Can Rand Paul Deliver the Paul Voters?

There is no doubt in my mind that both Ron and Rand Paul will vote for Romney-Ryan on November 6th. But the jury is still out on what Paul supporters will do. 

As father Ron Paul prepares to retire, leaving behind a political career that spans nearly forty-years and passing the libertarian torch to son Senator Rand Paul, can Rand fill Dad’s shoes? As Rand attempts to deliver the libertarian vote for Romney-Ryan in 2012, will his father’s biggest fans follow Rand’s lead?

Ron Paul prepared a video statement that will open the GOP show on the evening that Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan will accept his nomination. Paul’s son, Rand Paul, will follow with a live speech in Tampa, following on his endorsement of Mitt Romney for President, only hours after his father’s biggest fans walked out of the convention in protest.

Ron Paul was one of several declared candidates hoping to force a brokered convention in Tampa. But when Romney officially secured 90.16% of the GOP delegates (2,061 of 2,286) ending all speculation about a floor fight for the GOP nod, Paul supporters reached the peak of their frustration. New GOP delegate rules provided a final blow to those who had hoped to wrangle delegates away from Romney on the convention floor.

In the end, Ron Paul received 8.27% of the GOP delegates, 189. Although his supporters believe Ron could have blocked the Romney nomination without the new GOP rules change, the truth is Ron Paul has been stuck at or below 10% support within the GOP for decades. Nobody can win anything with only 10% support.

Ron Paul has one of the most loyal followings in modern politics. He has had an impact by forcing subjects onto the table and GOP platform that would not be there without him. However, his all-or-nothing supporters have demonstrated a firm “our way or no way” election attitude for many years now, bordering on venomous in their assaults on all other political figures. This is a very dangerous play for both their agenda and the nation.

At a time when the nation is unifying to remove the most dangerous administration in U.S. history from power, can Rand Paul convince his father’s angry followers to become a grown-up productive part of solutions for America? Or, will he lose them to ideological bickering, backstabbing and protest votes in November?

The stakes are high for Romney-Ryan and Rand Paul. The stakes have never been higher for America. Ron Paul supporters have some options and they have been talking about those options for months now.

·         Write in Ron Paul’s name in protest

·         Vote 3rd Party in protest

·         Stay home on election day in protest

·         Vote for Obama in protest


Of course, all of these protest options will end with the same result, the re-election of the worst administration in U.S. history. It’s not possible to say you oppose these Marxists while at the same time, doing things to keep the Marxists in power. Someone is lying…

Rand Paul will try to get his father’s supporters to leave all of these protest options behind, and bring them into the mainstream where their ideas and votes can have some impact. Does he have the political clout to pull it off?

Ron and Rand both realized that they could not affect anything from the outside looking in with a critical eye. They both realized that they had to be in the game to affect the game. Many Rand Paul supporters realized the same thing when they chose to make Rand a Senator. Nobody would even know Ron Paul’s name had he not left behind 3rd Party fantasies and joined the Republican Party in order to become a member of congress.

Still, many Ron Paul supporters continue to demonstrate an “our way or no way” attitude that could leave them sitting on the sidelines complaining about Barack Obama and his Marxist march to Globalization.

The deal is now sealed. Only one candidate will have a chance to remove Barack Obama from office and that candidate is Mitt Romney. How we feel about that doesn’t matter. What we do about it will decide the future of freedom and liberty in America.

So long as the Obama Crime Syndicate controls D.C., freedom and liberty are dead in America and all over the globe. The future of freedom and liberty depends first and foremost, upon removing the current Marxist regime from power.

Rand Paul will try to convince his father’s followers to support Romney and Ryan in their historic effort to remove anti-American Marxists from the people’s Executive branch. Paul supporters have a chance to play a significant role in that effort. Or, they can take their football and go home in anger, leaving freedom and liberty in the hands of the most corrupt and tyrannical regime to ever hold power in the United States.

Paul supporters can become a force to be reckoned with inside politics, or they can sit on the sidelines and cast stones at everyone else. Millions will listen as Rand Paul tries to bring libertarians into the fold and millions will watch how Paul supporters respond to his call for unity.

But at the end of the day, those who believe in freedom and liberty could never leave our future in the hands of known anti-American despots.

There is no doubt in my mind that both Ron and Rand Paul will vote for Romney-Ryan on November 6th.

But the jury is still out on what Paul supporters will do. Ron Paul is riding off into the sunset and Rand is trying to become a person of influence in D.C. But can Rand even influence his father’s followers? If Rand can’t influence his own libertarians, who can he influence?

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