DACA and the Dream Act Part 1

There is much discussion that needs to be had over DACA. According to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, their discussion with President Trump is a done deal and they will get everything they wanted. Conservatives are up in arm about what the progressive/socialists Democrats claim was an agreement, and fortunately, blaring it from the mountaintops to the media does not make it so. President Trump was elected in part to enforce the nation’s immigration laws and make the borders secure to protect the American people.

Building the wall, enhancing border security and no path to citizenship for illegal immigrants are the cornerstones of why President Trump was elected. The plight of illegal immigrants should no longer be a burden to the American taxpayer. Amnesty of any kind will not get the support of the American people. Enforcing the law and fixing an out of control system must take precedence or else the American people will be lied to as they were in 1986.

In the 1986 amnesty a  provision was made called the “Special Agricultural Worker” program that was to allow 350,000 illegal immigrants special legal status. The 350,000 turned into 1.3 million, mostly using phony documents and called one of the most fraudulent immigration policies in history.

President Trump has made it clear that if a deal is to be made, there are stipulations that must be adhered to. It is clear that the information that Pelosi and Schumer have been babbling all over the media, and that the media has hungrily lapped up to once again attempt to proves President Trump incompetent is false. President Trump has made it quite clear in the days following the meeting that there are major sticking points to an agreement:


  1. There is no deal without a wall.
  2. Chain migration will no longer be allowed.
  3. There will be no path to citizenship and
  4. Border security will be strengthened and enforced.

Far from a done deal, some parts of what the Progressive/socialist Democrats are espousing are a matter of interpretation.  Rushing to the microphones to declare a deal had been made without any precondition is just attempting to legislate through the media.

The RAISE Act would bring our immigration back to a meritocracy, where those who are a benefit to the country would be allowed to legally enter the country. A skill-based immigration agenda would based immigration on the merit of individual immigrants and still allow the immediate family members as a priority. The Diversity lottery system that is now being used allows lows skilled and poorly educated immigrants to overwhelm our welfare and social net services.

Of course, there are organizations like Center for American Progress, a socialist arm of the Soros funded Open Society Foundation who declare that all the welfare recipients and criminals that make up a portion of the “Dreamers” are just misunderstood. The Soros organizations such as La Raza, and others push to have illegal aliens cross an open border and demand to be made citizens in a country that they will then demand give them benefits for their survival. Heartfelt stories will be told in the media, and the progressive/socialist Democrats will cry false tears about how heartless Conservatives are.

But there are parts of the DACA debacle that the progressive/socialist Democrats do not want you to know. The social security fraud that is rampant among the dreamers hurt the American workers and should be considered a felony. The Obama administration was not concerned with the damage being done, stating that it “ not interested in using DACA as a way to identify one off cases where some individual may have violated some federal law in an employment relationship. The Social Security Administration has estimated that 3 out of 4 illegals aliens have a social security number that belongs to someone else. This cause the rightful American owners to spend an average of $1400 and over a year to resolve the identity fraud that has been place upon them by illegals. This is a felony that must include jail time and deportation.

It was Obamas pick for ICE Director John Morton that issued the directives that caused the debacle that we have now. The DREAM Act, rejected by Congress a total of 24 times was the impetus to tell ICE Agents to ignore the law and stand down. The Dream act, which the progressive/socialist Democrats are attempting to include in the discussions about DACA wa originally written by Cecilia Munoz who had for decades been a leader of the controversial group La Raza. La Raza has deep ties into the progressive/socialist Democrat party, receives millins from the federal governamnt and affiliated with University of Texas professor Jose Angel Gutierrez who funded extremist groups like La Raza Unida (the United Race) and who stated”

We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to worst, we have got to kill them”

This was the man that La Raza presented the “Chicano Hero Award”. These are the people who conspired with Obama to pass DACA,

DACA was organized to ensure the illegal immigrants were allowed to stay. The longer they stayed the more problematic it would be to remove them. The culture of individual responsibility has now given way to the victimhood status

The media constantly refers to “dreamers” as about 800,000 children brought here through no will of their own by parents who were the lawbreakers. So no where it is mentioned that these “Dreamers” have made any attempt to set things right.  What the media and progressive/socialist Democrats actually  mean by “Dreamers” is the original “Dream Act” which was rejected by Congress and totals 3.3 million. While telling the American people that the 800,000 “children” ensnared in DACA is what we are discussing, the original “Dream Act” is what they are discussing, insinuating the precepts of that act into all negotiations. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi declared as much after the DACA meeting with the President. According to Laura Litvan, Schumer tweeted to her:

“Chuck Schumer told me the deal last night isn’t just DACA. We agreed it would be the DREAM ACT he said.

No such agreement was made.

The “Dream Act” has virtually no barriers to amnesty for felons. The only rejection an a criminal element in either “Dream Act” is for people who have been convicted of felonies of two or three separate occasions. The “Dream Act” also directs officials to ignore crimes committed by illegals. 2,000 DACA beneficiaries have already been convicted, and while many are working hard and abiding by the law after the parents have broken it, there is a criminal element that must be deported.But instead of deporting the unsavory elements, we find the government of blue state will give them extra benefits such as I state tuition and education grants. Once again the American children are forced to suffer for the illegals who continue to come in and continue to demand more from the American people.



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