Culture of Intolerance and Indecency



It seems that the United States has reached a precipice between decency and indecency; sanctity and virtue or vulgarity and disrespect. It’s not uncommon or extraordinary to see masked teenagers, college students, even grown adults rioting and throwing makeshift bombs into crowds of those whose political beliefs differ from their own. Where has decency gone? In its absence, where are the leaders or influencers out there demanding and fighting for it?

It’s a belief system that not only condones some of the more egregious depths to which those brave members of the “resistance” sink; a belief system which, through mainstream media and pop culture celebrity sycophants, actually encourages the very definition of intolerance while simultaneously demanding tolerance and inclusion.

Some American universities have been eager to demonstrate the left’s distorted view of inclusion, tolerance, and acceptance, several campuses around the nation are actually imposing self-segregation; it’s mind numbing to imagine “intellectual” academics conjuring such madness under the guise of righteousness.

Cal State LA and U.C. Santa Cruz are just a couple examples, providing segregated dorms and housing to students… Not to be outdone, UConn has upped the game and offers segregated housing to anyone who “identifies” black. What rational humans not at all long ago would have and have deemed batshit crazy has now become rewardable behavior. 

Radical lunatics seem to have inundated the very foundations of American academia to the point of alarm. American Universities employ innumerable “scholars” with radical and divisive political perspectives while claiming and indoctrinating students to believe it’s everyone else in this country that’s truly divisive. The New York Times headlined a story opining as to whether or not it’s “okay to punch a Nazi”. To say these days, the “Nazi” label is too frequently and too loosely pinned would be a terrible understatement.

How has such troubling behavior become a new and accepted norm? Was it when Snoop Dog satirically “assassinated” the President of the United States on national television to little or no fanfare? Do the foundations of such historic regression go back to BLM being paraded on every DNC platform during Obama’s tenure and the Clinton Campaign in spite of BLM using national attention gained from “peaceful demonstrations” to showcase such chants as “kill the pigs, roll them in a blanket”. What happened to decency and at least some semblance of respect. That behavior has been condoned along with all the violence and dangerous hate being all the rage among millennial and grown adult liberals alike.

College professors are providing students extra credit for participating in or provoking civil disobedience under the guise of some righteous “resistance”. Gosh, resistance. It just has such a catchy ring to it. It provides an identity to those not thinking for themselves; an outlet for those seeking to out-do one another, taking advantage of the never-ending opportunities to demonstrate their non-existent talents for “humor” and “wit”. Nitwits abound among the liberally minded, social media frenzy.

Resistance. It’s actually a wonder if any meaningful number of those perpetuating its ridiculousness know the history of the word where the motivations were noble and righteous in reality, not because it was en vogue or fashionable. In all honesty, the fact most do not is probably more true than comfort allows.


The level to which political discourse, disagreement, and freedom of expression has fallen has been an American Tragedy

The face of politics in America has been fundamentally transformed with little hope of any return to respect and common courtesy expected in the near future. Not as long as democratic leaders, the mainstream media, and the all too influential celebrity continue perpetuating a culture that encourages vulgarity, hate speech, and the very opposite of the tolerance or inclusion they preach. It’s a safe assumption Kathy Griffith’s career will be safe in tact in the aftermath of her hilarious photoshoot in which she’s holding, not only an image of Donald Trump’s severed head, but the severed head of a President of the United States. Comedy gold.

For now, the disgrace demonstrated by the political left on Inauguration Day and the rhetoric hate speech expressed, by stars doubly blessed as expert political orators like Madonna or Ashley Judd, who, by the way, “felt Satan on the streets of D.C.” throughout Inauguration Day, will live on for the foreseeable future. All the while wearing the Toms of headwear, the Prius of accessories, the “Pussy-hats”. Clever. These “champions of the resistance” protests were no where to be found when their beloved President and Hillary Clinton were busy at work, having a student intern seduced by that infamous charm, slut shamed & character assassinated in the American press.

Was it, perhaps, the predictable, cliché affinity Democrat Presidents have always shown for Hollywood and Manhattan elites of sometimes questionable character & influence where the national sense of morality and decency began its downward decline? How American culture fell into its current state of hypocrisy and confusion cannot be narrowed down with certainty, but certainty can be had in faith in the American people once again coming to their senses. It would, of course, have to begin with left-leaning leadership willing to stand up to what’s become an abhorrent status quo.

Perhaps democratic politicians taking the podium to condemn the loss of morality and decency rather than fabricated ties between President Trump and Russia might provide some form of relief against the oppressive atmosphere where half the nation has felt bullied into submission by an overwhelming barrage of leftist attacks on their character and their rights to philosophical beliefs which fail to align with the “progressive” agendas. Imagine if elitists and celebrities of influence went against the grain to restore courtesy and respect for their fellow citizens who democratically the sitting President of the United States (if not for the president, out of respect for the office of the presidency he holds). It’s reasonable to suspect even that much decency is beyond the realm of possibilities; so, could they possibly be motivated to do right by the American people by having some respect for their fellow countrymen they’ve all but alienated with not-so-subtle, intolerant and uninformed insights they’ve cast upon them?

This is now the definition to which the term “role model” has devolved.


Restoring a little bit of intellectual honesty by practicing some restraint with remarkably bold assumptions and preconceived notions of racism, xenophobia, and even Nazism taking root in this country in response to a President Trump. That’s the type of irresponsible rhetoric which pervades and inspires expressions of narrow-minded hate having become routine and accepted. It gives fragile, impressionable, or simple minds the justifications purportedly necessary to contribute the divisive, cultural struggle by any means necessary.

In such a hypercritical, morally bankrupt environment that is the leftist utopia, its up to any nudneck to doll out violence, hatred, or utter disdain & disrespect to not only politically unaligned leadership, but to opposing supporters with fundamentally opposing principles.

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A marine veteran of the Global War on Terror (GWOT), Hans served on two combat deployments to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom I & II; and, a third overseas assignment in Central America. Hans is a freelance writer & writer-at-large at Intellectual Conservative, having previously contributed to ‘American Thinker’ and ‘Now it’s Dark’ magazine. He can be reached at

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