Coming Full Circle

It comes as no surprise to many that our system has been politicized beyond what most people could have imaged. Justice is supposed to be blind however now that the Mueller report is out for everyone to see, it’s time for President Trump to clean out the politically driven operatives at the DOJ and FBI. Many less high profile people have been victimized by unequal and corrupt motives to take down those who oppose what they personally stand for. It happens locally as well with the same offices. Good, lifelong servants of the government had been destroyed simply because their attempts to root out corruption have been stymied. Enabled in many cases by the judicial system, prosecutors and administrative agencies often work together to undermine the nation and the way our democratic system is supposed to operate. It is high time we expose their tactics and goals by fulfilling the other 2016 promise President Trump made to investigate governmental corruption.

Vocal Trump supporters demanded action from “build the wall” and “lock her up” yet the true parasite lies with the system where some are vilified and others celebrated- for the same actions. As the chief executive, he is the chief law enforcement officer and he needs to keep his promise. An independent investigation of the DOJ is badly needed. After decades of the left/socialist regimes using the legal system to prosecute political opponents in other countries America is facing the same tactics against conservatives. The abuse by the DOJ came sharply into focus with Lisa Page’s shocking testimony before closed-door Congressional hearings. The pure depth of the corruption at the DOJ is staggering, and over the last 26 months, 28 DOJ officials have been fired or quit largely for improper abuse of power against the Obama/Clinton’s political opponents.

One such victim is Congressman Steve Stockman. The DOJ hunt for Congressman Stockman took twice as long as the rogue investigation into President Trump. As Mark Steyn pointed out, any DOJ investigation longer than two years is fraudulent. Congressman Stockman’s demise came after he called for the arrest of Lois Lerner while on Megan Kelly’s Fox program. The former head of Obama’s non-profit tax division targeted conservative non-profit organizations and she did not take kindly to calls for her indictment. Pointedly, Stockman’s case revolves around two conservative non-profits, two donors and only four donor checks. None of the donors ever complained to the government or to the two non-profits. FBI went to the donors and pressured them to “comply.” Under oath, FBI agents testified that the same month Stockman appeared on Fox, they were directed to investigate. After a request by the DOJ, the judge blocked the information from coming out at trial.

Lois Lerner’s exposure was not the first time Stockman called out government corruption. Hidden by the media, people may have missed Stockman exposing then Secretary Hillary Clinton’s involvement in selling duel use steel to Iran for the potential production of nuclear weapons. The specialized steel can be used in making enriched platinum, violating Iran sanctions and jeopardizing our nation’s security. If Trump did what Clinton did, calls for his head would resound. The Clintons and liberal Democrats get a pass from any investigation or in the case of someone who faked an attack to stir up racial tensions, a walk away from felonies. Justice is not blind; she has selective vision. It is time for a reexamination into those who have been persecuted for simply being on the wrong political side – it is time to right the wrong and bring society full circle.

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