Brown University Caves to Left-Wing ‘Outrage’

University Pulls Study Demonstrating Nonsensical & Curiously Excessive Reporting of Gender Dysphoria in Youths

Similar to your progressive acquaintance with a “vegan cat” – You really know who’s making the decisions. 


Last week, Brown University recanted a news story conducted by one of their researchers focusing on the recent and miraculous revelations of “rapid-onset gender dysphoria” sweeping our nations school children – an issue seemingly arisen out-of-nowhere in a 5-year span. Among some of the study’s findings were that social media usage and/or one or more friend identifying transgender were widely reported by parents whose children were experiencing gender dysphoria symptoms.

It apparently never occurred to the responsible adult progressives in the news media, Hollywood, or feminist workshops that these children might actually be engaging in this generation’s version of mesh tank tops, bell bottoms, or French-rolled jeans. It never occurred that unlike mesh tank tops or frosted tips, this is a trend where there’s no going back for those being subjected to extremes like hormone treatments with reckless abandon; enabled by those practicing a field of medicine in which apparently, it’s not considered a conflict of interest with the first and most foremost vow of the Hippocratic oath: First do no harm.

Not only is there an increasingly alarming rate of youth identifying in this manner, the pulled report indicated that for most of those who took part, the gender dysphoria was not present in early youth, but manifested within days or weeks in teens and young adults. You might think this research might awaken anyone, left or right, to the what should be obvious fact that the onset of gender dysphoria among almost 1/3 of American teenagers is less some historical breaker of chains and more societal outrage caused by the likes of an immoral, enabling, and encouraging media. A media quick to vilify anyone who might stand up to speak the common sense such a study should evoke in any rational being.

“Of the parents who provided information about their child’s friendship group, about a third responded that more than half of the kids in the friendship group became transgender-identified,” Littman said. “A group with 50 percent of its members becoming transgender-identified represents a rate that is more 70 times the expected prevalence for young adults.”

You might imagine taking these points into consideration might ring some alarm bells. It’s correct that alarm bells did in fact ring; however, for all the maniacal, irrational, and dubious reasons contrary to logic.

“In any case, this Brown University study could not stand – any effort to actually research the environmental component of transgenderism is met with raucous calls for censorship. And Brown immediately caved.”

Why would they cave to pull back on a study which revealed some, let’s be honest here, fully anticipated and unsurprising results that could help penetrate the thick skulls of progressive and “inclusive” parents into the realization they just might be doing more, much more, harm than good for these kids?

Because: Transphobia, stupid! We live in an age where we have trans-women (men) lecturing females not to complain about their menstrual cycle so as not to offend the poor malcontents incapable of experiencing such maternal joy and comfort on a monthly basis. The university dean, in response to the complaints of encouraging transphobia agreed that the study “might invalidate the perspectives of members of the transgender community”.  Oh no, God forbid!

Would anyone over 30 ever have guessed 10 years ago that some 10% or more (the official % has been declared around 3%, but clearly not the case in California, for example) of our youth were painfully and secretly vacillating between genders to the point of dysphoria? This particular issue is among the more egregious and annoying than most any other the left subscribes to. Of course, there’s a significant difference (so I’m told) between “gender non-binary”, “gender non-conforming”, and “gender dysphoria”, all of which have skyrocketed among the nations’ youth, even if they may seem indiscernible. In any event, some of those categories include teens less at risk of being subjected to hormone treatments and the like. So, that’s good news. 

27% of California teenagers declared themselves “gender non-binary” in a recent study done in this past year. That absurd figure was reported in media without any discernible causticity or irony. It was almost as if they’d revealed that the progressive movement has simply freed our youth from the historically imperceptible gender-binary chains of which no-one – no intellectual, no scholar, no historian, no LGBTQ folk hero – nobody in history has ever once pondered, hypothesized, proselytized this issue being one plaguing such a vast number of the youth. Yet parents and some in the medical community see no problem with a sudden, inexplicably astronomical rise in gender hormone treatments, potentially turning what was once a little harmless teenage angst into a lifelong commitment to madness.

Teenagers have always been known to partake in trends and other regrettable activities they definitely wouldn’t repeat as adults. This is a well-established, routine fact of life. Some might be embarrassed when certain pictures surface of that Caesar hairdo and/or frosted tips. Some ladies might regret those seemingly catastrophic perms they subjected themselves to.

These kids aren’t going to have the luxury of looking back and awkwardly laughing it off. Some of these boys are going to have growths protruding from their chests after pumping estrogen into their teen bodies on account of irresponsible, selfishly progressive parents who then take these “brave” sponge-brained children on the Today Show to give uppity, self-righteous talks about BRAVERY. If they’re lucky, they won’t be pushed to the worst-case scenario of having an organ removal they might one day regret.

It’s a problem when, at this point, when almost 1/3 of some teens and pre-teens are “gender non-conforming” there is no telling whether these are the whims of impressionable, vulnerable children, or the real deal. When rational explanations abound, yet are ignored in exchange for unblinking support of the extreme, it should be considered a societal outrage, nothing less. This particular problem seems to have manifested itself into the very livelihoods of children unfortunately born to radically progressive parents­­­­ – all heart & virtue signals – no brain.

These poor kids who may otherwise have only engaged in some harmless larking for a few years before discovering its ill-effect on dating life, are now irreversibly doing harm to their bodies that they can’t simply grow out of.



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