Burning Mexican Flags in Sanctuary Cities Next “Flag Day.”

It started off as a partial joke on a Facebook post, as some of my articles do. I was looking at a lot of the posts leading up to the Inauguration, and all the promised riots, protests, the leftist feminist woman’s march for wearing body parts, and all the boycotts, un-celebrations, condemnations, and violence leading up to the Inauguration. One of my friends had a post about protests in Oakland, CA, which being a Bay Area person, for now, interested me. So I joked and asked everyone in my vast network, “who wants to come with me and burn a flag of Mexico in downtown Oakland when the protests are going on?”

You can imagine what happened next. The thread was packed with warnings, and “don’t go!” And all kinds of substitute suggestions should I be stupid enough to think of trying this. No one was going with me. “Bring your body armor! Bring a ton of friends! Better be armed! I’m not going there? Not me, count me out! Good luck with that, Greg!” This was kind of how it went.

Now I want you to think about this for a moment, because that is one of the saddest string of responses I have ever read. It was all entirely predictable of course; I expected nothing less. But it was a joke because I had no more intention of carrying this out, than anyone else had of joining me. Why this is sad is because individually we are more afraid of a violent mob of people who have no right to be here, than we are interested in carrying out our protest rights, IN OUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY!!! Why? Because everyone, including the illegal aliens, knows they would get violent and subject anyone burning a Mexican flag to massive bodily injury or death. And here is the worst part. They are already harbored as fugitives by criminal sanctuary cities like Oakland, so they have a daily get out of jail free card. Who thinks for a second they would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law? No one, and they know it. So how much violence by illegals against lawful protestors would get a pass? Maybe all of it. Otherwise that would mean deportation, and that is what the sanctuary cities are obstructing, every day.

Consider that the Left has no problem burning American flags — in our own damn country. It is classified as free speech by the courts so you can’t get arrested for it. However, one may anger the wrong American or Americans who served under that flag, hold that flag sacred, or otherwise revere the flag, and may take umbrage at this action, and instigate some actions of their own. They may take action against America flag burners for actions they took against our flag, and those actions may have legal consequences for them. It’s kind of like shooting a home invader and having the invader’s family sue you for assault with a deadly weapon. The second action would never have happened without the first. Remind me to turn that into a legal principle someday.

Question: If you are burning a flag for free speech, what are you saying? What possible grievance could be redressed by this action? It’s not like we are going to stop flying flags.

50 years ago, and in many parts of the country today like outside a small town diner in Wyoming, I could grab a stack of flags from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, make a big bonfire, roast marshmallows over it to make s’mores, and at most the local folks might laugh, kind of look at me funny for my rather unorthodox campfire, but nothing would happen unless I violated some zoning law or ordnance against fires.

The more you look into a topic, the more interesting it gets. This is no exception. I searched the internet and couldn’t find any laws against burning foreign flags here in the U.S. Not that I was expecting any. Here is what I found though from Black’s Law Dictionary: “The Supreme Court of the United States in its decision from 1969 has ruled that the burning of the flag is protected by the First Amendment. However, the person who burnt the flag can be found guilty of a misdemeanor for starting a fire without a permit.” Desecrate our national symbol, no problem; start a fire without a permit, now that’s serious!

Up until 1969 there were laws against burning our flag. There were several attempts by Congress to pass laws against flag burning, after the Supreme Court case, all of which were struck down by federal courts. There have been moves to put flag protection into the Constitution so the courts can’t strike down such laws. Here’s the real joke of all this. The courts never had the power to strike down this or any law. They have no power of judicial review. It’s not a delegated power in Article III of the Constitution. My regular readers all know this. New folks please check my previous articles. So laws against flag burning are perfectly constitutional, until such time as a jury or juries in criminal trials nullify flag burning laws if they see fit, and then send the issue back to Congress. That is how a Republic works. Juries represent the people, which puts juries above judges, who represent the government.

Speech, is the proclaiming of ideas and opinions, which even at their most controversial and offensive, are protected. Burning a flag is an action which offers no idea or opinion by itself, and so is not free speech. Speech may be associated with a flag burning, but is not dependent on it to make the free speech known, therefore the act of flag burning is not in itself free speech, and the Supreme Court got it wrong — again. Which is why there is no power of judicial review in the Constitution.

If the courts are so all fired up to protect the burning of OUR flag, I’m sure there would be equal protection to burning the flags of any other country. Except for that fire permit of course. So anywhere an American flag has been burned without consequence, a flag of any other nation can be burned there as well. Every protest is a precedent; every type of location is a new venue for protest. Which is why I called for the flag burning in Oakland.

I’m calling now on the Tea Party, Bikers for Trump, and every other conservative and pro-American group, to get together and have a mass flag burning of every Central American nation that is the source for illegal aliens. Especially Mexico, because illegals have to go through there before getting to us. Do this in every sanctuary city harboring fugitive aliens and obstructing federal law enforcement. When the illegals come out and attack the protesters lawfully burning alien nation flags, that would be the perfect opportunity for federal law enforcement to capture, arrest, and deport any illegal who attacks a lawful protester burning a Mexican, or any other Central American flag.

There’s only one problem. And you know what it is. In a Sanctuary City there are no laws when it comes to illegal aliens. The police have been mandated by politically appointed chiefs not to enforce immigration law. If officers arrest illegal aliens for violence, that is an additional crime to being here illegally, which makes them a priority for deportation. And as mayors like Rahm Emmanual of Chicago said, their cities would always be a sanctuary for illegals; they are safe there. But we who would burn THEIR flags, would not be safe from those criminals, here in our own country, because those sworn to protect and serve, and the politicians who are sworn to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic, of which illegal aliens are BOTH, have made laws and policies which support and defend, aid and comfort, serial illegals, over law abiding American and legal immigrants. That is what makes this so sad.

Regarding the judge from Brooklyn who has put a stay on Trump’s executive order on immigration. Why is it, in all her time as a judge, she has never suspended the illegal and unconstitutional gun laws of New York, that infringe on the rights of all New Yorkers to own and carry a firearm as they choose, a right which is almost never allowed?

Turns out I’m not the first to think of burning Mexican and other illegal alien nation flags. Michael Savage, well known talk show host, called for this back in 2006. Apparently it was quite a rant. Maybe he’ll read this and replay it. He called for organizing a march to burn Mexican flags in the street. Considering the impact, this would be a very powerful action against sanctuary cities.

In 2010 on the Grasscity forums website, someone named Dronetek talked about how it’s fine to burn an American flag, but if you burn a Mexican flag you are racist. Which by my reckoning is absurd since Mexico is a nation not a race, and Hispanic is an ethnic group, and not a race either. During a Cinco de Mayo event at Vintage High School in Napa, California, 4 students were suspended for burning a flag of Mexico, and for fighting. Lots of other incidents are documented in this article. And his recommendation is the same as mine and Michael Savage. We need to be burning Mexican flags in protest of illegal aliens and sanctuary cities.

So when would be the best time to do this? Cinco de Mayo is unnecessarily inflammatory, even for me. It’s also not that big a holiday in Mexico, and Mexican Independence in celebrated on September 16th. Those rabid Cinco de Mayo Leftists don’t even know what they are celebrating. Typical. My recommendation for a mass flag burning is Flag Day, June 14th. Flag Day is an often forgotten holiday that celebrates the adoption of our flag. Since we set off fireworks on July 4th which simulate the explosions of battle of our War for Independence, is it not appropriate to burn the flags of alien invaders, and their willing accomplices running sanctuary cities, on the forgotten day we should be celebrating the adoption of our flag? I think so. So let’s make this Flag Day a day to remember. Start now, make it public so the Left goes crazy, and let’s start organizing a Sanctuary City Flag Burn Day, on our Flag Day, June 14th, 2017. We need the flags of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and any other city where an alien flag burn protest is being held. Let’s start organizing this with all the patriot groups in the country. Let’s make it as big as the leftist women’s march after the Inauguration. After all, the Left says flag burning is only free speech. Who could object?



Is Flag Burning Illegal?

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