Boston Massacre

We are sitting ducks for more attacks without the right to keep and bear arms.

America is under seige; we are constantly being threatened with numerous attempted attacks by terrorist, and up until now we were lucky. Monday April 15, 2013 we were caught off guard with the despicable display of cowardice murder, injury and destruction demonstrated in Boston for their annual marathon. They were caught with their pants down?


Unfortunately it’s not only the terrorist we have to worry about; it is our own Government of the United States. When are we going to wake up to the fact that we are sitting ducks? This Administration preaches tolerance while bowing down to our enemies. They blamed America first and we re-elected this abomination to American freedom and liberty. They thought their apology tour throughout the world would gain us respect instead it brought us humiliation.


The Obama Administration is relentlessly attempting to take our Right to Bear Arms. Do you actually believe that our law enforcement agencies can protect us against these unconscionable animals, I don’t think so? Do you think any established government agency, whether it is exclusively controlled by the Federal, State or Local Government can actually protect us against any violent foreign or domestic sadistic deviant, I don’t think so?


We allow them to vigorously impose their own political agenda upon us, without our permission into our sacred realm, forcefully dictating us into submission. Where is the outrage? They undermine our safety and self preservation, in which they have no legitimate power or right to do so. Where is the outrage?  There are no agencies in this Country that can guarantee protection over our lives and the lives of our family, yet they want us to remain defenseless. Where is the outrage?


This Country was founded on strength, courage and fortitude. We were fearless pioneers in the face of the unknown. We didn’t rely on Government pansy asses to defend us against evil, we as Americans protected ourselves, unitizing our recognized right of self defense. While we built this Country into greatness, we didn’t use apologies, we didn’t bow! We didn’t used man made liberal propaganda of political correctness. We never admitted false guilt or knelt in front of our enemies saying we’re sorry and begging for their forgiveness. We did hug our bibles and our guns, yielding to no man, while developing unknown hostile lands. We trusted no one, fearing no one but we did fear and trusted in God. This Country was founded on Judeo/Christian values, this is the truth, no matter what distorted lies are placed or rewritten in our history books. No matter what is falsely taught by inept bigoted liberal educators. I am proud of my heritage, and I will never apologize to no one.


This Administration, together with all the elected Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and Progressive idiots are selling America together with our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, in the name of degradation. When will we stand up against their illegitimacy’s and non-sense? Where is the outrage?


This senseless massacre was obviously a sign that Secretary of State, John Kerry, President Obama and all his tin demigods of cowards, are buffoons to all, with empty threats, no one fears us?. They’re clowns that are sadly laughable and not taken seriously. They have made us a laughing stock to the world.


USN’t it strange or obvious why Boston Massachusetts was targeted? You might say it was a high profile event, The Marathon, but wasn’t Kerry the former United States Senator from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, before he was Secretary of State?


My whole heartened sympathy and prayers are extended to all those who lost their lives, in this terrorist tragedy. May their families find comfort and aid in the Lord, and the injured, have a swift and speedy recovery. Remember you are not alone; we are all neighbors and Americans and will remain at your side!  When they attack one they attack us all! Whoever is responsible must be brought to justice and when found guilty must be executed? We must stop playing games with these heathens, these despicable barbarians, as the Bible States: An Eye for An Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth. This is not a game, but a right of survival,


Write to your Senators and House of Representatives and tell them, demand them to stop Gun Control. Our Right to Bear Arms must be preserved and protected. Our Constitution must be preserved and protected. Our Country, The United States of America, of, by and for the people must be preserved and protected. Our right to self defense must be preserved and protected.


Protest peacefully, show your outrage, never give up, fight the good fight, show your love of our Country stop re-electing these liberal morons and high profile domestic enemies of America. We must not be caught off guard, we must never be complacent, because we have identified the enemy and they live amongst us? Beware, because they multiply without warning, with changeable disguises.


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