Book Review: Remembering Who We Are


When Zev Chafets published his memorable biography of Rush Limbaugh a few years ago I was privileged and honored to be able to review his work. It was an excellent and unbiased piece of writing, which was refreshing in this day of hit pieces and hyperbolic treatment of political subjects. Now, Chafetz is back, not as an author, but editor of a collection of commencement speeches on conservative related topics by some of America’s best-known voices and some not so well known. I must say that he has made an outstanding selection.


One of the major issues plaguing American Conservatism today is that we frequently get bogged down in the minutiae of the electoral process and forget the larger picture of what America is all about and what made it unique as a nation. Most, if not all of these speeches touch on such topics. Dr. Ben Carson, for example, on achievement and the role of common sense in society. Or Roger Ailes on what it really is to be a journalist; then again, Francis Collins on scientific evidence that supports faith in modern society.


These examples are only the surface of a collection that is presented as a reminder of what American Conservatism is, and how it serves society; the roles of various career paths, disciplines and social functions as they were expected to be, and not as social reformers and technocrats would have us believe them to be. All sewn up in a nice neat package of vignettes, which can be read in short bites, or as a multicourse meal of information and revitalization of one’s awareness of what the American spirit is all about.


The one seeming anomaly is the presence of Juan Williams, whose message, as might be expected of a known liberal, is nonetheless, inspirational, and perhaps we can spare the editor any slings and arrows over including a token left leaning voice in his selection.


In all respects this is a terrific book, which should be very useful to anyone who needs a dose of personal experiences and modern perspectives on the role of conservatism in America today. It is highly recommended.


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