DACA and the Dream Act Part 2

There are many different sides that need to be looked at in relation to the DACA, and questions that must be answered.  One question that has not been answered is why are the beneficiaries of DACA called “Dreamers” by the media and the progressive/socialists pushing it forward?  Could it be that that name was given to these illegal immigrants by Obama to tie them to the Dream Act? As mentioned in part one, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have already declared that there would be another Dream Act tied to any negotiations which is something that no reasonable citizen or politician should stand for.

DACA is a travesty of the American rule of law. While the progressive/socialist and mainstream media (yes, I repeat myself), will tell heart rending stories of these poor children who will be ripped from their adoring parents arms and sent at gunpoint back to a country they do not know is to tear at the heartstrings of low information voters.

What is not mentioned is that the parents of these children knowingly broke the law, and did nothing to protect the children that they brought with them. What happens if you don’t buy groceries to keep your family fed, or the rent to keep a roof over their head. Why is it America’s fault that these parents snuck them into this country? These children, although through no fault of their own are illegal immigrants, and if the parents are to leave the country, why should they not go with them. And these children? It should be remembered that DACA is available only to those between the ages of 15 to 32. There is no way that they can be considered children. Putting age aside, the bar for DACA is low by any standard. There have been those approved that have been convicted of criminal activity who found the way into the country through DACA without ever being interviewed or verified. More than 92% of applicants were approved through DACA a rejection rate of a little less than 8%.

Once approved, DACA recipients receive a temporary employment card and can receive a Social Security card  to report wages and pay taxes.

Because of the DACA amnesty that Obama declared in 2012, anther 400,000 people forced themselves north and  into our country in the next four years.

Another argument currently being made, and has been made since the presidency of George Bush is that these illegals are doing jobs Americans won’t do. First, illegal aliens depress wages so that Americans can’t afford to take those jobs. Construction is a field that has been inundated by illegals working for a third of what Americans used to be paid. The ability of get a GED or high school diploma has helped the illegal aliens to take the jobs that historically have been filled by the country’s youth.

Not all DACA recipients are wonderful little children. From 2013 to 2017 a total of 2,139 of these darlings have lost the amnesty benefits of DACA for “criminality or gang related activities”. We should not expect these illegal immigrants to follow the law when the executive order that brought and kept them here was a program that violates the law of our country .Many DACA recipients have terminated or finished the studies they got for free or almost free from the taxpayers of this country and have moved of to commit employment felonies which any American would go to jail for. Social Security fraud for those not able to get SS cards, falsification of work permits and green cards, forgery, perjury on I9 forms identity theft and false drivers licenses are all a part.

But we are told by those leftists pushing DACA that they are wonderful, hard working highly educated additions to our country. But what are the real numbers that the media will not tell you.

DACA enrollees, as shown by the pro-amnesty Michigan Policy Institute report of 2013 only les than ten percent of the enrollees who were 18 and older had a college degree. Another study done by the same MPI in August 2017 showed 5% had the qualifications for a four year college degree.

Obama passed DACA unconstitutionally without the approval of Congress, and neither side has spent any time in attempting to reach a consensus of immigration reform. It was a deliberate attempt to  achieve what the Congress refuse to do on many occasions. It was this executive order that was the cause of humanitarian  results of the minor children attempting to get here in time to reap the benefits.

Leaving the challenge to the Democrats and leaving the field of battle will ensure that a comprehensive amnesty being pushed by the progressive/socialists and RINOS like McCain and Graham will  continue to move forward against the wishes of the American people. Already the progressives/socialist and as mentioned in Part 1 (http://www.intellectualconservative.com/daca-and-the-dream-act-part-1/) and with the assistance of George Soros and groups like LARaza continue to flaunt the laws of the country. They continue to foment violence in the name of demands that illegal immigrants think they are owed. The progressive/socialist from Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez has already stated that there will be violence up to and including “in the streets”. I look forward to the street violence. I suggest ICE be sent to the violence and and illegal found and arrested be firmly placed on a bus and sent back to Mexico.

Even the Democrats are no longer immune as seen at the press conference that Nancy Pelosi attempted to hold on Monday. This will not turn the American people to their agenda. As was stated most eloquently by Fox’s Tucker Carlson, “What gives them the right to demand anything?”

The American people have been promised immigration simplification and laws for thrity years. We were promised with the amnesty that President Ronald Reagan signed that this would not happen again. Promises are always made with heartfelt devotion to the rule of law, and then ignored after the elections.

The present Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a clear view of the challenges of DACA

Sessions has talked about what is good for America. Some of the quotes from Sessions include:

The masters of the Universe don’t get to meet at the White House and decide how to run this country.”

            “President Obama’s executive amnesty violates the laws Congress has passed in order to create and implement laws Congress has REFUSED to pass”

            “The President announced that he would do what he once said only an “emperor” could do- grant unilateral amnesty, work permits, and access to government benefits to more than five million immigrants.”

            “ The idea of  national sovereign borders is being daily eviscerated by Obamas determination to write his own immigration rules in defiance of Congress and the American people.”

            “It is a national security imperative to stop Executive Amnesty”

I started this posting by questioning why those enrollees in DACA are called “Dreamers”. This is because the Dream Acts that failed so miserably in the Congress is what the violence and shouting is about. They want the Dream Act and think is the time to force it on the American people.  The Congress has the authority to do that, but comprehensive immigration reform is a non starter. It is a good talking point for the progressive/socialist but is a non starter by those that have already been hurt by DACA and will further be damaged by what the media, (read Associated Press) and politicians call “undocumented citizens.

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