Crumbling Glass Ceiling Coming Down Around Hillary.

Crumbling Glass Ceiling Coming Down Around Hillary.


By Dr. Phil Taverna


It is funny when a woman loses an election. There are tears and a bunch of f-bombs. But did Hillary really think she was going to win?


You hear all the pundits coming up with all sorts of excuses but Hillary ran as a blooming liberal. Period. And the liberal media endorsed her over and over again.


Nothing special about that. The United States of America has never elected a politician who ran as a liberal. Obama was a liberal. The dumbest and the most liberal president we ever had. But when he ran, it was hope and change and he said he was against same sex marriage.


In many ways similar to Billy Clinton. The liberal media knew he was a scummy womanizer and sexual harasser. But they said nothing until he was elected to the 2nd term. By then Monica was all over the place and again the US of A was stuck with a greedy liberal.


The Democrats seem to forget that the party was once very similar to the Republicans. They were patriots. They believed in morality and the ten commandments. When goons like Pelosi took over they didn’t realize the rest of the party did not come with them. They all stayed home or joined the deplorables.


Obama was a dope. He was more interested in getting men into the ladies’ room then jobs. Today they will boast about the unemployment going down in a putrid economy and fail to discuss the lack of participants in the labor market. But today the Post said 16 million jobs and Times … Trump inherited a strong economy. The liberals still don’t get it. You can’t lie your way out of an election landslide loss. Do we hear mandate?


U.S. economy from Dec. 2008 to November 2016: Population increased by 18 million. Not counting illegal immigrants. The civilian work force increased by about 5 million. And the increase in the number of full and PART time jobs was almost 9 million jobs. No one can really count jobs and population. So all these government statistics are approximate guesses. The economy is putrid.  That is an average of 95,000 jobs a month. If it was 9 million full time jobs in the last 2 years, that would be great. (9 million over 95 months is putrid!) The economy for system suckers is flourishing. It would be smarter to measure tax revenue from individuals. That would be specific and offset by the negative amount that is paid out in tax credits and the like.


When people actually think that diversity and climate change are the most important issues in the world, they should be kicked out of the office. They are nice things to think about or as the liberals will say have a discussion about, after the economy and housing is back on track. If you don’t have a job do you really care about stupid issues like diversity and climate change. The Clintons started selling jobs overseas years ago. And the Democrats were too stupid to say no. They actually believed that they could re-train the people who lost their jobs to do other jobs. Meanwhile idiots like Obama are bringing  millions of legal , illegal immigrants and refugees into this country. If they all have bags of money and were starting businesses and they are legal, that would be wonderful.


But most of them are immediately put on welfare and that is the last thing the economy needs. And as more evidence becomes available, many of these people are allowed to vote. They can actually purchase social security cards, voter registration cards and driver’s licenses probably for less then what  you pay for them.


And it was stated a long time ago, the Democrats want more illegals so they will vote for Democrats. That may have worked in California and New York, but not enough to win an election for a liberal. With illegals voting, it will be very difficult for a Republican to ever win the popular vote again.


The other problem that sunk Hillary was partial birth abortion. It is actually against the Federal law. But when Hillary was faced with this question in the last debate she punted. She said it was a woman’s right. This was after President Trump said it was the most gruesome thing you could imagine. They pull an almost full grown baby out of the warm womb and scramble the brains and finish removing her and lay her on the table until her last breath of life is taken.


Hillary, there are few women and they would need to be nuts to believe that was moral and decent. And premature children have survived at very young ages. They even do surgery on some babies and put them back in the oven until they are finished growing.

This statement must have turned all the evangelical females away from the likes of Hillary. Who was running as a mother and grandmother.


A politician’s word is all they really have. A concession speech is just that. Hillary can’t even tell the truth about her concession. It is great to live without the left side of the brain! You can lie and tell Obama stories all day long!


When Jeb lost the primary, there was a lot of talk about the end of the Bush Dynasty. Which may be premature. But the way they behaved about not voting for Trump, it may spell the end of the Bush Dynasty.


But what about the end of the Clinton Dynasty. Billy Bob is enjoying that occasional foot rub in Little Rock given by Young female interns. Hillary hopefully is done,  she couldn’t beat Obama, who could she beat? She was sold a song, but she didn’t make it to the dance.

Chelsea will always be branded as being part of the corrupt organization known as the Clinton Foundation.


This was supposed to be the year for the women. I didn’t even know that Liz Cheney had a landslide victory against a male Democrat. Where is the fanfare! Congrats to Ms. Cheney. I will bet if she runs for President and the NY Times is still printing nonsense, they will not endorse her!


I couldn’t believe all the cry babies when the Hillary lost. I don’t understand our love affair of letting the losers run again. If they get killed in the primary, why do you think they can win 4-8 years later. You know they didn’t get any smarter.


Just imagine if we didn’t run McCain, Romney, Dole and Clinton. but the media more liberal than ever missed the “Ross Perot effect”. Ross Perot probably could have been president if he ran as a Republican. He was all ears and gave us Billy Clinton. What a gift, we have been paying ever since.


Ross Perot said pretty much what President Trump said. Americans are getting screwed by politicians and it is all about the jobs.


Hillary and Obama are for diversity and open borders. Republicans are for freedom and jobs. A comment from the Savage book that made a lot of sense,  was that Trump would not try to change your life (style) . Hillary and Obama have been preaching about how they would make the world better by sacrificing jobs and dignity for the sake of diversity.


That brings us to the white supremacy baloney. White folks don’t want supremacy. White people want to be equal. So liberals quit telling us how to live, what we have to give up, and how diverse we must be.

Instead tell the us how we can all be equal, free and prosperous. There should be no glass ceiling against the American Dream. The liberals think of ways everyday how to make the dream impossible to break through. Hillary hopefully may wake up one day and find that socialism is not the way to the American Dream. There will be no ceiling breaking until she understands … It’s the Economy stupid!


God speed President Trump.


Footnote and some imagery. When I hoped and prayed that Hillary would lose, I pictured the end of the Star Wars original three or the complete set number 6. The Return of the Jedi pictures everyone  celebrating at the end singing and dancing. The dead Jedi giving the high five. The Empire was dead. The Evil empire was defeated. The election of Trump is very similar. For all intents and purposes the evil empire of the liberals is dead… At least for now. And hopefully I can leave you with that picture and gaiety as we look forward to a different type of hope and change. One of freedom and abundance leaving behind scarcity and shackles. May the Force Be with You.




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