DiCaprio: Will he put his Money where his mouth is. Global Bet anyone?

DiCaprio: Will he put his Money where his mouth is. Global Bet anyone?


It is funny, But President Trump cured Global warming in a year. He just stopped wasting taxpayer dollars on such nonsense. But Leo made a silly documentary called Before the Flood. And in 2016,  I wrote about it:


“Leo brings up a few points. One goof thinks that by the year 2040 there will be no ice at the north pole. I will take that bet. At -40 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, there will be ice.”


This is the actual quote on the fake news documentary: “2040, you will be able to sail over the North Pole. There’s going to be no sea ice left in the Arctic Ocean in the summer”.


Since it is all fake news, why not 2018? Wouldn’t you want to make a bet with DiCaprio that there will be ice on the North Pole the summer of 2018. How about July 31, 2018 at high noon.


So everyone gets to bet with DiCaprio and any other loser that wants to take the bet. Hopefully guys like Algore will give odds. Maybe 10:1. That will be the best way to shut the liberals up. Have them put their own money up for a change. We can also create a derivative in this fashion. And throw in a few bitcoins and you have Disneyland to the max. Bring on all the kooks and let Soros put up a few billion.


This could go to the trillions. If we tax it we can take care of all the Pope’s poor people as well. Hannibal I love it when a plan comes together.


Back to the real world of global warming nonsense: According to the forecast, we are expected to have 9-12 days of freezing weather. Ended up being about 21 consecutive days. That means the needle will never go above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Normal? Years ago normal was about 2 weeks of freezing weather and 2 weeks of high 90’s annually. We are beginning to see the return of the freezing weather, not so much the hot weather at my location.


So in just one year, President Trump fixed the problem. I know like the economy, the liberals will try to give the credit to Labama. They are calling a winter snow storm a global warming “Cyclone Bomb”. It is just a blizzard in the winter. Some of the snowflakes were so sold on Labama’s global warming, they actually believed winter was a thing of the past.


I read a book by Spencer a Meteorologist formerly with NASA. His 2016 book, shoots gaping holes in DiCaprio’s fascination in fake global warming. Spencer believes the earth is warming, which I see no proof, but he does bring a few important points to the table.


Most writers of fake global warming are not climatologists, but are merely politicians who are not above the notion of lying. Another point is CO2 is a trace compound in the atmosphere. Where as H20 in the form of vapor takes up more of the atmosphere and possibly plays a more important role. Being a weather man and not a politician, Spencer is more concerned about temperature and weather.

When you see the fake graphs, they show almost a straight line upward. But if you incorporated the increments to reflect that CO2 is only a trace compound, then the line would be almost flat. Not a straight up line like the national debt under Carter and Labama. If you had a million molecules of atmosphere, only 380 molecules would be CO2. That’s 380 : 1,000,000. Would you really want to change the world over such negligible nonsense?


Spencer in “Climate Confusion” seems to focus on precipitation and clouds. They may be the key to climate change but they are the least understood as far as weather and climate.


I think without all the facts the fake news is just that … made up nonsense to cause taxation with no representation. That may be Labama’s bogus legacy. His views represented the views of few Americans. And he brought fake racism into the liberal news. Remember his fake theory of blowing up tires. This is subjective stupidity! He repeats something someone told him. And he was too stupid to ask for the proof. Remember Jimmy the Carter: You will run out of oil by the year 2000. Maybe someone should teach the liberals about objective stupidity! Do you have one iota of proof that it is true? Evidence as such. If not then it is fake nonsense…Period!


Spencer mentions about three times in his book, that the removal of DDT is causing millions of Black Africans to die from Malaria. I found that to be interesting and not newsworthy to the liberals. For a few bucks we could save millions of lives. Don’t they say Black Lives Matter? Then prove it!


In closing names can sometime hit the nail on the head. Weiner was all about him. And Flake is a Flake.


Happy New Year.


Just a quick addition if I may. If you go to weather.com and pull up a map, And put it in future motion you should be fascinated with what you see. If you move out so you can see the entire world, you will see most days a great deal of green. Especially along the equator. And north and south in winter and summer, you will see blue representing snow at the polar regions. This is each and everyday. So where is the change that the liberals swear by? Are they willing to put their money up for the bet of a lifetime?


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