Congrats, Brett Kavanaugh! A Great Day For America

I’ll be quick amid the excitement.

This hasn’t been the greatest week of my life, yet witnessing Kavanaugh overcome seedy liberal machinations to become SCOTUS has put a smile upon my face. 

This smile only widens when noting subsuquent leftist meltdowns across social media —Those beautiful, schadenfreude-laced meltdowns from the real sack of deplorables. 

I digress. 

Safe-space collapses aside, Saturday October 6, 2018 is a true banner day for American politics. For with a granite conservative SCOTUS majority, this country is in great hands for decades.

Trump just can’t stop winning. Rumors of ‘patriarchal’ demise are just that. Let the real men and patriots shout triumphant while the would-be constitutional perverters sulk as frightened, insolent children.

God bless America.


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