COVID-19 Thoughts Part 32: Dr. Fauci needs to be “Fired” from the C-19 team

Editorial: Dr. Anthony Fauci is the coronavirus truth teller we ...

Dr. Anthony Fauci has built for himself a long term career as the Director of the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). He has held on to the post since November 1984 and served under both Republican and the Democratic Presidents, starting with Ronald Reagan and up to the current president, Donald J. Trump.

While the Democrat Party/Progressive/MSM press has been praising Fauci on the way he has been handling the COVID-19 crisis, several Conservative commentators have been calling him out on his inconsistencies. Among those is that he originally said that COVID-19 is no different than a bad flu. Later Fauci said that the use of wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 was not a bright ideal, but now he is all in for wearing masks when going out. The mainstream progressive press keeps pushing the need for government testing, but radio/TV political personality Mark Levin called their bluff along with Fauci himself, and other health bureaucrats in government for their incompetent testing practices.

Is Fauci being held accountable for getting this wrong? No, and our media was too damned focused on impeaching and removing Trump and allowing foreigners to just fly into our country with ease. That basically allowed the COVID-19 virus to spread like wildfire and we did not see it until it was too late. The health bureaucrats were truly indeed asleep at the wheel and Fauci has become the current publicity pimp, in spite of the recent mistakes and inconsistencies that he made. He record handling COVID-19 is a proven disaster and not only the Democrat media has his back, they are censoring other doctors and other credited health experts who are challenging Fauci’s COVID-19 data, models, and forecasts.

Fauci has not renounced his flawed models but continues to double down on the mass quarantine which was spearheaded by UK college professor Neil Ferguson who’s wild oats got the best of him and was caught with his pants down as he continued his love affair with a married woman, and also infecting her and her family.
The Democrats, especially many blue state governors and major city mayors love this. These Democrat scumbags are going to milk the logic of Fauci to their proper endgame of killing the economies of certain states and major cites. Among those blue state governors are Gretchen Whitmer and Janet Mills of Michigan and Maine respectfully. They keep extending the lockdown in their respected states. Los Angeles County has extended their lockdown until August. This has gone beyond flatting the curve to hands down killing the American economy in hopes that the people would be stupid enough to vote more Democrats into office, especially the proven predator Joe Biden.

Facui could not care less about the suffering of the people, and the deaths that have happened during the lockdown that were NOT COVID-19 related. The Progressive Democrat cabal agrees and are more interested at using this to expand the power of the state like they always do.

Rand Paul who had to deal with a COVID-19 infection himself, finally called Fauci’s bluff regarding the science models that is being promoted by Fauci, the leftist Democrats and their allies in the media, when all of the above said that the educational institutions could be closed down for another academic year. While Paul is trying to be diplomatic in his handling of Fauci; Levin dares to call him a fascist or at least the ideal of Fauci ‘sounding like’ that he is such a monster.

Michelle Malkin would probley agree with Levin’s remarks, and she too has put Fauci on notice after using “Kawasaki syndrome” to justify the K-12 lockdowns going on indefinitely. She calls it a lie, and brings up her own troubled experience as a mother when she had to deal with her teenage daughter’s chronic pain and joint hypermobility. Only with the right kind of doctor and treatment, Malkin’s daughter was able to have some kind of enjoyment in life, rather than a self lockdown which would be far worse for anyone unlike the one imposed by Fauci.
Malkin speculates that Fauci might want to use underage children for the possible COVID-19 vaccine that Bill Gates is trying to come up with. When governments use children as lab rats in their science experiments of all kinds, it not makes Malkin upset but also makes me very angry; especially when the experiments go wrong and the children are harmed in various degrees…including death.

The time has come for President Donald Trump to do his job that he was elected to do, and tell Fauci with all do respect that he is the President of the United States. Not Fauci. Either way, this punk doctor will continue to have a comfortable lifestyle and a good pension when this is all said and done. Meanwhile middle America will go into poverty and likely suffer a second wave of COVID-19; because we choose to ignore good old fashioned herd mentality. Let me put it another way. Quarantine those who are hands down sick, and let the healthy move freely. But we can’t do that because that is “based on religion” and not science…right?

Oh and by the way, Fauci’s models are based on humanist situational ethics, which proves once again that humanism is anything but humane. President Trump may not be able to run him out of NIAID, but he should lose his job on the COVID-19 task force. When he does that, he should revisit the classic catchphrase that was used by many disgrunted supervisors and popularized on a TV competition program he once hosted.

“Dr. Fauci, You’re Fired.”

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