Cheney: You have to have Heart

heartCheney and his Cardiologist wrote an interesting book: Heart the American Odyssey.  First off as I have written before, I think VP Cheney is one of the best. And if there is any president out there who is not using him as a consultant they are  missing the boat. 

When Johnny apple seed Edwards met Dick Cheney for the Vice Presidential debate, it was obvious it was a master dealing with a child and a child named Edwards later on became a bigger joke. 

It is just difficult for liberals to understand the nature and style of true conservatives. The liberals can’t understand facts and figures and any conservative is always a threat to the liberal dream world of folks like Obama. Their worlds are so dreamy, they can’t tell the difference between lies and their dreams. One day you can keep your insurance the next, I didn’t mean that. You should of known better! 

The Heart book was interesting on 2 counts. Part of the book was written by VP Cheney and fills you in on where he was in life when he was dealing with different aspects of his heart condition. And Doc Reiner gave his point of view of the same events. He couples that with the history of Heart disease and the pioneers who took on the disease and beat it for the most part. 

If Dick Cheney was 5 years older he would have died a long time ago. But as he says the technology advanced fast enough to stay ahead of his disease and keep him alive. 

Just to think that the first bypass surgeries were done in the 60’s. And by 1990 there were 190,000 a year being performed  in the United States as the liberals would say under the auspices of the worse health care system in the world. 

Another tidbit was that for the most part in the 1900’s the heart was off limits and they really didn’t have an understanding as to what the purpose of the heart was until almost the middle of the century. 

In dental school which was in the 70’s we spent a great deal of time dissecting many parts of human cadavers. And obviously by then we pretty much knew what went where and why. Something I would take for granted. But 20-30 years earlier that was not the case. 

I personally came away with a better understanding of what modern medicine can do for Heart disease and cardiovascular problems. To think that a bunch of techs and doctors could pump Mr. Cheney’s blood for almost 2 years without a heart for the most part is amazing. All he had to do was to remember to keep his batteries charged and ready to go. 

When Mr. Cheney was in office they implanted a pacemaker type object that saved his life within 6 months of leaving office. Unfortunately, as he was backing his car out of the driveway his heart was not beating correctly. If it was not corrected in a few minutes he would be dead as the secret service were locked out of the car while he was unconsciousness.  

Within about 15 seconds his pacemaker acting like a defibrillator  shocked his heart back into the proper rhythm. He woke up and had no idea what had happened. 

It was also interesting to follow the cardiologist’s notes or journal as to the struggle to keep ahead of Mr. Cheney’s disease. And Dick Cheney thought his days were numbered probably decades ago. But today thanks to modern medicine he gets a new lease on life for as much as 14 years or more. 

As you follow this journey it is amazing how quickly science and medicine has advanced to the point of saving people’s lives in some cases with a minimum of surgery. Through a little hole they can do much more then what they could do decades ago after ripping a patient’s chest open. And of course the recovery is much less traumatic. 

Thanks to capitalism and American medicine more people are living today and living longer. First it was cleanliness. Then antibiotics, and now surgery. But in the near future if ObamaCare does not get in the way, we will be re-growing body parts to replace failing body parts destroyed by disease, trauma or cancer. We truly live at a great time. 

Some history:  Eisenhower was laid up a while after suffering a heart attack in office. Back then it was treated with rest. Today with minimal surgery the cardiovascular issues can be corrected or improved almost immediately. 

I should point out that the book has little or no political propaganda. It is  only about the journey through medicine that Mr. Cheney and Doctor Reiner traveled to get to the point where Vice President Cheney is now available to be a sounding board for other presidents. I am not sure if there is another person on earth that has the calmness and experience and confidence that the Vice President has and will have for another decade or two at least. Mind as well pick his brain while he is available. 

My thanks go out to all the folks that made all these advances and breakthroughs possible. If  Americans put their mind and money to it, there are many breakthroughs that await our prosperous future. In the end you have to have Heart.

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