Can This Administration Get ANYTHING Right?

obama-golfingSince the Obama administration was voted into power, twice, his declared focus has been on the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, health care (Obamacare). The results?

  • After pushing through a one trillion dollar spending bill, the economy has been flatlined for half a decade with minimal growth, rampant joblessness and a staggeringly increased national debt.
  • After announcing a definitive withdrawal date from Iraq, Obama pulled out our combat troops and since then Iraq has been invaded and divided by an Islamic Terrorist Caliph.
  • Under Obama there have been more American deaths in Afghanistan than under the previous administration.
  • After having to make deals with even his own party to get it to pass, Obamacare still is despised by most Americans and has caused the costs to individuals to increase while hundreds of thousands of Americans have had their policies cancelled or changed while losing their doctors after Obama successfully campaigned on the phrase “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan.”

In addition Obama has used the NSA to spy on Americans and friendly foreigners used the IRS to target political foes and the DoJ to run guns to the insurgency of a friendly, neighboring country. The Veterans Department systemically denied timely health care to our veterans, causing many deaths, and then issued directives to their staff on how best to cook the books to show that wait times were successfully met. We lost an ambassador and three other American in a second 9/11 attack in Benghazi while Obama and Hillary ignored their pleas for help. Obama “drew a red line” for action against Assad for use of chemical weapons and then did nothing when that line was crossed. We have had several acts of Islamic terrorism in the US while Obama continues to refer to them as “acts of workplace violence.” He sat back and did nothing as Russia shot down or aided those that did, a civilian airliner causing the deaths of almost three hundred people after he sat back and did nothing to stop their invasion of a sovereign nation. An African Terrorist Warlord kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls and the entire US response was Michelle Obama tweeted a smiling selfie of her holding a sign saying #BringBackOurGirls; which didn’t work.

Obama has golfed when should have led, partied when should have worked and shown weakness when he should have been filled with strong resolve. He has allowed our borders to be swamped with illegal aliens, brought Ebola into this country by the CDC who has allowed Ebola to infect other Americans and still has not adjusted the flow of non-Americans into this country AT ALL.

Honestly, can this administration get anything right?

Obama was elected on attacking the previous administration as lying to America that we invaded Iraq over WMD’s that weren’t there. Now those WMD’s that weren’t there are being used now to kill our allies now fighting against ISIL. Both Iran and North Korea are still on-track to make nuclear weapons while our military is being cut to pre-WWII strength. We have more terror groups now than before Obama bragged that he had them “on the run” as we sit and watch as westerners are beheaded and butchered.

Obama is serially incompetent, not with one issue or area of interest but all of them. He has failed to jumpstart our economy, defend our borders from threats, defend our friends or discourage our enemies. His domestic policy has been to fundraise, campaign and golf while his foreign policy has been to apologize, ignore and concede. As with every Democrat, he sees problems ONLY in terms of solving them with money, so his bag of international tools has only one hammer; economic sanctions. If that does not work, he has got nothing else. His completely non-strategic “airstrikes” on ISIL are endangering and exhausting our multi-million dollar manned and unmanned weapon systems to kill pickup trucks, shacks and Hummers that we bought the Iraqis a few months ago. THAT is Obama’s and the Democrats’ concept of combat (but don’t call it war because it might piss off the Muslims.)

Obama has failed on every front and in every endeavor.

Honestly, can this administration get ANYTHING right?

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