Democrats Won The House (and Truth Lost)

Democrats won the House (and truth lost)



It seems as though the Democrats have won the House. America has spoken, and people who voted seem to want destructive socialism, ruinous “health care,” and  adverse “heroes.”.

They won. What should I, as a conservative do?

I’m not going to march, burn down my neighborhood, call for investigations, riot, or even try to kill anybody. Not the way democrat liberals have been doing for the past two years.

As a motivated writer, blogger, and columnist, I will continue to post what I think and believe. I do not consider myself a member of “The Resistance,” or a “Partisan,” or a “Collaborator.” Those are all World War II terms—outdated and meaningless.

What I happen to be is… very old. I happen to be a survivor among other of the alert aged, who yet remain, where many have died off. We are we who remember.

We who remember America in a Golden Age. An America where almost everybody seemed to be an American, sharing the same productive American values. Now, however, the “radical ideas of: ” truth, justice, exceptionalism, and the American way of success are considered “un-American,” and punishable. You can now be attacked, Twittered, Facebooked, and Googled for these “offenses.” It seems you can now be labeled negatively for life, fired, and destroyed for having such ideas.

Norman Rockwell’s painted concept of a small-town, can-do America is gone. The idea — like Rockwell –is dead.

It had previously been a seemingly Rockwell world (except where Democrats ruled). As in the South, where Democrats ran the KKK, stood blocking the schoolhouse door, and produced Democrat bigots like George Wallace, Bull Connor, Senator Robert Byrd (Grand Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops of the KKK), Senator J. William Fullbright (Bill Clinton’s demonstrably racist mentor), and millions of less famous others.

How Democrats reversed this clear repression and oppression and became heroes of a now, seemingly dedicated voting bloc appears almost beyond understanding. The bloc seems to always vote mostly Democrat. Is this “informed” voting? Superstition? “Tribalism?” What is it?

I don’t know. But Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson — around the time of the reversal –reputedly said, “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for 200 years.” Has it come true?

I don’t know.

What I will try to do is report the best I can on actual results of the national and World-Wide product, of democrats. What they actually DO with their seeming power; not what they say.

Because the majority of Americans who voted in House contests seem to want what the Democrats say they are selling. It’s the law, and it’s their right. They won a majority of Congressional seats. And it’s legal.


What Democrats actually delive remains to be seen. If they are going to use their time and power to merely persecute and try to prosecute a sitting President, rather than deal with what seems to be a crumbling planet (Earth), that will speak for itself.

If they are going to use their time and power to attack and destroy America in order to merely gain and retain power, to aggrandize themselves, and to make themselves unjustifiably rich beyond imagination — I am not for that.

For as long as I am able, or allowed – permitted — I shall continue to say what I think and mean. I’ll do this as one who has lived a very long time. I lived during World War II, Korea, The Cold War, the Space Age, the Computer Age—and all that has since transpired. And I’m still here, paying attention.

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