Capitalism and Free Masons … Are You Kidding?

Just recently  it was revealed that the IRS spent $60,000 on some kind of a video production for a training program that had no training value. 

I had a comment a while ago and the reader was a little perturbed because my guess would be that he didn’t like capitalism. And some how his comment lurched into the Free Mason’s Pyramid Scheme. You know the one pictured on the back of U.S. currency.


And it does bother me when people prefer socialism over capitalism and they feel and obviously don’t know and state things like capitalism is loaded with comments like “con/sham herd-control system”. These terms are quite shallow and can deal equally with capitalism and socialism. But since socialism has no financial checks and balances  then the potential for shams is far greater.


Just recently  it was revealed that the IRS spent $60,000 on some kind of a video production for a training program that had no training value. Now for the IRS $60,000 may just be pocket change. And maybe someone wanted to grease the palm of a relative or friend with a $60,000 payday.


One issue is: When is a job a government job or a private sector job? That is easy  if the $60,000 video was produced by a government agency.  But what if the video was produced by a private video company but paid for with taxpayer dollars?  That should be considered a government funded job… but the stats say otherwise.


So when this commenter uses words like con, sham and herd control it can easily apply to both socialism and capitalism. But there is One BIG Difference.  In socialism/government jobs and the spending is decided by a bureaucrat or a politician and in the end they do not pay for the spending.


In capitalism if the over-spending results in no profits and the over-spending decision was made by the owner or the CEO, in short order they will be out of business. And the over-spending CEO would have to settle for a government job.   


And that’s the biggest defect in the deficit spending of liberals. And this was started way back in the Jimmy Carter days. And I am sure that Jimmy was sold a bill of goods. If he passed increased payroll deductions for social security and the private sector grew the economy… Then the deficit would go away.  It did not happen. And that did not stop the liberals from spending huge amounts of money decades later.


Obama the smartest president we ever had, said just the other day that we can live with a $16 trillion dollar deficit while the U.S. government keeps borrowing money and printing money backed by nothing except the snake oil salesman’s smile of Obama. But Obama has not offered to take a cut in pay. Shouldn’t he have to pay his fair share? Maybe cancel a trip or two or ten. Not the Obamas: They deserve it all! Isn’t that what they mean by reparation! 5% ($20,000) is not enough of a pay cut for Obama. And will Obama deduct it from his tax return as a donation to the United States Treasury!


Bottom line is when a politician is in control of spending and there are no amendments for a balanced budget or spending being in line with the revenues collected… socialism will always be a failure.  Now capitalism in its pure form can not survive beyond those parameters. The marketplace with no government interferences would eat it alive.


Oops,  government interferences… Most of the pork belly/barrel spending that occurs is the government trying to make the private sector look better than it actually is.  Tough to do that with taxpayer money. It is like trying to fill a bucket with sand when the bucket is holier than a moth eaten sweater.


“Servitude-infested rat-racing systems do that is the cause for top-heavy collapse.” This guy must be eating fruit loops. I wonder if he sees unions as a Free Mason concept. Maybe he is confusing the masonry union with something else. In the old days you had to have connections to get into some of the carpentry etc. unions. But thanks to the economy of Obama it may not be that big of a deal. No point being in a union if there is no work. And some of the work in the U.S. is now being done by foreigners like the Chinese.


Let’s see what this guy has against capitalism. First we should dissect the statement. First off there isn’t much top-heavy collapse in capitalism.  When Clinton signed NAFTA and sent millions of jobs out of the country that was capitalism. The Clintons made millions in the process. Agenda 21-like programs that the Communists believe in lead Clinton to the notion that our American jobs would serve the global community better if he sent them to other countries. And basically he allowed capitalists to move their struggling businesses away from America to other countries where the regulations were cheaper, the taxes were cheaper and the profits were larger. So the rich got richer by investing in American businesses in other countries that is capitalism and the free market.


But like everything else in the world, thanks to corruption, pay-offs and government subsidizing, American capitalists that chose to stay in this country could not compete in the marketplace against such unconscionable odds created by Clinton. So the factories and other supportive businesses were forced to close. It was the middle class that lost out, not the heavy top!


We must be dealing with a real liberal here:  Servitude infected and rat racing systems.

Every government system is servitude infected. Sometimes you have to know someone to get in. Same with the unions. We have many unions in our government.  We have heads of government departments retiring on almost $500,000 a year plus benefits.  If the liberals don’t get it, that is taxpayer money that we don’t have! Yet we have folks making $20,000 a year working for the same government. For the most part governments represent socialism, how come all the workers don’t receive the same money. Same pay for the same effort… Isn’t that their slogan! Doesn’t apply to government workers!


The main difference dear liberal is that in capitalism the marketplace if un-tethered by the socialists in the government, will determine the winners and losers. If you can produce you will be rewarded. If you are a failure, go find a job where you can excel and live the American Dream. In places like education, if you shouldn’t be teaching, they lock you away in a rubber room and pay you the same as a teacher that actually teaches. Now that is equal pay for any effort. Socialism at its best.


Green energy is one of those Obama dreams. The American solar panel companies were put out of business by a Chinese company. The Chinese socialists decided not to subsidize the Chinese company anymore, so they are now bankrupt. So much for the dream for socialism and green energy.


And just the other day Nancy Pelosi complained that her staff due to sequestration can’t afford lunch. Maybe she should consider doing more work herself and cutting back on her staff. Her budget is quite large. But for government liberals it can never be large enough.


So I hope that helps all the liberals out there to understand that capitalism is the only guarantee for an American Dream for many. If you can be productive you can dream with others. In Socialism you want everyone else to pay for your mistakes and look the other way when you break the law. Tell all these commies to go move to China and Russia. If they like Communism so much, why not live with the Communists!


Let me try to simplify this. From a distance socialism/communism and capitalism look exactly the same. My suggestion is to follow the strings attached to the players. If the money is coming from the taxpayer it is socialism and every evil known to mankind is at play. In capitalism the strings do not lead to the taxpayer. It attaches to the free marketplace. Which can be destroyed by a commie government that knows no limitation on taxing the capitalists’  money mills!  Taxpayer beware! Especially when more people are collecting welfare in your state then are actually working! That will not end well!

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