Christian Convert Appeals to World for Help


Iranian Christian Mahin Mousapour pastors a flock that sought religious freedom in Germany… and now is the target of “refugees”.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to convey to IC readers something of the anxiety in which a community of Iranian Christians is living daily in Frankfurt, Germany—and probably elsewhere in that indiscriminately generous nation. This particular evangelical congregation is pastored by Mahin Mousapour, a female Christian convert many of whose extended family remain Muslim.  Several points deserve to be emphasized of the Frankfurt crisis, lest the cliché-programmed American audience quickly consign the episode to the rerun bin of something with SVU or CSI at the end of its title.  These are real people, not actors with a tired script; and the IC audience is quite savvy enough to know, in any case, that the formulas fed to us constantly by our broadcast media are not simply overworked.  They are usually fraudulent from the outset.

I will note, then, that Rev. Mousapour and her congregants are orderly citizens of their community who legally emigrated from a hostile Iran and settled in Frankfurt long before the current refugee scam. (Yes, I will call it a scam, despite its being supported by Pope Francis and other people of good intent: as the well-informed know, this endeavor is massively importing young men in search of good wages and social welfare freebies, all in the squalid hope that they may provide cheap labor and, where rules can be bent, vote for socialist candidates. Our ruling class plays that game on this side of the pond, too.)

Mousapour and her flock also appear to have preserved warm relations with their families and countrymen in many cases: they are not wandering trouble-makers.  Their typical reason for fleeing to the West (and here I speculate, for my correspondence with the Reverend has been sparse to date) stems entirely from the menaces of Islamic fundamentalism.  Few of this audience will need to be reminded of the Koran’s command that apostates be executed.  In any Islamic country where fundamentalist interpretations are honored, the hunting season for Christian converts runs year-round.

If you did not read my earlier post, I will further mention that Mahin Mousapour has herself been threatened by knife-wielding “refugees” on the streets of Frankfurt.  It seems only a matter of time before she or one of her congregation is “piously” executed.  And in case you have been limited to mainstream news sources, you should know that organized bands of “refugees” created quite a stir in Cologne during public New Year’s Eve (Sylvesternacht) celebrations by surrounding young women, pressing in upon them, emptying their pockets, and groping under their clothes.  It is not beyond the realm of possibility that such organized hooliganism would extend to brutal battery, or even murder—especially when the European press subserviently rushes in on such occasions to sanitize them as “cultural miscommunication” and to warn against “radical right” over-reaction.

I had reproduced a second letter from Rev. Mousapour in an earlier version of this post, but I have deleted it at her wish, though I perceived nothing in it which did not clarify her predicament in a very sympathetic and winsome manner.  As an academic with the “wrong politics”, I can understand how people become almost paranoid of saying too much when they only speak the truth (viz. Curt Schilling).  The gist of her appeal was that she desperately needs legal help–from someone versed in the laws of the European Union, obviously.

Here, then, is the Reverend’s contact information:

Mahin Mousapour
Pastorin der “Vaterhaus” Gemeinde e.V. Frankfurt /M.
Büro : Am Herrngarten 2-65817 Eppstein
Fon : 06198 5 8888 5 /0179 120 7388
Eine Initiativer missionarischer Arbeit :
Persische Gemeinde “ Neuer Bund”
Email: [email protected]

Alas, I am no lawyer of any description; and I know that of the many lawyers who browse this site, few will have time on their hands for a pro bono adventure halfway around the world.  If, however, you know of any contact that may be of help to this persecuted and beleaguered champion of a small, committed body of believers, I would urge you to pass your information along to her (or to me, if you prefer: contact info may be found on my website at

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