I was trying to take a brief break from politics, but Media Matters strikes again

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Recently I took a brief break from politics, and that was going to a Billy Joel concert.

The only time Billy Joel made a political statement was in support of the Jewish people and what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. He made a statement by wearing a Star of David on his dress jacket.

This was during his summer Madison Square Garden concert in 2017. Otherwise, his appearance in Denver, Colorado (Coors Field and the concert that yours truly went to) was just him playing his radio hits and fan favorites (a few were not really played on the radio, or if they did you would have heard it on Album Oriented Rock or AOR stations back in the day and not on Top 40 radio). No support of Joe Biden or whomever, no calling out President Donald Trump or support of whatever cause you can think of.

While Billy Joel is not in your face with his worldview, others are and Media Matters decided to release an attack on conservative website The Daily Wire. Well I found out about all this drama on the day I was to go to the Billy Joel concert.

Their was a time when the media was able to nudge people to the left, especially when it came to raising taxes, promoting the welfare state, abortion rights to name a few. While they still have power they are being challenged more and more.

For two decades (in the 1960’s and 1970’s) Walter Cronkite won the hearts and minds of the American people as the anchor of the CBS Evening News (succeeding Douglas Edwards who would eventually return to the radio side of CBS News), and while he took CBS News to its peak, Cronkite’s tenure at the anchor desk did have some scrutiny. Those who were critical of Cronkite were able to see his left wing views, especially when it came to his lack of support of the Vietnam War (and likely supporting the Vietcong in concept but not giving his money to them and/or his producers nudged him to oppose the war), his love of JFK (he actually lost it on the air during the coverage of JFK’s untimely death) and Jimmy Carter, and his contempt for Richard Nixon (deserved or not). Once he retired from CBS News, he made his worldview clear. He was a big time progressive, and supported not only social and cultural progressivism and big centralized government, but also supported ONE WORLD centralized government.

Yet when he anchored the CBS Evening News, he had enough charm and charisma to win an audience. With those very things he and the others in the major media outlets were nudging and prodding the American people towards the left when it came to important political and social issues of the day. Abortion (or the right to murder the preborn child), the welfare state, the role of government etc etc. Cronkite and company were able to prod the American people with little to no resistance, even with the success of one man news team Paul Harvey and William F. Buckley Jr’s National Review. After CBS News ran out Cronkite for Dan Rather…they would have a fallout and they never recovered to this very day. Still their direct “competition” held the same worldviews as Cronkite and Rather.

By 1987 conservatives were able to gain more voices and outlets (thanks Reagan for repealing the Fairness Doctrine which is not really fair). Before Rush Limbaugh signed on nationally, Brent Bozell founded the Media Research Center (MRC) and before the internet they were able to bring awareness of media bias through their monthly newsletter Mediawatch. Eventually Mediawatch became obsolete, eventually being replaced with MRC’s famous website Newsbusters.org.

MRC has been able to expose media bias and be fair in that, while not using their organization to get deeply involved in politics.. The left for awhile did not have a similar organization. Enter leftist billionaire George Soros and turncoat David Brock (who apparently became smitten with Hillary Clinton and later came out a gay man) who put together a progressive counter group to MRC called Media Matters. Unlike MRC, it seems that Media Matters not only attacks conservatives but does advocacy for other progressive causes and Democratic candidates not to mention they were in bed with the Obama Administration.

With Soros money to bun, Media Matters has nothing to lose. Their latest attack is on the conservative news website The Daily Wire; founded by political commentator turned podcaster and terrestrial radio talker Ben Shaprio, and filmmaker Jeremy Boreing. Make no mistake, Media Matters end game is to run conservatives out of the news/commentary media and help the major media (i.e. the Unfree Democratic Party press) reclaim its virtual monopoly. Media Matters points to the Daily Wire’s podcasts of Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Matt Walsh (and Ben Shaprio’s interview with Walsh on Shaprio’s weekend podcast) and their comments regarding the LGBTQ, feminist issues, and multiculturalism/open borders.

Notice they have not gone after Ben Shaprio in their video montage…I wonder why? While Media Matters would love to actually take Shaprio off along with other conservative icons (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glen Beck), going after Shaprio and then some is basically another attempt to catch the Road Runner, and Media Matters are basically a bunch of mini Wild E. Coyotes. Like Wild E. himself, Media Matters chooses to get blown up and take great big cliff falls for the cause. They think that Klavan, Knowles and Walsh are easy to pick off, so Media Matters did what they did. Sorry kids, but even those men are saying “Beep, Beep” right back at you.

Still, their is a possibility of a victory for these progressives, for they may figure out a way to make sure that a media outlet like The Daily Wire does not make money. I would encourage you to subscribe and/or contribute to some of these media outlets that offer such. Not just The Daily Wire, but BlazeTV, Daily Caller, and The Worldview In Five Minutes just to name a few.

So what does all of this have to do with going to see Billy Joel? Nothing really, other than the meaning “No Rest for the Wicked” does indeed ring true. The more you want to get away from reality, the wicked keep you more/less in it. Politics is indeed interested in ALL OF US!

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