Christie was Wrong about Social Security!

Christie was Wrong about Social Security!


By Dr. Phil Taverna


Governor Christie blew it at the Republican debate. The question was about entitlements. How did he get to My Social Security.


It should be clear to dumb Republicans like Christie and Ryan… Keep your dirty hands off my Social Security Checks.


And I understand it is the 100 pound gorilla or chimp in the room that needs to be addressed. But let the Liberal Democrats address it.


Stick to things like fraud. And promise never to cut the COLA’s. First off Social Security is not an entitlement. Commie FDR didn’t intend it to be an entitlement. Or did he?


Right from the beginning FDR was taping into the funds, you know the Algore lock box. Lets face it, anytime a politician sees a pile of money, they salivate and come up with creative ideas to spend it.


I have been paying into Social Security since the 1960’s. You keep your greedy hands off my money. Obama refused to pay COLA’s for about 7 out of his 8 years. He only allowed it to happen when he was up for re-election and how many people on Social Security still voted for the thief! It is your money, why should he take it away. O’Reilly says since the corrupt politicians s have the right to spend it, it is their money. Does that sound right to you?


So Christie the Boob, says we hafta raise the retirement age to 67. If you live to be 67 and if you have a million or 2 in the bank, you get no Social Security. What? They already tax your benefits, now the idiot wants to take it away. This alleged conservative is thinking just like Commie Obama. ObamaCare is a tax. We are going to tax you what ever we want to. And we will take that money and buy health care via Medicaid for other people.


So basically Christie the dope, wants to turn Social Security into a tax and take it away from the people who are paying into it and give it to the folks who don’t. Look don’t even mention Social Security. Talk about reducing fraud and stuff like that. But keep your stinking hands out of the pockets of the folks that paid into it and need it.


If you really want to fix Social Security, then make it a separate entity. It was sold as something for pensioners. It wasn’t a lot of money, but it was something to help poor people and it didn’t cost much. Well that’s how commie FDR sold it to the unsuspecting losers.


Wouldn’t it be great to know how much of this money is going to non-pensioners each and every day!


This should be the Dr. Taverna Golden Rule Number One. Don’t ever agree to a program or anything that gives permission to the politicians and judges to reach into your pocket and take your hard earned money away. What right has Christie to determine who needs it more!


First they promise you a little. Your healthcare premiums will be reduced by $2500. Then once it is passed they not only have their slimy fingers in your pockets, they have their whole arm in as far as it will go. So wake up and say no thank you!


The problem with Social Security is that it is not only used for pensioners. First off all the people on disability take their money from Social Security. Most have not paid into it, but some how the politicians arranged for them to get the money from your retirement program.


It started for families of people who died before they could collect. So some how this money could be taped into by the minor children of future deceased pensioners. Were the doors to the Medicaid Room locked that day!


Now we have 3 new groups sucking off this giant gland. We have the people that were kicked off Medicaid by commie Clinton. The people who no longer can collect unemployment. and last but not least, all the folks who sought refuge in this country. The new class of Obama’s refugees. So now almost anyone can come to this country and claim they are running away from something and get free money. Obama’s Aunt came to this county. They tried to deport her. But she lives on the dole in Massachusetts. She was afraid to go back home because her nephew was president. The only problem was that she was here long before nephew Barack was president! We also need to include the illegals who were deemed documented as part of the class free to collect from the Social Security massive, dwindling coffers.


And these people were taught early that they didn’t have to work. It is not that they are lazy. If someone was giving me $60,000 dollars a year, I probably wouldn’t work. How many teachers retire on $60,000 dollars a year. Gosh who gets to pay that bill for thirty to forty years for one part time job?


With the liberal judges and politicians, it will be impossible to put the cork back in the bottle. These folks shouldn’t even be allowed to vote. They will vote every time for the commie that promises the most. Free college education for everyone. Why not?


I deal with a lot of these people and I feel sorry for them. They think they can stay home and some how make ends meet. Well it is very difficult. So what I have recommended for years is to start building communities for these folks. In some cases they don’t even have to feed themselves. Have it set up so that the government feeds them three meals a day.

Let Lady Obama control the menu! Don’t need to use unsecured motels for the homeless!


And you structure it so that they can move up if they get their stuff in order and get educated. People will make money building these Hillary villages and all the social geniuses in the world can work with these people and help them


But in reality it will be cheaper to feed them, then to give them food stamps. and so on and so forth. Most of these folks don’t even have a checking account! Why is that?


You give the folks a choice and either give them a check or have them live in the safe and healthy village. If done right they will move to the village.


You can give them free drugs, whatever they want. Convince them to have all the sex they want, but maybe not to procreate so much. But if that happens we can have Planned Parenthood on speed dial to eradicate the issue.


We can educate them. Keep the child molesters from the children. and so on and so forth. The commies will say this sounds like prison. But really where they live today is prison. Give them a choice and give them the path to move out on their own and off the generous handouts given to them by crooked politicians. Now we have sanctuary cities looking for Obama money to take care of the homeless. Duh, why did you let the illegals in, in the first place. Do we have the dumb leading the dumber!  Or maybe they think we have unlimited funds to pay for this nonsense!


So Governor Christie and Speaker Ryan, keep your greedy hands off my money. If you want to help the poor, and Social Security, then do the above.


Social Security needs to be plain and simple and only for those who paid into it. It don’t need a lock box but only new laws to protect it from the greed of politicians.


Entitlement is something you get for nothing, not something you pay into for pension purposes for most of your life!


This make more sense than raising Social Security Taxes and try to pay money to all the people except the people who paid into it.


The other day on O’Reilly, commie Geraldo admitted that the people who can’t get a job or Medicaid are now on disability. So the new Clinton rule is that if you don’t feel like working, don’t bother, we will give you a disability check and Medicaid otherwise known as ObamaCare for life.  Have children…. No problem we will cover them as well!


So keep voting for jerks like Christie and Ryan. If they want to take money from the people paying into it, instead of rescuing the system from system suckers who don’t pay into it, then it is time to vote them out of office.


Limiting assess to your own money is not conservative. Being conservative is reducing the continuous bite that the government takes out of your everyday life!



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