COVID-19 Thoughts Part 31: Justin Amash was always “Never Trump”

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Justin Amash at heart is a libertarian and came across as someone who wanted to drain the swamp. Like many other conservatives and other like minded people back in 2016, Amash took the so called “Never Trump” stance. Many were skeptical of Donald Trump at the time because we did not know where his loyalty was. We were concerned that he would carry out the agenda of the RINO’s. Yet all that time, Trump knew how to speak to middle America and thanks to them and not New York City and Los Angeles, he won enough of the former and making the later aka the coastal elite, angry as the fires of hell.

Their are people that are still opposed to Trump, in spite of a record of doing and advocating things that are truly indeed conservative. Moving the Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is one of those accomplishments, and before COVID-19 Trump was carrying the greatest growth of the American economy since the 1980’s. Above all one of the biggest reasons to continue to honor Duverger’s law is our Judicial Courts. To Trump’s credit, he installed two justices to the Supreme Court and 187 judges at the Federal Levels.

Now you have the Shannon Joy’s and David Leach’s who were still not impressed with President Donald Trump and continue to oppose him and look for any gotcha moments they can use against him. Joy and Leach are not pragmatics and they are not fans of the French Communist, Maurice Duverger who had his own successful career in politics in varies ways. While Joy and Leach are only outsiders looking in, Justin Amash is actually a player in the game, and like the former, he remains opposed to Trump and his Presidency. He was the congressmen when he was in the Republican Party to call for Trump’s impeachment and voted for both articles of impeachment. He was no help to Michael Flynn’s case either. Like Joy and Leach, Amash remind committed to “Never Trump,” which even Steve Deace called a cult all its own…and Deace is also a principled conservative.

Now Amash is considering a run for President on the Libertarian Ticket. Andrew Solender of Forbes magazine sites a poll that was conducted by Detroit News that concerns Democrat pundits that it could cut into Joe Biden’s margins. The same poll says that Biden’s lead would be cut in half with Amash in play. Another poll conducted by Civiqs, shows Biden unfavorably at 56% and Trump at 55%…and this was before Amash came into play.

The Monmouth University poll is also mentioned by Solender says that Biden’s lead would be only cut down to seven points and still giving the Democrat the Presidency. My colleague and Facebook friend Rachel Alexander has agreed with the Monmouth poll in her recent piece in The Stream, and has also pointed out a FiveThirtyEight poll that the current trend of third party presidential runs have not worked in favor of the incumbent or the party holding the oval office. Just ask Al Gore and Ralph Nader on that one.

Right now Amash’s popularity as a Presidential candidate is weaker than Gary Johnson. He just does not have the name recognition. Amash came on the scene as part of the Tea Party Movement and won endorsements form Club for Growth, Betsy DeVoss and her husband Dick, Ron Paul, and the Freedomworks PAC. Amash is the potential Never Trump candidate in the 2020 race. I am not going to go out on limb and call everyone who does not think like myself, Joy, Leach, or Deace as fax conservatives.

I do have a problem with certain people who refuse to think critically at the minimum as Alexander did in her piece, and don’t get me started with Republican hacktvists who have tried to manipulate this old man into going along with Duverger’s law, and allow the dynasties that run both the Republican (the Bush family is the biggest dynasty in that respected party with McConnell and the Romney seeking their piece of the pie) and the Democratic (the Clintons, Kennedys, and now the Obamas) parties respectfully. Even if they are conservatives who just can’t let go of Duverger’s Law, and I know a few.

Leach being the Never Trumper that he is, has boarded the little engine called the Amash Train. Truth of the matter is that Amash still has a very strong Liberty Score according to Daniel Horowitz’s Conservative Review website (88% B). Not prefect but still quite high. Alexander points out the few votes that might have kept him from keeping an A grade.

1.  Voting against a House Resolution affirming the motto “In God We Trust,” as our official nation’s motto.

2.  Voting against the Federal Disaster Assistance Nonprofit Fairness Act of 2013, claiming that the bill; “skews the law away from fairness by making religious buildings automatically eligible for reconstruction aid when other entities aren’t.” This was reversed by Trump allowing buildings of faith to get FEMA grants if such a time of need comes.

3.  He seems to be supportive of same sex marriage (eventually opposing the Defense of Marriage Act while he supported it at first), transgender rights especially in the military (opposing an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, that would have prohibited the Department of Defense from using taxpayer funds to provide gender transitions to military members).

4.  Amash claims to be pro-life, but his record speaks otherwise. He voted against defunding Planned Parenthood in 2011, and opposed the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act which would sex selection abortions a crime. Amash claimed it would be difficult to enforce.

Yet a Trump hater in Leach would support this guy. I agree with Leach that the independents are growing, and I expect that number to grow. It really needs to grow, but its not growing fast enough. The voting booth must become a means as a protest against the growing tyranny that the Republican and Democratic Parties has imposed on us. The former being hands down hypocrites for they started out as a third party and replaced the WHIGS when they just giving lip service to abolishing slavery (and likely were making money on the back end of the slave trade). Now they have been taking over by the crony capitalists who go along with what the Democrats have installed in our government rather than abolishing it.

Even if Amash bows out, and Biden fizzles out (unless the Democrats preform a miracle and get someone that is appealing to the voters), Trump will become a lame duck President should he win a second term. What happens next? The Republicans likely will return to the same old status quo of talking about Conservatism, but more interested in making money for themselves and their closest friends and colleagues. Everyone else can eat cake…and he just might be doing that anyway with this COVID-19 crisis imposed on by the social engineers who took advantage of our fears and lack of knowledge and lack of a Christian worldview to boot.

Pastor Cary Gordon passionately called out Christians for going along with the lawless that currently happens in our government. If COVID-19 does not kill you, the way it has been handled WILL! A nation with a strong Christian worldview in which its pastors were not afraid of LBJ’s 501c rule would have put a stop to their twisted ideals of Church/State separation. The state has imposed on the church big time, and with the approval of the Big A Atheists who are going along with the models imposed by the fools in the science elite. It seems that Steve Deace is right all along. We are afraid of are own death and we continue to cling to this finite life…cause its all we can understand. That in itself will be our downfall as we continue to seek a secular Messiah in nanny state government that sings Fascism’s Sweet Siren song with the promise to “take care of you forever.” That also including their right to “get rid of you.”

So lovers of liberty and freedom, What Say You? Maybe Amash is not the right person to oppose the unilateral party that runs our country, but we truly need someone who fears God himself and/or his Law and looks to what the Bible says regarding common sense to advance the real greater good for humanity.

I agree with Gordon, for indeed its too late for certain business and its too late for certain people who have lost their jobs forever because of this humanist pagan health experiment imposed by China, the WHO (World Heath Organization), and downward from there. We flattened the curve, but these social engineers keep moving the goal post, causing us to be skeptical and that includes President Trump. Humanism is not humane one bit. Its just a worldview in which it’s leaders, try to get themselves into a position to mock God himself and hopefully get away with it. The real goal its seems is to make perversion more acceptable, and for would be tyrants to actually be like God.

COVID-19 is trending to become President Trump’s greatest failure to date, and one that he will not rebound from…at least in the political world. If Trump was smart, he would listen to the people that listened to him, and just open the economy and embrace the quarantine of the sick and let the healthy to work and run America’s economic engine. That is the Biblical way for any nation.

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