Clooney and Obama

Peter Pan says that if you believe in fairies you can bring Tinker Bell back. Clooney implies that if you believe in Obama, peace will fall on us and everyone will earn oodles of money. 




George Clooney keeps popping up throwing dinners for Obama.  What? Doesn’t he realize that Obama has weakened the economics of every minority group in the country?  The unemployment is worse among blacks, Puerto Ricans and women. Is Clooney so blinded by color that he doesn’t see that Obama is hurting the race he pretends to love—the Blacks. 




Clooney is the great self-appointed humanitarian who sprinkles stardust on the amputated limbs of the dying in Darfur. But when it comes to America he backs Obama who is joyfully turning us into a third world country.




Clooney doesn’t care about the poor people in America.  He relates to the starving a continent or two away. He does his philanthropy in Darfur but lives in Italy. He doesn’t care that philosophically, Obama, has turned us from a country of self-reliance to a dependent hand-out nation.  He proudly and stupidly waves the banner of, “Give me my fair share even if I don’t earn it.”




I asked a friend of mine at the UN if Clooney really helped in Darfur. He said that movie stars add some publicity but actually get in the way. I didn’t mind when Clooney was in Africa but I wish he wouldn’t throw dimwitted partisan dinners at home.  I always thought Clooney was a bad actor.  Now in backing a man who is ruining our country, Obama, he has become a bad person.   




Peter Pan says that if you believe in fairies you can bring Tinker Bell back. Clooney implies that if you believe in Obama, peace will fall on us and everyone will earn oodles of money. He naively thinks that we will all live forever thanks to Affordable Health Care. He doesn’t realize that with the millions of more patients and fewer doctors that we will die on line waiting for an appointment.  And if we are seniors when we get to see a doctor the Independent Payment Advisory Board might turn us down for treatment because our care is not economically feasible.




We will die.  The hippies of the sixties will get their wish that we die almost-young.  Obama is a retrograde hippy who dresses in cool, expensive suits rather than tie-die jeans.  




Is Clooney too stupid to realize that Obama has wrecked our economy, our military and our relationship with the Moslem world?  If you look at Clooney’s eyes you can see that he is not too bright.  They drip down like surrealistic omelets. They are warped Dali clocks whose hands point in stuck ideological positions.




Clooney is famous but he can’t act. He doesn’t underact his parts.  He isn’t even in them. When he plays a character, he has no character.  He is simplistic ideas with no heart. He admires Obama who won a Nobel Prize for doing nothing.  Unlike Clooney, Obama can act but he doesn’t act in our favor.  He pretends he is America’s friend while he destroys us. 




How can Clooney support our sophomoric, adolescent president? Clooney spent a few years at Northern Kentucky University. He never graduated. I guess that’s why he isn’t educated enough to see through Obama.




It’s amazing when you consider that Obama’s dad was Moslem and that Obama abandoned Israel and solicited Arab friendship in Cairo.  He is no friend of the Jews despite his disingenuous protestations. Now Obama’s buddy Moslems are burning his picture in the streets.




Obama’s like a jilted political lover.  He broke up with Israel yet the American Jews still vote for him.  Yet the Moslems set his image on fire. Nothing makes sense.  No one knows who Obama is.  Not even Obama. Whoever he is he is full of himself. Narcissism is a helium balloon that makes your voice high.  He is manic at the teleprompter and depressed in his closet.  He is a horrible surprise in a global crackerjack box.




Clooney means well.  So does Obama.  God save us from our well-wishers.

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