Canada’s New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Just Another Bernie Sanders?

jstntrdI have mixed feelings about Justin Trudeau’s election as prime minister of Canada. I am distantly related to him, but he’s basically a socialist. The conservative reign under Prime Minister Stephen Harper is officially over. In Canadian elections this month, Trudeau’s Liberal Party won enough votes for a strong majority government, enough to govern without relying on other parties in a coalition, and chose Trudeau as leader.

Several months ago, Trudeau’s Liberal Party was in third place, but he benefited from the country tiring of the same party in office for too long; the less charismatic Harper had held the office for ten years. He also benefited from a famous name; his late father Pierre Trudeau was prime minister during almost all of 1968 to 1984, in a cult of personality known as “Trudeaumania.”

The younger Trudeau became a media personality in Canada, and starred in the two-part CBC miniseries The Great War, about Canada’s participation in World War I. He developed a reputation as the “rock star” of the party, engaging in such activities as a boxing match with a conservative senator (he won). He was seen as an edgy, flashy alternative to the low-key, almost nerdy style of Harper.

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