Death Knell for Democrats?


Why did the pundits get the election so wrong?  Was it a hardly noticed angry electorate in the Rust Belt?  Was it rampant racism or sexism as the mewling media would so desperately like and need to believe? Yet if that was the case, then how to explain those voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania who punched Obama’s ticket twice before, but balked like a cat taking a bath at voting for Hillary?

Was it Hillary: a Frankenstein of a politician with a caustic personality and the millstone of criminality hanging pendulously around her neck? A candidate who constantly heard the tired and untrue socialist ideas of the twentieth century calling? A candidate so feckless as to refer to voters she would desperately need as ‘deplorables’.

Was it her opponent, that troglodytic candidate who dared to actually refute the cant of politically correct thought control?  That horrible man, who shouted to the establishment, both left and right, that the emperor has no clothes and folks are fed up with politics of glacial sameness.

No, it was something much deeper than that. Something socially tectonic.  Something arcane that the Democrat Party either knows not or does not wish to know.  In fact, this election reflects rather occult phenomenon that have not been reported well by the media.  It is something that the left wing triumvirate of Democrat Party, media, and academy will probably find incredulous and diametrically opposed to their conventional wisdom: that time is not on their side.

In a word it is demography.  The demographics that the left has placed  its hope on for the future, since the publication of the tendentious book, the Emerging Democratic Majority, are misplaced.  Still trying to gin up divisions among Americans, the leftists have failed to notice that we are a post-racial society; most Americans don’t care what race or ethnicity anybody is and the melting pot has melted us, so much so, in fact, that few of the race based census categories fit us anymore.  This leaves only the left as the true race baiters, fruitlessly but desperately fanning the embers of fires long since dead.

Furthermore, the left pins its hopes on changing demographics, envisioning a more multihued and youthful Americans casting Democrat ballots – especially Hispanics voting for them.  It is a common delusion but a delusion nevertheless. They must be puzzled by the wall builder’s relative gains (compared to other recent Republicans) among Hispanics? Is it possible that legal Hispanic immigrants might feel their jobs threatened by illegals?  When Clinton’s campaign mocked Catholics did it occur to her that Hispanics are largely Catholic? Are Catholics natural constituents of the left? Perhaps not so much as the left would like to think.

According to the magisterial scholar, Dr. Thomas Sowell, almost every ethnic group that came to America in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – Irish, Italian, Jewish, Chinese, Polish, etc. – rose to levels of educational and economic prosperity that have exceeded those of the generic average American, and they did so despite the historical discrimination that then did exist.  The jury is still out on Hispanics, but the left should not count their chickens before they are hatched. 

Also, according to Dr. Sowell the biggest single indicator of poverty or prosperity in the United States is not inheritance, race, religion, gender, or ethnic origin but plain and simple age: the older you are the more likely you are to rise from poverty and into wealth.  Experience and hard work are the determinants of success. Common sense, really, to anybody except the left.

 Some really trenchant data on demography can be uncovered in the General Social Survey and the Pew Research Center Religious Landscape Study.  The General Social Survey is a very large study, the source of data, and the gold standard for many social scientists in the U.S.  It definitively indicates a gloomy future for leftists because of a salient fact: they do not reproduce – leftists have Chihuahuas not children!  Sexy conservatives simply have more children; 41% more than liberals and, although there is some drift, the political affiliations of those children track well with those of their parents. In effect, Democrats are committing voluntary demographic suicide.

Another nail in the coffin of Democrats’ fantasy of Tomorrowland showed up in the non-partisan, highly respected, Pew Research Center’s study entitled the Religious Landscape in America.  Although the study focused on religion, it asked three very telling questions about party affiliation, political ideology, and size of government.  And since it was a longitudinal study, measuring the same questions over time, trend lines were apparent.  In almost every state (and especially in all the swing states) respondents, in 2014, were more Republican, more conservative, and much less favorable to big government than they had been in 2007. 

Now demography like the proverbial mills of God grind exceedingly slow, but they grind exceedingly fine.  If these trends continue, it will be the Democrats who wind up in the “dustbin of history.”



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