Bob Beckel: When Liberals become Scared they Fear for their Lives

Liberal Bob Beckel said that we should stop allowing foreign students from Muslim countries to stop attending our universities for two years.

Bob Beckel is the Colmes replacement for Fox News. He is not as mousy as Colmes but he does speak with a tone of authority but as is typical for most liberals he is  backed by little or no facts.


Well the other day Beckel proclaimed that we should stop allowing  foreign students from Muslim countries to attend our universities for 2 years. I think we can extrapolate and say he does not want any foreign students coming to America to take up space in our universities until we get caught up with the mess we have now.


So the mess according to Beckel is that there are about 75,000 students here now and we have lost track of about 20,000 Muslims of the 75,000. Well that can’t happen under the Obama policies can it?


But this confuses me a bit. Beckel is one of those liberals that thinks and soap boxes that the national deficit does not mean anything. He has a goofy smirk on his face when he says it, but nonetheless that is his claim. I guess as long as he cashes a pay check nothing else matters!


So why did the Boston attack turn Beckel into  a racist? Muslims can’t be profiled under the Obama administration. So why now. Only 5 people killed in Boston and 200 or so were injured. That is nothing compared to 9/11. Why the change of heart?


Time is always a healer of fear and prompted forgetfulness.  President Bush did such a great job of killing Muslims, that it took a while for the jihadists to strike again in America since 9/11. Beckel is forgetting about Benghazi and all the soldiers that died and were maimed by Muslims fighting to make the Muslim countries “safe”.


It is going to take a while to sort through the mess, but the good liberals like Obama will paint the Russian bombers as just some misguided fools. Poor people that have lived desperate lives and they were just acting out their frustrations. They accidentally made bombs and obtained illegal weapons and the know how to use them. So they won’t be labeled jihadists and they will just be terrorists.  Biden called them “knock-off” jihadists. Does that mean they were imitation jihadists? Maybe Biden can explain that to the family of the victims and the victims. Maybe Biden can hold the hands of all the Bostonians that will fear for their lives every time they are in a crowd in Boston or any where else in America!  Did they use imitation bombs and bullets!


The Americans have to begin to be concerned. President Bush set into place many good policies to keep the jihadists at bay. And set up wonderful techniques to interrogate and track down other terrorists. There was a plot by non-Arab jihadists to terrorize the left coast. This was stopped by the folks under President Bush.


Obama has been busy letting illegals into this county by the truck loads. There are millions to the tune of 30 to 40 million illegals in this country. And Beckel doesn’t seem to be concerned about this. But Beckel is concerned about a lousy 20,000 Muslim students. He has to be a racist that hates Muslims. Maybe this constitutes a hate crime. Get Holder on the phone. I have to remember to put him on speed dial.


After 9/11 there should have been  a totally new world view. All Muslims should have been examined under a microscope. But the liberals told us it was only a few misguided terrorists. We can keep them in check. Well after 4 years of Obama it becomes clear that they  did not keep them in check. Obama didn’t torture them. He killed them and their families with little or no justice. Now that’s the reason  Brokaw and the knock-offs give for terrorism.  Remember after the death of Osama, Obama said the jihadists were on the run! Which way were they running?


These clowns were on at least 2 watch lists. I am sure because of sequestration there were not enough man power and woman power to keep an eye on these idiots. All you needed was someone to watch the internet and you would know these guys were idiots. And if Beckel and the liberals want to be safe and shed the fears of being scared and unsecured, then send them all out of the country.  Instead the liberals give the jihadists asylum in this country and entitlements in excess of $100,000 USD!  This is while citizens in the cities live in poverty!


There is another fallacy that the liberals believe in. They think they can reason with terrorists. Well anytime these geniuses think they can reason then let’s send them to these far away places where reason has gone missing centuries ago.


If we can’t kill them. And we can’t reason with them then we must instill in them the fear of god. After all it is the fear of god that allegedly motivates them to be terrorists against the infidels.


There is an old story that has made its way out of the Philippines. General Pershing knew that the Muslims were relentless and unreasonable. So it is rumored that he dealt with them on their level. It is written that Muslims can not eat certain meats and can not come in contact with the blood of swine. If they do, they will go to hell. They will not pass go, they will not get 200 dollars in American food stamps. They will go straight to hell. In other words there will be no boatload of virgins. (What do the women jihadists receive for their journey).


The assassin of President McKinley was fried in the electric chair and his body was dissolved in acid so that there would be  no trace of this misguided soul on earth.


So we might want to look at how we dispose of the bodies of dead and executed terrorists. If they are jihadists then the solution is quite simple. If they are buried the Pershing way, they will not get the paradise they dreamed of in Al-Qaeda training camps.  


Guys like Biden, Obama and Holder may have a problem with the journey. But in the end there will be no terrorists. There will be no innocent children and adults destroyed by lunatics. We don’t have to hear about how this agency made a mistake.


And all it will take is a little guts. Make it known as of today, this is how we dispose of the bodies of terrorists.  They all should be buried at Guantánamo. What do we have to lose. A little hog meat and blood? Allah may not be so happy if the jihaddist shows up at the pearly gates in a sinful state.


It is something to think about. It is  a waste of good meat, but I can sacrifice some bacon for a good cause. How about you! 

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