Defund ObamaCare… Why not!

The Big names like Rove and Krauthammer say don’t touch it. But it sounds all wrong for all the right reasons to fund ObamaCare when you know it is a failure.


First off what were the objectives of ObamaCare? To magically fabricate healthcare for 8 million folks and lower the cost of healthcare so everyone can buy it. It doesn’t really kick in until October first but so far big business does not like it. Unions don’t like it. Retirees don’t like it. Federal workers and politicians don’t like it. So if there is anyone out there who is now on Medicaid who would not be on it unless ObamaCare was passed would be the only folks happy if it was true and they can stay on welfare for the rest of their lives. If not they won’t like it either.


Everyone and their brother knows that ObamaCare is a failure. So instead of trying to blame the Republicans, why don’t the liberal Democrats sit down with the Republicans and come up with a better plan? So lets blame the Liberals for not being real!


Also keep in mind that if the Republicans and moderates fund ObamaCare then the liberal pundits will say look at that. The Republicans voted a million times to repeal ObamaCare and then they turned around  and funded it. Therefore Republicans support ObamaCare!


Something not talked about is that when the liberals passed ObamaCare the CBO stated that this folly of a bill would lower the deficit. And they admitted they did not have all the facts. Is that considered malpractice?


Obama just recently passed one of his thousands of impeachable executive orders and has personally exempted most of the federal workers. What this means is that 75% of their premiums will be paid for by you the taxpayer. Someone should ask the CBO does that change the deficit reduction baloney sliced up for ObamaCare.


Of course it does. Many federal workers would receive  smaller subsidy with ObamaCare. Those with 6 figure incomes and there are thousands who would receive no ObamaCare subsidy and no 75% taxpayer subsidy. So tell me again how ObamaCare is going to lower the deficit?


So someone needs to go back to the CBO and have them examine the new ObamaCare with its thousands of pages of propaganda and find out how much it will raise the deficit and how much will taxes need to go up to cover the Obama fiasco!


The only purpose of ObamaCare was to save all the cities in trouble and the unions who can’t possibly afford to pay for the healthcare of their present workers and their retirees. In the end a few years down the road all folks in America will be forced to take the public option of ObamaCare. Except for the politicians and some blessed federal workers.


The Obama pundits or spin doctors claim that ObamaCare has done a lot already. I also noticed that Medicaid is now called insurance. Medicaid is a government hand-out and it has no formulation that even comes close to insurance.


ObamaCare pundits claim that it gives all this free preventive healthcare. Do me a favor, call up the insurance company and see if they will write you a policy that only contains the free stuff. Nothing is free if you are required to pay a premium.


Pre-existing conditions are covered. Well you have to pay more for that provision. Everyone has to pay more for that provision.


So the bottom line is that the taxes will go up to cover all the subsidies. So you might think you are paying less, but you will be paying more and receiving less. So in the end the premiums will go up and the taxes will go up. Just like real estate taxes!


The pundits claim that 8 million people who didn’t have insurance will sign-up on October 1. If they didn’t have it before, and they haven’t qualified for Medicaid, then why would they buy it now when it will cost more. That’s called liberal logic. It is as sound as global warming.


They are spending millions if not billions to sell insurance. Do they know the insurance company has been doing that for decades. We didn’t need to spend taxpayer money to sell products that are more expensive and useless that will be mandated in the near future.


So the Republicans and moderates should defund ObamaCare just in principle. And refuse to fund any healthcare until the Democrats sit down with the Republicans and write a fair and equitable bill that will suffice for all Americans including the privileged few. If they refuse to by a certain date, then ObamaCare automatically is repealed!



The Republicans should run ads pointing out all the failures of ObamaCare. If ObamaCare was good, why wouldn’t all Americans and non-Americans want to pay for it! Where does the line form!

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