Conservatives, Behold California – This is Your Electoral Destiny Unless You Wake Up

Yesterday California had what is referred to as a jungle primary for the US Senate seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer. In a jungle primary all the candidates are on the same ballot regardless of party, and the top two vote getters compete in the general election in November. The top two vote getters were both Democrats, Attorney General Kamala Harris and Rep. Loretta Sanchez. Therefore, in November, Republicans and conservatives will have no one to vote for.

California, especially Southern California, was once a hotbed of conservatism, the home of Representatives such as John Schmitz, Bob Dornan, William Dannemeyer, etc. Many people do not realize this, but Southern California was once home to many Dust Bowl Okies and other Flyover Country (before it was such a thing) transplants who brought their conservative values with them. This is why Southern California was once a center of country music, with Bakersfield being known as the Nashville of the West.

Now Republicans can’t even manage to come in second in a jungle primary in which the second place candidate only received 18.5% of the vote. The reason for this is very simple – demographic change brought about by immigration (and outmigration). Conservatives need to wake up. Take a good look at those California Senate results, conservatives, and think about them writ large across the United States. California is the electoral future of America if current immigration trends are not halted very soon. Then, how is your precious list of conservative policies going to fare? What difference are all the conservative principles you carry on about going to do you if fall elections are all determined in the Democrat primary?

And please spare me the “But Hispanics/immigrants are natural conservatives,” movement conservative happy face talking point. It is demonstrably not true. As Anne Coulter has pointed out, post 1970 immigrants vote 8 to 2 for Democrats, and the trends are not getting any better. We have mounds of survey data to prove this. These facts may not conform to the PC friendly narrative you would like to believe, but they are facts nonetheless and you ignore them at your own peril.

Whether it be producing country music or voting patterns, demography is destiny as they say. Immigration is THE ONLY issue that matters because all the other conservative issues you say you care about rise or fall based upon the country not turning permanently Blue. This is an existential issue for conservatives and/or Republicans. If you are not supporting Donald Trump because he is for eminent domain or whatever other ideological heresy, you are missing the big picture and behaving contrary to your professed interests. This is not opinion. This is math.

Someday your child or grandchild may come to you and ask, “Daddy/Grandpa, why did you let this country turn into a socialist Hell hole?” Is it really going to satisfy him or you when you reply, ”Yes son, but I had to stand up against eminent domain.” Now is not the time for ideological quibbling. Now is the time to save your country before it’s too late. Then maybe we can argue over the details.

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