City of Gig Harbor Removes Nativity Scene, Knowing It’s Constitutional

crchThe city council could have saved Christmas, supporting the local community, but instead caved in to a legal threat from an out-of-state anti-religious group.

The small city of Gig Harbor is making national headlines for removing a nativity scene from a town park. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened a lawsuit if it was erected this year. The foundation told the city that “The Supreme Court has ruled it impermissible to place a Nativity scene as the sole focus of a display on government property” — when the writers must have known that the creche was not at all “the sole focus,” but part of a bigger display that met the court’s requirements.

Two local residents have supplied the display for the past six years, at no cost to the city. It appears with secular declarations, including an enormous decorated Christmas tree placed by the city, reindeer, presents, a “Frosty the Snowman” figure, candy-striped poles and an igloo with a penguin. The Christmas tree dwarfs the Nativity scene.

The city council folded anyway.

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