Creativity: Always Say What You T hink


I guess this title is very important to today, because in all matters that involve freedom of speech, people, no matter race or gender, have the right to speak and write what they feel. But this isn’t true in the rest of the world. Creativity is about pushing forward against the tide, and not stepping back from the cliff to dive in the ocean of unknowing choppy waters. The world, even in the UK, doesn’t believe in freedom of speech. There laws against freedom of speech daringly resemble Big Brother, from 1984. Writing what you want is the bedrock of artistic endeavors, and no matter what the world might think, creativity must never be Prometheus chained to the rock, as the bird of indignation and political correctness eat away our freedom, only to come back, and then eaten again when we say something wrong. The fear of not saying what we say, in American terms, has always led to violence. In Britain it is about debate, but that’s not true anymore. Even writing a dangerous or even true thought is already another worse option in the world abroad. Censorship is just one of the myriad of reasons why most writers often prohibit their best writing today. Is it even worth it? As an American whose ancestors kicked the British out of America, it is important to write what you think everyday. But does that make people wrong? You must look at everything in context, and we can debate each other based on ideas. So, write what you think, and always be willing to explain what you think. It’s okay to say “you don’t know” because art should always have a mystifying quality, and it’s worth being wrong if you have your own opinion. Being wrong is a fiction writer’s life. To be original is to be wrong, and right.

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  • Bill

    Freedom of Speech is totally… “the right to speak and write what they feel”.

    Yes- BUT one small thing. Declared enemies cannot speak and write what they wish and feel. Could Bernie campaign and speak if Communism was a declared enemy…. which it should be? NO!

    • Louis Bruno

      I see. But when you start declaring enemies, they can declare it you as well. The issue is what we have in most societies. I give people the right to protest and make their claim over one side or the other, or disagree with me. It’s persuasion that must be used to win over the hearts and minds. The more Bernie supporters speak, it only shows the weakness in Bernie’s armor. Since he won’t put them down, it only makes his cause useless, and the more they speak, it ruins the image of Bernie Sanders. That’s why you give people the right to freedom of speech because it will obliterate the image of a candidate pretty quickly. And finally, when is it going to end? I am a libertarian, and I don’t really share the views of the left or the right, and the problem with censorship is that you are only inviting far worse to happen to everyone, including limiting your own freedom of speech. Censorship is the enemy of the people, and limiting it to pertain to one side or the other is not going to help you win an argument either. As Mahatma ghandi said, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

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