Book Review – Blood Moons

Blood Moons

Are you interested in religious history, biblical prophecy and planetary mechanics?  Then this is a book for you.  Mark Blitz, a pastor headquartered in Washington State has provided us with a unique look at God’s calendar, its relationship to Judeo-Christian religious observances and what it all means in connection with an impending quartet or tetrad of lunar eclipses that will occur in 2014 and 2015.  It is unique in other respects as well, as Pastor Blitz provides a justification for the unity of Christianity and Judaism under one system of observances through a more complete understanding and application of the Old and New Testament scriptures.


Pastor Blitz begins his work with a brief autobiography also containing his religious testimony.  He follows with the details of how he became exposed to the idea of God’s messages being written in the motions of the sun and moon, and their relationship to the Hebrew calendar.  He explains in detail the relationship of language to scripture and the need to properly understand the Hebrew origins of the words used in scripture to properly interpret what we read in the Bibles today.


The heart of his book work relates to the Hebrew calendar, its basis in the lunar and solar motions, how they relate to the Jewish religious observances mandated in the Old Testament.  He also discusses why the calendar and holy days should be important to the modern Christian church.  It concludes with the dates of the four lunar eclipses and an explanation of the mechanics behind this seeming coincidental event.


While Pastor Blitz indicates that this tetrad eclipse event means something important is about to happen or is happening, and implies that a “second coming” could be in the stars, he declines to state precisely what he may believe is going to happen, or precisely when.  What he does point out is the historic relationship between the Hebrew calendar, eclipse events, and important events in Jewish and world history.  He ties much of this up with references to biblical passages from both testaments.  His writings provide a fascinating and plausible justification for believers to re-examine their faith and for non-believers to question their non-belief.


But what is another fascinating aspect of Pastor Blitz’s work is his discussion of the Hebrew / Christian schism.  The biblical record makes it unmistakable that Jesus of Nazareth was an observant Jew who was seeking to return to people to proper observance of divine commandments, but many influential Christians including Augustine of Hippo, John Chrysostom and Constantine moved the early Christian church away from its Jewish roots and eventually against them as exemplified by Martin Luther’s published condemnation of Jews in 1543.


The above discussion leads into the issue of replacement theology; the idea that the New Testament replaces the Old, and that Christians have replaced the Jews in the divine scheme of things.  Pastor Blitz believes otherwise; that the New Testament must be read in the context of the Old, and that they two are effectively companion volumes that must work together for us to understand God’s truth and what is happening in the world today.  Under this view both Jews and Christians have a role in future events and that Christianity cannot be complete unless it recognizes its Hebraic origin.


As Pastor Blitz reaches his concluding message there is one chapter that covers relevant astronomical events and their historical timing using NASA information, and a second that provides additional information for “naysayers.”  What it amounts to is a convincing argument that something is going on, and that we should take a closer look at world events from a new perspective.  The world today is as unsettled as ever, and much of what is happening centers on the region surrounding the Holy Land.  Anyone acquainted with Biblical prophecy and history of the region would be foolish to consider his analysis worthless.


In conclusion, Pastor Blitz states several key things.  First, that he is not predicting any particular days or times for any specific events.  Second, he denies any prophetic intent.  Instead he says that he has been privileged to come to an understanding of the significance of the heavenly signs, their relationship to the Hebrew calendar and their context within real world history.  He asks us to examine our faith and to be prepared for what may be coming, rather than excusing ourselves and missing the wedding feast.


For those who prefer a visual experience WND Media has also prepared a 70 minute companion DVD covering essentially the same material as the book with additional information regarding the importance of the Holy Land and Jerusalem, and a bit less detail on the significance of the Hebrew alphabet in scripture.  It is beautifully produced, very entertaining and more important, highly informative.  The two; the book and the DVD make an excellent one, two punch at getting their message across.


Blood Moons is easy to understand; even for people who are not overly literate in biblical history, and contains a useful list of resources for those interested in broadening their knowledge base on the subjects he discusses.  These include a link to El Shaddai Ministries which is administered by Pastor Blitz, and has a significant amount of information for those wishing to inquire further.  Blood Moons is published by WND books.  The book and DVD are available from

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