Democrats’ Kryptonite

He was treated like Hannibal Lecter. He was chained and shackled – his hands shackled to his waist and put in leg irons, then led into solitary confinement, though now they have him in protective custody. In her last order, denying his release pending sentencing, the judge in the case stated he is subject to up to 283 years in prison.

Who was this prisoner? A master mind international drug lord? A mass murderer? A rapist?

No. He is someone on Barack Obama’s hit list of enemies. His crime? Authoring an educational book for a nonprofit on why Jews should vote Republican because of Obama’s treatment of Israel, and because of a newspaper another non-profit published, newspaper styled literature with truthful stories on the record of a prominent establishment Republican.

Congressman Steve Stockman is arguably the most dangerous man to Democrats. Not only did he fearlessly stand up to Obama and the Clintons, but he knows how to defeat their ilk.

Perhaps a genius in campaigning, Stockman conceived of microtargeting voters before that practice had a name. He pioneered email fundraising in the early nineties when not that many people were even using email. He organized pastors to educate them as to the role clergy played in the creation of our nation and spur them to motivate their congregations to reclaim the deteriorating nation for righteousness.

Stockman has been working in or teaching campaigning for 47 years and has proven time and time again that he knows how to win. In 1994, he himself defeated the dean of the House of Representatives, sitting chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee – 42-year incumbent Democrat Jack Brooks. He was outspent 12 to 1 in a district that had six Democrats for every Republican.

Most Republicans do not know who Stockman is, but leading Democrats do. He served on the House Banking Committee’s oversight subcommittee that investigated Hillary’s Whitewater dealings of the 90s. Then, in this decade, he was first to expose Hillary’s violation of Iran sanctions by permitting sale by perhaps the largest Clinton Foundation donor of steel to Iran – the type of steel used in nuclear weaponry. He signed onto a bill to impeach Eric Holder and filed a House resolution calling for the arrest of Lois Lerner for her contempt of Congress.

And that’s just a short list. Stockman is Democrats’ kryptonite and they would love to lock this 61-year-old up for 200 years!

His campaign techniques are called innovative, brilliant. He is Nikola Tesla of the political campaign world. In 1994, Stockman had 40 computers and nearly 2,500 volunteers; his opponent had one computer. When he defeated Jack Brooks, none other than Karl Rove grilled Stockman on two occasions on how he accomplished such a miraculous feat. Rove then implemented many of Stockman’s techniques on a national scale in George W. Bush’s presidential race, causing Sean Hannity to dub Rove “The Architect.”

Stockman was fearless and smart. His former committee chairman warned him to be more cautious. But Stockman’s view is that the way to restore good government is to hold everyone in government accountable – not just Republicans and conservatives.

Stockman is locked up, kept from the press and unable to help Republicans hold the House. Some say, if anyone can help ensure the House remains in Republican control, it is Steve Stockman.

Stockman’s wife, Patti, is adamant that her husband would never use donors’ monies inappropriately. Subsequent to trial, an independent review of the financial facts collected by federal prosecutors bore that out. Patti Stockman explains that Steve loves and respects donor Dick Uhlein and his father, viewing them as mentors and loves them. Every dime of the donated funds were spent for conservative education and help of less the less fortunate.

Stockman drives a 12-year-old beaten up van and he and his wife still make mortgage payments on their modest 1,400 square foot house. “Obama and the Clintons aren’t after my husband for misusing non-profits,” said Patti Stockman. “They’re after him because he had the fortitude to publicly and repeatedly call them out for their misconduct of our national trust.”

Even the ultra-liberal online Salon magazine described Stockman as a “proto-Trump character,” a badge Stockman wears with pride.

While Politico Magazine said no one in Texas thought he stood a “snowball’s chance” when he ran against Sen. John Cornyn, they also reported, “You don’t want to run in a Republican primary against Steve Stockman, even if the outcome is predetermined. Running against Steve Stockman is not fun. Steve Stockman doesn’t just burn bridges—he’ll burn your house down.”

Even with very low funding, Stockman still held the entrenched Cornyn to just 59% of the primary vote. Stockman is a fighter and, President Trump needs more fighters on his team and fewer shrinking violets who maintain the status quo.

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