Allen describes the alarming ratio of liberal to conservative professors tracked in California. Currently, it ranges from 10:1 in the natural sciences to a high of 21:1 in the social sciences. These ratios are projected to increase to a shocking 64:1. He speculates the reason the left in academia fights so hard to protect their agenda is not because they particularly care about the various far left aspects of it, but that “the most sacred part of them is under attack” and if they don’t fight back hard, “evil will triumph.” He believes this mentality is actually a “debased form of religion.”

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