Dear Democrat Electors:

It is time for you to rise up and stand with your country and your President. Change your vote and vote for Donald Trump. He won anyway, so why not go with the winner? Show what a great and just nation this is and how even though you were previously committed to a completely corrupt, socialist, organized crime boss with an insatiable lust for power, that you can rise above this and vote your conscience. So change your vote and vote for Trump.

To aid you in this noble cause I have called for the intelligence agencies to brief you on all the Clinton scandals: the mysterious losses of life that were alleged suicides, all the crimes back to the early days of the Mena Airfield drug and gun running, the massacre and bulldozing of bodies at Waco, all the scandals like Whitewater, the White House Travel Office, the firing of all the U.S. Attorneys when Bill took office, and Hillary’s secret, completely failed, corrupt health care initiative.

It may take a while. Days in fact. But you should know all the Hillary scandals up to the present. Know the lies at Benghazi blaming a video for the deaths caused by her criminal negligence. Know the corruption that is the Clinton Foundation, and that the real Russian scandal is how the Clinton criminal enterprise took millions from Russians to hand over 20% of our uranium reserves. I’m just getting started.

You can feel patriotic knowing you won’t let another President like Obama write unconstitutional executive orders, or think of the Constitution as an obstacle rather than the government operating manual, or have no limit on how much National Debt they can rack up all while taking multi-million dollar vacations using Air Force One as an SUV. You can stop the ongoing bogus Leftist defense of claiming all legitimate presidential criticism of Obama is solely because he is black, or Hillary because she is a woman, as a cover for criminal actions and presidential incompetence. Change your vote to a President who stands on his own, and accepts full responsibility for his actions. Change your vote to Trump.

Dear Democrat Electors. This is your moment to shine. You can acknowledge finally that everything you’ve heard on conservative media really is true. That there is no Alt-Right in conservative world because we have never heard or understood that term. You can shake off the propaganda bubble you are living in, and stop suffering in the fantasy of lies and deception about Trump created by the Leftist media and Clinton campaign. You can actually deal in reality now and join your Republican electors in the real world. A world where America is safe again. A world where America is rich again. A world where America is fun again. A world where America is one again. A world where America is great again.

Just think how wonderful you will feel when you change your vote and join your fellow Americans back in America. Like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon of the Leftist twilight zone, let your wings shine in the sun.

Vote Trump, and you will be set free.

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