Bomber Suspect Caught

Today in an AutoZone parking lot, a man named Cesar Altieri Sayoc, 56, was taken into custody in Aventura, Florida.  With a “Sky News” WSVN Channel 7 helicopter overhead, live-streamed on Twitter’s “Events” link for the world to see[1], among state and local police alongside FBI and New York City police, we saw a white van plastered with pro-Trump, anti-CNN stickers on its sides taken away under a blue tarp.  Sayoc faces 5 federal charges and 58 years in prison.

Mugshot, Cesar Sayoc, WSVN-7[2]

He went under the handle @hardrock2016 and the name Cesar Altieri on Twitter, and that account is currently suspended.  It was recorded[3] prior to this, however, and it showed several retweets of the same pro-Trump memes, some stickers from his van, and a couple of Trump rally videos:

Twitter Posts, Memes, hardrock2016[3]

Twitter Post, Trump Rally Video Still Shot, hardrock2016[3]

Followers included only celebrities like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift (who have both come out as Democrats), Democrat politicians such as Barack Obama,  and other Leftist names, such as John Oliver and Seth Meyers[4].  He was not following Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump).

Twitter Post, hardrock2016 followers[4]
Reportedly, another account he used was @hardrockintlent under the name Julus Cesar Milan:

Cesar Accounts[5]

This account was also suspended.[6]

Another account that bears the handle of @CesarAlteiri only had 3 tweets, 2 about soccer and one about a Republican Miami politician that declined to comment about his “business development” ventures in favor of them being shown in a financial disclosure he was working on.  That tweet, which is very little to go on, and one of the soccer related tweets, was from 6/23/14, and the remaining soccer tweet was from 10/17/15:

CesarAlteiri Main Page[7]

Cesar Sayoc Arrested, WSVN-7[8]

Said to be a male stripper in his past by BBC News[9] , according to WSVN Channel 7’s Twitter feed (@wsvn) he was a Hollywood, Florida Papa John’s pizza delivery guy.  The FBI Director Christopher Wray reports he was caught due to a fingerprint left on the envelope of the package sent to Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

We know he has been in trouble in the past.  According to WSVN-7, he has had 6 arrests, including being arrested for the misdemeanor of shoplifting copper tubes from a Home Depot, which was failed to be adjudicated after a guilty plea.  He was arrested for a bomb threat in 2002[10].

So what about Sayoc’s motives and political affiliation?  Being spread on Facebook, specifically in a pro-Tomi Lahren group[11], was the following image indicating that he is a registered Democrat:

MyLife Image 1[11]

Clearly a mobile shot, it did not include the URL or context.  Further research into others posting the same information revealed it was from a site:

MyLife Image 2[11]

The site at the top of the image was indicated as “”, where the information posted could be found.[12]  But it was also found that beside each of the information blocks is a pencil icon, which can be clicked by anyone, and it allows you to edit the fields:

MyLife Image 3[12]
MyLife Image 4[12]

So further investigation into this should you lead you to the Florida Political Registration site:

Entering in Cesar Sayoc and the birthdate listed above, 3/17/1962, which matches the age of 56 years old purported by WSVN-7[13], yields a Republican affiliation:

Florida Registration

So we have proof that he registered as a Republican on 3/4/2016.

There is an immigration certificate picture posted in that same Tomi Lahren group that alleges he is a Pilipino and therefore ineligible to register as he would be a non-citizen, however the birthdate of the person on the form is in 1932, when the news reports state he is 56, and therefore would have been born in 1962.  He certainly does not look like an 86 year old man in his arrest pictures, and the name on the form is a different spelling:

Immigration Certificate[14]

There are those that have debated if the van that was impounded is actually the van that other people have taken pictures of.  One that The Daily Wire is promoting in their Twitter feed (@realDailyWire) is shown below:

The Daily Wire Van Image[15]

Some have tried to claim this van is not the same as the one under the tarp after the Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) posted a picture of the van under the blue tarp showing 3 windows, not 4:

Miami Herald Tarp Image[16]

Except this was its left side, while The Daily Wire picture was the right side.  When we look at the left side, as shown through a Reuters photo posted on’s news feed, we see the 3 windows:

Reuters Bing Van Image[17]

We see that the stickers on the back windows have been slightly changed since the Daily Wire picture, however, which shows they have been updated, and disproves the theory they would have been sun-bleached in the Florida sun if they had really been there since 2016. We can prove that the picture shown above was from just prior to the impounding because of a video released by Reuters that is posted on their site[18].

Reuters Video Van Image[19]

Obviously the stickers were newer and were updated since the pictures being posted in WSVN-7’s Facebook feed that match The Daily Wire’s, which were dated as being from December 2017:

WSVN-7 Facebook Post of Van Images from December 2017[20]

So they were updated between December 2017 and when the suspect was apprehended, and therefore less than 10 months old.

Three windows are, again, seen on the left side, which would match the blue tarp photo:

WSVN-7 Van Left Side

The back of the vehicle matches The Daily Wire photo:

WSVN-7 Van Back

Additionally, there is the matter that Sayoc had attended Trump rallies in the past.  This picture, among others that WSVN-7 had, was from a rally in October 2016:

Cesar Sayoc At Trump Rally[21]

A conclusion is still to be reached about Sayoc’s motives and intentions, but it is clear his Republican views can no longer be denied, and the calls that this was a “false flag”, “Soros paid conspiracy”, or other such nonsense can no longer be entertained.  One of our own has lost their way, and it is time to recognize that the hate and anger many Conservatives feel towards the Democrats needs to, instead, be channeled into voting at the ballot box.  Such conclusions as to the ultimate motives Sayoc must have had can likely still be reached with enough time before midterms occur that this tragedy can still be salvaged into a Republican victory by showing the need to remove Democrats from positions of power, so they can no longer upset the populace to cause the rage that they, themselves, not Trump, have raised in Conservatives.  Even through the “bomb scare” crisis – something that earned a #MAGABombScare hashtag on Twitter – Republicans were still leading all Democrats in early voting in AZ, FL, IN, MT, ND, and TX, with only Nevada that seemed to be leaning Democrat out of key battleground early-voting states.[22]  The rage is pouring out – through votes.

Early Voting Statistics, October 22, 2018[22]


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