COVID-19 Thoughts Part 30: I was wrong about Biden. He is not a Creep…He is A PREDATOR!!!!

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Over a year ago, I wrote a piece defending Joe Biden’s creepiness. I wrote it not for him, but for those who have dealt with women or with certain authorities (including myself) who have used their status as women or on their behalf to turn in certain men they felt were making them uncomfortable.

Let me make myself clear, I don’t approve of inappropriate touching of women (without their consent) and/or those who have committed sexual assault. Those who have committed such acts need to be dealt with swiftly and firmly. However certain women want it both ways. They want to look sexy, but cry foul when men notice. At the same time I don’t blame certain people (especially parents) who want to protect women from those who think they are being preyed upon. I get it. At the same time, I ask the fathers how you acted back in the day. I get that their might be people who might commit the crime and you want to stop it before it happens…but that makes the wrong people guilty and that could allow the real villains to commit their sex crimes. Not everyone was able to get married like you did. I understand you want to protect your daughters…its only natural. Just remember back in the day when you had to deal with the father of of the girl you were interested in having a relationship with.

Couple that with so many colleges and universities who’s sexual harassment and violation policies that err to the extreme of women’s favor. That allows certain women to use these policies in order to destroy certain men that they strongly hate and/or despise. That is not right either, for it denies men their due process rights. It only pits men and women against each other.

That said, I along with other conservative commentators have called Joe Biden a creep. But thanks to a FB acquaintance (and among the few black conservatives), I have to take my defense of Biden back. Plus in my book Biden is NOT a creep, he is something worse. He is a predator. I still say creeps take in the sensations of a woman for better or worse, but they would not cross the line and touch them in way that are not appropriate…and not intentionally. Do we still believe chivalry at all?

It appears that Biden not only gropes young women, but even underage girls. I have seen the video that my FB acquaintance came across and posted…long before this Tara Reade scandal hit the fan. If this was indeed true, Tara’s late mother (as someone who called in) indeed laid down the groundwork on Larry King’s now defunct news/commentary program on CNN.

Now certain radical progressive leftist feminists are finally being honest, and why so many of them defended William Jefferson Clinton and other men who are part of the Democratic Party. Attorney Lisa Bloom (daughter of another famed feminist attorney Gloria Allred who also took her mother’s maiden name) said it best on her Twitter account; that she believes Reade and that she is sorry for her pain and that she does indeed believe her…but I have to back Biden, I want Trump out of the oval office…we must get our kind back in their. Granted I am paraphrasing what she said, but at least she was honest about her actions. In the end it is about the Democrat Party, and helping to advance its goals. I also agree with Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles that this above all about attacking conservatives and the deconstruction of America as we know it. Eventually the progressive left will attack the average American citizen and make them a broken person at the mercy of a government in America (or what was America) that has finally become the demigod.

Megyn Kelly did a 42 minute interview with Reade, and Kelly herself dealt with sexual harassment during her time with Fox News. Still Reade’s remarks are a bit inconsistent. I do agree with Reade that the Democrats will not ditch him. Of course their still a sliver of a chance that Andrew Cuomo could replace him or whatever. The Democrat Party press has Cuomo’s back and right now is manipulating the masses into making him the hero in the COVID-19 crisis…with talks from Hollywood types making a movie of some kind in the future.

The feminist left has shown their true colors. They want to destroy middle America, conservatives, the Judeo-Christian faith, and the vision of the founders in favor of a pagan sexual perverted and chaotic anti-cultural society in which their pleasures will be affirmed and honored. If Biden can make this happen…SO BE IT!

“It (the progressive movement) was never about principles, it was always about You.”-Michael Knowles

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