Christian media personality/pastor wants to Fundamentally Transform America into a Monarchy

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Let’s face it, the United States of America is at a crossroads and there are at least two known paths that it can take. One towards liberty and freedom and closer to the vision of the founders, or we embrace this brave new world as laid out by so called enlightened thinkers and revolutionaries. Especially the likes of Karl Marx and those who came after him.

One person however is proposing a different way. The ideal of America finally embracing the Monarchy that she rejected so long ago. Denver based media personality and Christian pastor Bob Enyart has called for the abolishment of any kind of democracy (including the small r republic) and and return to a single rule figure head with all the judges, military, and regional authorities answering to the very single ruler. Authority flows down from God and not from the people, for it was the people that demanded that Christ be executed. That is Enyart’s reasoning behind this.

Oh and by the way, a Queen could never rule America cause God only called men to lead, and women were created to serve and submit to the rule of men…and God. After all that is what God created for them, and Eve was tempted with power and brought in Adam’s fall. Which is Biblically true, but hey we had Mary (who also spilled blood for the great Roman Catholic Church), Elizabeth (who took issue with John Knox and his stance opposing Queens becoming monarchs aka Queen regnant), least we forget Victoria, and those were just the Queens of England now a part of the greater United Kingdom. Don’t come after me, I am just pointing out what Enyart has said about this ideal over the years

I will be talking about the possibility of embracing the monarchy in future pieces.

For now here are some excerpts from Enyart’s New Constitution:

The Proposed Constitution of America
[© 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020]

(While their is a copyright apparently, Enyart does love the publicity and should this get enacted, people can get an single lifetime tax exemption for a year if they can post this on a “structure enduringly open to public view”)

A constitutional monarchy governs America. This government shall perform only its three just functions, protecting the God-given rights of every person within its jurisdiction, providing the public infrastructure needed to exercise and uphold those rights, and as achievable, protecting others.

The Monarchy

As ruler and defender of America, the King is the supreme judge in the land. The armed forces serve at his command, as do all subdivisions of government. The King will uphold this Constitution and protect America’s sovereignty.

Regional Authorities

The Monarch appoints officials over regions, states, counties, and municipalities. To these subordinates he delegates authority as appropriate only to appoint and manage subordinates; to thwart, investigate and apprehend suspected criminals; to protect people and property in time of natural disaster and catastrophe, and from rioting by up to lethal force; to manage infrastructure; and to designate real estate zoning according to America’s Code of Use.


The Monarch has authority over transportation and communication infrastructure, and public parks and water supplies. America provides free access to all surface public transportation infrastructure including roads and bridges, waterways and harbors; and may use private entities to build and maintain such. Without usage charges, the King regulates the use of America’s airspace and of earth orbits for American spacecraft . He may license water resources and the management of parks and wilderness lands to private entities, and he regulates the use of radio frequencies. For government needs and infrastructure only, America may purchase real property from unwilling sellers at quintuple its value.

Rights of Subjects

Each person, including visiting foreigners, has God-given rights that this Government exists to protect, the right to Life and Liberty; to Worship; to Free Speech; to Purchase and Use Property; to Purchase, Own, and Carry Individual Defensive Weapons including Firearms; to Protect the Innocent; to Corporally Punish his Children; to Due Process of Law; and to Fail.

No person has a right to food, water, clothing, shelter, energy, healthcare, or education. Excepting for emergency relief, from natural disasters and short-term life-or-death crises, and for government employees only as mission critical, the Government must not give or subsidize such resources to anyone, nor can America compel charitable giving.

Succession Process

The Monarch’s eldest son shall succeed him.

Upon inauguration of this Constitution, or if the King meets his death and has no successor, America will hold a lottery to select the King. The Queen, or if none or none able, the deceased King’s eldest daughter, or if none or none able, America’s chief military officer, will oversee the national lottery. The Overseer publicly will draw lots to select one of the States of America, then a county, then a municipality, then a neighborhood, then a block, then a family, then within that family a man of any age, whom the Overseer crowns King.

America will remain without a King for at most seven days until the completion of the lottery. The military, judges and regional authorities will continue to protect America during the interregnum, remaining loyal to their existing superiors and to the Overseer. The military must enforce posthumously a King’s command to prosecute and, if convicted, execute a prince suspected of murdering his father.

For every level of government this Constitution prohibits legislatures and democracy.

Amendment Process

America does not permit amendments to its Constitution nor to its Criminal Code.

The Monarch alone can amend only America’s Code of Use, which amendments or revocations take effect one year from national public notice. Usage Amendments must be germane to the code and consistent with the principles of this Constitution and America’s Criminal Code. Any amendment or command issued by the King in defiance of this Constitution including one that increases taxes, gives all subjects the responsibility to engage in non-violent civil disobedience, including by withholding taxes, against such offense. However the King, as the ultimate national judge, likely will prevail in his own court against innocents, his decisions final on Earth even if unjust, unless of course overturned by a foreign power. The King, though required to obey the laws herein, dwells above the jurisdiction of any other court in the land. If the Monarch violates this Constitution through wrongful amendments or otherwise, while no American court has standing to prosecute him, he awaits the Judgment of God.


America hereby dedicates herself to God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and the Holy Spirit. This Constitution arises from the Holy Bible’s principles of governance; explicitly does not codify Israel’s symbolic ordinances; and will be superseded by Christ at His Return. May God bless our King. Long live the King!

This is not a twisted Neighborhood of Make Believe. This is the real deal children.

Bob Enyart has been able to present political and Biblical reasons for this kind of Government and he should have links up very soon. The full “Proposed Constitution” can be read at

Now keep in mind, I am not necessarily getting on board with this. I am sharing this for informational purposes only.
I have personally meet Enyart, and I know he has a ‘my way or the highway’ mentality but still he is a very nice person who honestly wants to serve the Kingdom of God. His heart is in the right place. This is just one person’s ideal of a Monarchy.

His biggest passion over the years is the abolishment of abortion and he has devoted most of his air time in recent years to that cause. His proposed Monarchy for America as been put into storage off and on over the years was done in hopes gaining more people to his cause of abolishing preborn baby murder and giving the preborn personhood status.

Let me remind you once again that America as we know it is coming to an end. I agree with Denver radio talker Peter Boyles that America is and “empire in decline” and ALL empires do end someday…it is only a matter of when. We can either go back to what our Founders intended and honor that (but we better start putting a check on our current Judicial System), we can embrace the Brave New World of the Socialist Masterminds, or maybe go back to days of Monarchs (even if Queens have accent to power…just not with the likes of the Enyart’s however).

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