David French Proves His Critics Right

You’re David French.

Since the possibility of your Presidential candidacy was first floated, you have been getting hammered relentlessly on Twitter.

Some of that criticism has been directed at your, shall we say, not particularly masculine demeanor and your tendency to enforce PC rightthink.

You have maintained an odd and unwise Twitter silence since your campaign trial balloon was first launched. You, or someone on your team, should have been banging out Tweets every few minutes to take advantage of the news cycle.

In light of all this you finally break Twitter silence and tweet this gem:

The leaders of the party that ended slavery now endorse a man who bullies women, lies             habitually, and incites violence. My heart breaks.

So, you have been wrecked on Twitter for the reasons mentioned above, among others, and you really think your best play when finally speaking to the people for the first time since your potential candidacy became widely known is to PC grandstand (slavery), white knight (bullies women), whine about Trump “inciting violence” and then profess that all this breaks your poor wittle heart?

Good grief! You have got to be kidding me! This is so wrong on so many levels. I would think it was a comedy sketch if I didn’t know better. I simply can’t fathom the type of movement conservative bubble you must live in to think that the first card you should play in these circumstances is the PC card.

First of all, as our liberal friends are want to say, it is the year 2016. Slavery was last seen in this country in 1865. Anyone who brings up slavery now is PC grandstanding, pure and simple. This kind of foolishness reinforces the PC narrative. Why would any conservative think this is a good idea?

Second, what kind of red-blooded American male publicly whines on social media about Trump “inciting violence?” For one, Trump didn’t actually incite violence. This is biased liberal media spin which you are parroting. For another, around the same time you Tweeted this, protestors in California carrying Mexican flags and shouting about the Reconquista really were engaging in violence against peaceful Trump supporters, a dynamic that is going to, as much as anything else, get Trump elected President. Did you really want to get on the wrong side of that? Here’s a suggestion. Take some time off from your incessant Trump bashing and watch some Ultimate Fighting because you clearly need to get in touch with your masculine side.

Lastly, here is a little piece of advice to Mr. French and any other guys out there who might be reading this. You’re a dude. NEVER, EVER say publicly that your heart is breaking.

No wonder what passes for American conservatism these days can’t resist the advance of liberalism. Too many of its supposed advocates are men like David French who have thoroughly internalized much of the liberal PC narrative and mindset and are more than willing to thought enforce it. Perhaps Mr. French should consider that maybe the reason so many people are reacting positively to Trump and his message is because they see him as a fighter who isn’t afraid to challenge political correctness. Maybe there is a visceral and aesthetic component here that appeals to actual Republican voters that is trumping your movement conservative issues box checking.

Update: Just after I finished this essay, I learned that David French announced that he will not be running for President. This is not at all a surprising development. The launch of his potential candidacy was handled disastrously from the start, and the reception to him was overwhelmingly either hostile or unenthusiastic.

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