Civil Unions And The “Conservative” Enablers Of The Progressive Agenda

Liberty on the Rocks, a young libertarian group, claims that “a group of young conservative activists” is pushing for freedom in marriage. While the group is itself correctly billed as libertarian, billing “young, vibrant activists” who advocate a “free lifestyle” as conservatives is just silly and, frankly, incorrect.

Recently, I received the invitation below from a group known as “Liberty on the Rocks”.
Are you a libertarian looking to meet others in the Denver area? Want to learn more about libertarian ideals? This isn’t about party politics, it’s about what’s right and how to fight for it. LOTR is not looking for how you vote, but what you believe. Is it in peace? Liberty? Or tyranny, violence and oppression? If you value the former ideals than LOTR happy hour is the network for you!

We’ll be joined for a 20-minute discussion (followed by q & a) by Joe Megesey and Mario Nicolas from Coloradans for Freedom, a group of young conservative activists pushing for freedom in marriage at the state level. 

They’ll kick things off around 7:30 to discuss what they are all about and why. As conservatives, they think this is the best way to promote a free lifestyle as the GOP platform suggests, and they are the ones leading the charge as young, vibrant activists. 

Happy hour kicks off at 6pm (specials run through 6:30 so get there early!). We have a fun activity planned around 6:30 for anyone interested – sort of a “speed dating” concept but w/o the dating. More of a “speed getting to know other libertarians”. 

I hope to see you this Wednesday night!

While the group is itself correctly billed as libertarian, billing “young, vibrant activists” who advocate a “free lifestyle” as conservatives is just silly and, frankly, incorrect. The traditional family is the bedrock of civilization, and true conservatives understand that. Once you abandon the most fundamental of institutions for a societal fad, then you only accelerate the downward spiral into societal, moral, and cultural collapse. Once you have surrendered the culture wars and start to embrace the mainstreaming of homosexuality, abortion on demand, and amnesty for illegal aliens I contend than you no longer can be accurately described as a conservative.
Why so-called conservatives think we should adopt the policies of the Left, and their twisted and perverse societal values, is simply beyond me. The mainstreaming of homosexuality is one of the pillars of the progressive/liberal ideology and conservatives should not be a part of it, nor be enablers of their anti-traditional family agenda. By doing so one only plays into their hands. Civil unions is little more than gay marriage “lite” and in effect just a way of playing semantics to attain their ultimate goals.
It is just another weapon in the arsenal of those seeking to undermine the traditional family structure and is an important part of the progressive agenda. All the talk of healthcare, mutual property, taxes and other legal aspects is a mere smokescreen for the agenda of societal acceptance and the mainstreaming of their lifestyle. Any two people, with the assistance of an attorney, regardless of sexual relationship, status, or title can address those concerns without trying to adopt the cloak of marriage or civil unions.
One young lady told me that while we may disagree, she hoped that our differences in opinion wouldn’t “turn into us forcing our values on others.” The simple truth is that if anyone is “forcing their values on others” it is the homosexual lobby, their liberal allies, and such so-called conservative who are forcing what is basically a sexual and emotional dysfunction onto the rest of us.
I’ve been a conservative activist, blogger, writer, author, and columnist most of my life and this type of acceptance and enabling of parts of the liberal agenda by so-called conservatives needs to be strenuously and vigorously opposed whenever possible. It may be acceptable in certain libertarian circles but should never be tolerated in conservative ones. The concept of the two parent, heterosexual family unit and any children they have forming the base of Western civilization and society is a fundamental part of conservative thought and ideology. Everything is built upon that. It is the cornerstone upon which all is constructed.
It seems to me that this movement to adopt liberal views as our own originates with the poor performance that the GOP has experienced on the presidential level for the last two presidential elections. The theory seems to go that if the Right surrenders on all moral and cultural fronts, then we may have a chance at electoral victory somewhere along the line. Never mind that the last two presidential candidates were themselves ‘progressives’ in many ways and certainly did not personify or articulate conservative principles properly, accurately, or convincingly. How does the warped idea that adopting the moral stances of our ideological enemies so that we can then defeat them at the ballot box make any sense at all?
I hate to take issue with the otherwise fine people of “Liberty Rocks”, but I was left with little choice in this particular case. Liberty is not the freedom to do whatever you want, however you want, with whoever you want coupled with the demand for the blessing of societal acceptance. To quote Lord Acton “Liberty is not the freedom to do what you wish, but the freedom to do what you ought.” For what is liberty without wisdom and virtue?
Modern libertarians by definition basically follow no moral code or path as an ideology so they kind of get a pass from me in that regard and they are often useful allies in the fight against the Left. They may be misguided and shortsighted but they are rarely true hypocrites. But the so-called “Coloradoans for Freedom” is worthy of all the condescension I can heap upon them. Call yourself whatever you want, but don’t try to pass yourselves off as a conservative if you are a mere water-carrier for the gay lobby.
Conservative principles and bedrock institutions like marriage should be viewed as timeless and not subject to the mere whim of polls, public opinion, and cultural fads. 

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