Destroying Trump’s People Financially One by One to Get at the Big Guy

It is well known that one method of taking down a powerful person is to pick off the low hanging fruit first — their less powerful underlings. The “little people” don’t always have the connections or the wealth to fight back as hard. Months of bad press can taint their reputations, which then taint the reputation of the big guy. Prosecutors can offer the targets plea deals for lighter sentences in exchange for relaying negative info about the boss.

Trump’s enemies are doing this to those around him, mainly under the guise of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Mueller’s team includes 17 attorneys, multiple staff members and the unlimited pockets of the taxpayers. Roughly 13 of the 17 attorneys on Mueller’s team have donated to Democrats.

David Rivkin, who worked in the Department of Justice, calls it a “fishing expedition.” “It’s obvious that it has morphed into an open-ended investigation that is way beyond the Russian collusion,” he said, “and the only unifying principle seems to be that it covers people who are close to Trump or worked with Trump,”

Flynn and Papadopoulos

Lacking resources to fight back, some facing criminal charges have given up and taken plea deals. Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about whether he’d talked to Russians. George Papadopoulos, who volunteered on the Trump campaign’s foreign policy advisor team, did the same.

According to sources, Papadopoulos has privately said he did not collude with the Russians. Former FBI Director James Comey says the FBI doesn’t believe Flynn lied to them. Both Flynn and Papadopoulos, however,  are facing up to six months in jail. Flynn’s brother Joseph has started a legal defense fund for him. Flynn sold his house to pay legal bills.

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