Bullying Hillary

I read with interest today a tirade written by Robin Lakoff from the University of California at Berkeley. Now there are a few things that need to be said, and even though I am only a non educated retired military veteran with 20 years of working with a diverse group of people I will state my thoughts. As of now they are not yet considered a hate crime other than by those who drink the Dems socialist Kool-aid.
Ms. Lakoff is all upset because James Comey, a MAN, had the temerity to reopen a case that should have put the Queen Hillary in jail. Many others have been put in jail for less. And to think that the emails are being investigated because she is a female is stupidity of the highest order. Ms. Lakoff also states in her words
“it is a reminder to us all that she has no business doing what she is doing and must be punished. For the sake of all decent women everywhere.”
Of course, no one especially men, as Ms. Lakoff makes quite clear in the examples she puts forward, are anywhere near Clinton in moral superiority. They are just bullies picking on the queen and discriminate against women. Of course James Comey is now a bully as well. He has been declared by this liberal elite to have talked down to Hillary, has accused her of poor judgment and extremely careless. Of course, we should all know by know that these elites are never wrong, us peasants must abide by what they say because they know what is good for us.
Jumping onto the dog pile is Joyce Carol Oates, whose claim to fame is being a National Book Award winner. Saying the e mail investigation is “sexist” and stating that Donald Trumps e mails should be investigated as well.
What has Donald Trump done to have someone even consider an investigation of his emails. As a private citizen not yet elected President he does enjoy a certain amount of privacy, does he not? Of course, privacy has never been a concern for these elitists. They would use anything they could do to remain in power.
Hillary Clinton has been proven to be a liar, she has committed perjury numerous times. There are documents that she signed that states she turned over all email to the State Department when she left. That was proven not to be true, as more emails are still being found. Under penalty of perjury, to a federal judge she has been found to have violated this federal law thousands of times. But then, Donald said some mean things, so let’s investigate him. Women have come forward after 30 years to claim he groped them. Accusations made without any evidence, any witnesses, and made by Clinton campaign supporters.

Then there is obstruction of justice for failing to disclose the home brew servers until FOIA requests brought to light that Hillary was withholding thousands of email. Yoga routines and her daughters wedding? Not quite. Thousands of emails were classified, although even the DOJ and Loretta Lynch have tried to hide that from the American public. The Clintons, Bill, Hillary and now Chelsea have corrupted the entire political system to profit themselves.
Only progressive/socialists of the Democratic party can still be in denial that there is insurmountable evidence that Hillary Clinton is a perjurer, a thief through the Clinton Foundation (ask the people of Haiti), a fraud, and willing to lie to the American people to attain the power she feels she deserves.
Ms. Lakoff blames males of course, and that we don’t deal well with bossy, uppity women who deal in high level public communication. That is part of the problem, there was no public communication. It was all hidden on her server. Ms. Lakoff claims that Hillary has apologized, so we should just let everything so. National Security and the deaths of personnel at places like Benghazi can not just be glossed over with an I’m sorry.
There are those that claim Hillary is the epitome of what we want our daughters to be. Our present first ladyh has stated that she looks to suck morally depraved individuals as Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and yes, Queen Hillary to be the role models for our children. Once again, the moral decay of our society by elites has led us to this point. Can anyone with a moral compass consider listening to Hillary as she speaks of the moral fabric of American life. The fabric of our way of life is being torn apart by the damage that the Socialists in power have done. Our economy, our academia, our race relations, and so much more have been damaged by the progressive garbage that will continue to be forced upon us if Hillary is elected. It isn’t the fact that she is a woman that I find objectionable, it is the fact that her policies will just increase the speed of the total collapse of morality and individualism that this country has always provided.

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