COVID-19 Thoughts Part Eleven: Defend the Pastors that stand up to tyrants to be

Pastor Says State Law Threatens His Right to Teach the Bible in ...

Welcome to another weekend of lock downs for most of the nation if not the whole world, and like I said before, there are a handful of pastors protesting that the worship gathering is essential; contrary to what most progressives, Democratic governors, and even Big A Freedom From Religion Atheists are saying. Of course the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) was founded by a family of God hating harlots (for lack of a better term) who love Planned Parenthood, its founder Margaret Sanger, and women who murder their preborn children…and if they could they would actually attempt to murder God almighty in order for their evil they believe is good to prevail.

Even one time feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft spoke the truth about people who choose evil. “No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness.” I agree with her on the happiness part, but their are those who know they are evil and are happy about it. There are many people with dysfunctional minds and they are proud of them. For whatever reason. However certain dysfunctional minds are a greater threat than even the COVID-19 virus and will be around even longer after COVID-19 is contained.

As FFRF demands all churches to be shut down and declared non-essential, a handful of pastors are pushing back against this. Dear Christian Church and other people of faith, if you do not have the back of these pastors and turn them in to Caesar, you are not only turning against Christ and his people, but you are supporting FFRF’s agenda to use this to make the Christian faith a crime in our country in the long run and it is part of the end game of FFRF. Dare I also say that you are no different than those who ratted on those who wanted to save the lives of Jews from Hitler’s extermination camps (like Anne Frank). What did Hitler do in the end, when we pushed backed his Nazi machine, he only brought on Germany so much misery as his brave new world was thwarted (and Anne Frank’s death).

Like I said, FFRF agrees with abortion/preborn baby murder and likely supports them being essential during the COVID-19 lock down as most governments are doing.

Some pastors you may not like, and some you do. Unless they have broken any of God’s Laws or have not taken into account local social distancing laws and believe me they have done just that…don’t rat them out. You will be just as guilty as the God hating pagans. It is one thing for a church to shut maybe for a month by their own choice, but if that very shut down becomes an attempt to steal people’s liberties, freedoms and maybe an attempt to turn people away from the faith and see if there is a chance to murder God…then we need to push back.

Florida Govenor Ron DeSantis has just issued a lock down but it allows for churches to remain open and have a public assembling just as long as social distancing rules are practiced and over the protests being made by FFRF.

FFRF say they want to save lives, but it really depends on whom they are talking about. If it’s a preborn child that a sexually loose woman wants to have killed, well then FFRF says go right ahead. After all preborn baby murder is “a blessing.” Truth be told in a society that has embraced progressive godlessness, we are truly afraid of our own mortality and our productiveness as BlazeTV’s Steve Deace points out in his recent column at People are giving into fear because that is what the Progressive religion apparently is telling us to do. This is a perfect time to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and even if your physical church is not open, the time to give hope of something greater is very much in need now.

A young church musician (and older ones agreeing) might call certain pastors like Cary Gordon and Steve Camp rogue for not going along with Caesar’s shutdown, but the longer the shutdown lasts and being advocated by the progressives who seem to want an economic crash so they have finally takeover America, the more I will have the back of these “rogue” pastors. As for those who support the shut down the long term isolation, you might just be the perfect servants of THE anti Christ who I believe will finally come someday. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or five years from now…but an apostate church will be open to the devil’s endgame than one that is grounded in honest Bible truths.

In the words and song of Steve Camp; “Run To The Battle.”  My battle cry is taken from the Five Finger Death Punch song but the principle is the same; “War Is The Answer.”

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