Prime Minister Trudeau’s Opportunity

The American presidential election has evoked a terror within enlightened people not seen since the 1930s. The modern rise of fascism, contained to fringe elements in Europe until now, has exploded full force upon the United States. In the 1930s, those people most threatened by the racism and hatred of naked, unashamed nationaltzedakah-st-louisism were locked out of the safe shores of the Americas. Jews were returned by the literal boatload to Germany and, ultimately, the gas chambers and death camps of the Nazis. Even after the horrors of the Holocaust, Canada famously refused these refugees from terror with the notorious phrase, “None would be too many.” The Canadian Prime Minister has used this shameful past brilliantly in his brave stance in accepting Muslim refugees from a violent Middle East.
But there is a greater terror now lurking. The Islamic State is but a fringe element amongst an inherently peaceful people. Their destruction is inevitable in the sweep of history’s inevitable path. But America’s history is one of slavery. One of subjugation. One of conquering and slaughtering indigenous people for no greater crime than a slightly darker skin tone. And millions of Americans, both recognized citizens and undocumented citizens, and citizens they are with or without their “papers”, are in direct, immediate and unquestioned danger from the rise of the alt-right and the millions of YES! deplorables whose violent hatred will now be welcomed in the White House.
Canada is a beacon of hope. A geographically giant land of progressive values whose untapped potential requires only the people to make it happen. The United States was built on the foundation of African-American slave labor. Its agricultural bounty harvested by Latinos. Canada NEEDS these people. Canada has so much now, imagine if it was not hampered by its ridiculously small African-American and Latino populations; currently less than 5% of the total population. A country of 76% whites and 13% Asians cannot survive long in our global environment. Canada’s lack of diversity will consume it by the tides of history no less than global climate catastrophe.
As the world reels with the loss of Fidel Castro, who bravely stood against American hatred for half a century, this is a moment which demands a new leader so similarly bold. Mr. Trudeau, I implore you, as a global citizen trapped in America, do not turn your back yet again on the millions threatened by hatred. Let Canada be the new super power of an enlightened age. Let Canada be remembered at this moment in history as the moral giant of the new land. The arsenal of tolerance. Take in these millions whose very lives are in danger and let this moment be memorialized by the warm embrace of a country who proudly said, “All would be too few.”

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