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Cheeky Observations by George Handlery.

Balanced budget. Officially ignoring unbalanced government accounts that bathe in red ink are the fundament of the moment’s “stability”. Except for the day dreamers, we know that the crashing end at the wall of reality nears. The European Central Bank used to purchase monthly € 80 billion worth of bonds that no one would buy with his own money to support the wobbly edifice. Newly, this has been reduced to 60 billion.

In part the coming crisis has to do with government deficits. They are, so all admit, to be reduced. There are four ways to deal with the deficit. Note that only the last two items are likely to be attempted –except in countries under “deviant” management.

1.Spend what you have. 2. Spend less so that, what you have, suffices. 3. Spend more and tax more. 4. Spend more and make debts –meanwhile feel good about the postponed reckoning. About the last two approaches: Financially not quantifiable benefits result if you are one of those that govern. You can assure your political survival by bribing voters using their own money. Furthermore, well-paid “cousins” who regulate what works well if let alone, remain employed.

Can you be surprised? One of your correspondent’s German-language Sunday papers has an interview with a “famous American journalist”. Like the rest of the Moët-sippers in gated communities he is “upset”. (It is Trump and trumpism!) He reads the Guardian (a left-liberal British paper), the New York Times, and the Washington Post because he enjoys the “diversity”. At the same time the man bemoans that “we” have lost the majority of the population and that “right-wing extremist” news sources have filled the credibility gap. Is it all clear now?

Troubling  it might be, but at the same time it is also amusing, how not only the US’ Left Coasts but also official Europe responds to the Trump presidency. Ritual condemnations of Trump are becoming a favorite past-time of the “scribe-class”. Cursing the POTUS is a hard-to-avoid daily fare of the media.               The predicted doom, forecast by besides-themselves experts, might have an unintended result. Even if Trump delivers only a fraction of his promises, he will appear to be a major success. Meanwhile, those that accuse Trump’s of “extremism” are drifting, encouraged by their like-minded surroundings, into mindless outrage. A sign of that is that “Hollywood”, driven by its orchestrated fashionable compulsory outrage, is sending messages that voice sympathy for Islam. As in the case of arm-chair Marxists –an earlier season’s fashionable requirement of liberalism- it happens without perusing either the “Capital” or the Koran. Rightly so: It is easier to like something for what you imagine it to be than to cope with the facts.

Do not check it if its sounds good. Even if you might have felt that some of the President’s original travel ban’s details were “loose”, the tantrum-induced arguments of European critics’ fly like penguins.                                       Straight faced, the experts tell us that the ban will augment Muslim hostility. Unless you suffer from amnesia, you can project the past into the present. Those doing so will wonder how the past’s extremism can be bumped up. Islamist radicals are waging with all their means the most intense war they can conduct. Pray tell, how can “total war” be raised to a higher level?                                                                                                                                                               The claim fails on the battle field of logic even if it brings benefits to those that raise it. The subliminal message is that America is to be blamed for future terrorism. Furthermore, since some in Europe prefer to protect themselves by being “nice”, that crowd hopes that appeasement earns a bonus of shielding brownie points.

Pursue symbols to avoid reality. Obviously, ideologically unfitting “extremism” is difficult to accept for what it is. Take this bit of news to make your head shake. “Police in Australia allege that the suspect… shouted “Allah Akbar”,…  but warned that there was no indication that the assault was motivated by extremism”.                                                                                           The pattern is repeated in other cases when a killer invokes Allah and the incident cannot be hidden from the “immature” public. The official rendition of the event mentioned questioned the role of extremism in it. Apparently moderation is taking on the habit of expressing itself through unrestrained violence.

More shadow-boxing. To liberals, the world can become a better place by not reporting migrant related sex crimes. In Germany only ten per cent of these appear in manicured accounts. Thereby the size of the problem is difficult to assess for the citizen who is kept in an artificial fog: The police is instructed to exclude clues that betray the migrant status of culprits. Completing the shroud of silence is that the media is asked not to post pictures that confirm popular “prejudices”.                                                                                                      Sometimes the genie is let out of the bottle by those that can afford the racist charge, such as a recently retired Swedish cop. Once safe, he disseminated a piece to bemoan that the criminals are called Selim, Mohamed and Hassan. Only here and there had he to do with a Swedish name. In response people placed flowers before the station where he served. Promptly, photographing was prohibited.

While reality is filtered, artificial problems that fit the “party line” are boldly tackled. Norway’s Workers’ Party wishes to enlarge the zone of liberty. Therefore, passport applicants should have the option to avoid the –for liberals limiting- “male” or “female” designation. For those that do not feel to belong to those outdated and restrictive genders, a neutral square to check is to be provided. It sounds like a public opinion survey with “yes/no/undecided” options.

PC lets the feeble to capitulate and feel good about it.  A German court has ruled that seven Islamists on a vigilante patrol to enforce Sharia law in Wuppertal, did not break German law. No, they were only exercising their right to free speech. Apparently unlike the intimidated victims sporting an improper appearance. The PC decision effectively authorizes a Sharia Police to enforce Islamic law. The kow-tow is to be included into a handbook “Do it Yourself Castration Self-Taught”..

Insight derived.  Annihilation must not follow from a battle field defeat. It can begin with the adaptation of ideologies that tell you that there is nothing to defend. First the plea is made that there is no achievement to protect. Second, the pretention follows that the seemingly assertive foe is actually a misunderstood friend who only tries to make us accept him as an equal. All things are relative, you know.

A point that responds to the inundation by folks that reject the defining features of the protecting host’s system –except for its welfare payments- needs to be made. Tolerance of that condition is not only unfair by ignoring “basics” but also dangerous. Human communities coalesce and function when a “magnet” holds them together which invokes to a generally felt bond. Besides laws –good laws express existing shared sentiments- there must be something valued and shared. That creates loyalties that go beyond ordinances. You might put it this way: A people is presupposed. Voluntary allegiance is the grease that allows the wheels of successful communities to rotate. Globalist elites, with roots in abstractions, attempt to govern without relying on this, to them suspect, factor.                                                                                             Conveniently, while penning this, a Social Democrat in charge of integration in Germany, came up with an “interesting” recommendation. Everyone present in the country should be allowed to vote.

The “Travel Ban” –once more. Those that object to the “ban”, which is actually a “suspension”, call it immoral. They pretend to do so because it lists seven, mainly Muslim countries. Tell the White House that there might be an easy way to get around this criminal prejudice. Insert into the list the Vatican and Monte Carlo. Senseless, but it will momentarily confuse “liberals” who are, in actual fact, due to their perennially bamboozled state of mind, merely capitulationists


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