Death of the Honest Media

I don’t normally read the mainstream newspapers anymore. Moving further and further into the liberal/progressive movement has made them virtually unreadable. Part of the global cabal, they attempt to steer the people to the way they want them to think. It is no different in this election.
The media bias against Trump is real and invading the airwaves every day. They have attempted to smear him with false accusations. Of course, the women who have come forth after what has been thirty years are lauded as paragons of virtue. Some are Clinton donors. Some are Clinton Foundation employees, and the one that made a big splash with the harridan Gloria Allred wrote a letter praising Trump just last April. Of course mainstream media won’t tell you this but will push the stories more and more until it is all that will be in the news.
They wring their hands over Trump being willing to fire bureaucrats throughout the government for not doing their job. The mainstream media seems to forget that the government is supposed to work for us, we don’t work for them.
Charile Sykes, a conservative radio host in progressive Wisconsin complains that Trump is performing “civil vandalism”. Perhaps he should re-read the Constitution and understand that the executive and judicial branches are not tasked with laws or regulations. That belongs solely to the legislative branch. Then perhaps he will understand that the informed people in this country are fed up with not being able to enjoy the freedoms and liberties that are ensconced in the founding documents of this country.
This movement will not fail if Trump loses. It will not die without Trump. The mainstream media believes that if the lie enough and if they slander Trump enough that his supporters will slowly fade away, and like the Tea Party become what they consider a relic of the past. Be forewarned, the Tea Party is still alive and well, no matter what the IRS attempts, and the Trump movement will continue to grow. Giving the American people a short attention span is also false. Americans will remember, and no amount of illegals being allowed to vote, or Muslims backing Hillary will change the national mindset that Trump is the one we need.
People have lost faith in capitalism mainly because the media has been active in the complicit taking down of all that this country stands for.
Many have been paying attention to the polls. Talking heads including the Washington Post have already called the election for Hillary. Not mentioned is the type of people being used in the polls. One poll went from 2 to 1 Dems over Repubs to 9-1 Dems over Repubs. Of course, Hillarys numbers increased. All of the networks, NBC,CBS,ABC, and even Fox have spent five times the time on the bogus Trump as molester tripe than the actual facts of the Wikileaks e mails. The low information voters, and many millennial will vote for Hillary not understanding the danger of her policies, and run to their safe spaces when things go wrong under her administration.

Not knowing or being interested in Hillarys past is a danger to this country. If her past was known to those who are voting for her, she would be far behind. But there are many amongst the college age in our country that can’t list any of her accomplishments and voting for her because she is a woman. They listen to the Mainstream media that paints Trump as a Hitler. These younger low information voters refuse to take any time to understand what is at stake. Every election cycle we hear from the members of the Journo-list how the Republican candidate is a Nazi, a theocrat, or a dictator. They will call him anything that the Democrats can agree with the media will do the most damage.
Do they work together? How else would you explain an April 9th dinner between John Podesta, Hillarys Communication Manager, and 25 reporters from the mainstream media. These reporters were from the Associated Press, Bloomberg, CBS, the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC ,NBC, Reuters, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

This was the same John Podesta that “shaped” a news story with the assistance of Maggie Haberman, when Haberman worked at Politico, and is now with the New York Times. Podesta even admits he has used her before to “tee up stories” . This is the same person who is covering this election for the New York Times. And Mark Leibovic, also a Clinton sycophant at the New York Times, has given Clinton’s communications manager Jen Palmieri veto power over his columns. The main stream media is paid and politically motivated to ensure only one side of any story is told.
It is widespread propaganda being fed to the masses to try and assure no media attention is given to those attempting to bring tyranny to this country. Exmaples include:

AP- The AP has been considered by the State Department for “friendly” Clinton email stories and allowed the State Department to determine the timing of the release of such stories.
CNBC- John Harwood a moderator of a presidential debate between Trump- and Clinton offered “helpful thoughts” and analysis before the debate.
CNN-Donna Brazile who was a CNN contributor at the time sent a debate question in advance to the Clinton campaign. Another CNN commentator Maria Cardona emailed an opinion piece to the Democratic National Committee and requested they suggest any changes or editorial input to make it better.
Media Matters- A George Soros organization, has a direct link to MSNBC president Phil Griffin. They bragged about how hey would write hit pieces on FOX and MSNBC would use them verbatim. They also bragged about how most mainstream media was “using our stuff”.
New York Times- Reporter Mark Leibovich allowed the Clinton campaign to approve or veto columns and quotes. Another Reporter Brian Stelter was instrumental in getting hit pieces by Media Matters printed in the NYT.

Politico – Ben Smith would take stories and write what we want him to write, according to Media Matters. Many pieces were sent to Mark Paustenbach, DNC official to allow him to share his thoughts. Mike Allen, Politico’s chief political officer provided questions in advance to a Clinton aide in order to assure a “no surprise” interview for Hillary.
This are examples how the news has moved from “fact gathering” to “shills for Hillary”. Objectivity is a thing of the past, and it is not surprising that the approval ratings for mainstream media is at an all time low. These journalists who maintain that they perform a “public serve” in the dissemination of information, have pounced on facts groping women that have been proven to be categorically false, but ignored the dalliances of the sitting President Bill Clinton. It may be that they have decided that the American people has a small attention span, and won’t remember that we have a President impeached or that he was found to have lied about actual rapes and mistresses.
The next day, these same reporters had cocktails with Joel Benenson , a consultant for Obama in both elections. Of course, there was, according to the Democrats no collusion, it was just a friendly get together of like minded people.
These same reporters will not explain why almost a 100 national reporters and over 10,000 regional reporters are a part of “Correct the Record”, a Clinton group who sends out talking points and memos to all the reporters and 369 television producers. It brags about the fact that it has “engaged trusted names” to write for the opinion pages of national and regional papers across the country.
These globalists will continue to work towards the outcome that they seek. The American sovereignty that the American People envision is slowly being impeded by those in the media, those in politics, and globalists like George Soros. Soros has recently stated that the last goal of his life is the destruction of our country. Soros is also a major donor to Hillary.
All of these media types decry the growth of nationalism and poplulism. The global agenda can not abide by the fact that there is a shift in the paradigm. That left and right is no longer enough to create division. The forces on both the left and the right have started to form a coalition to fight the tyranny of the globalists that started so long ago. Many have talked of a war, perhaps even nuclear to create the chaos that the globalists need to implement the final steps of the agenda they have formed. Could it be that Obama is working towards that now, and if not Obama, would Hillary follow that same agenda. It certainly sounds like that may be so.

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